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Dare you delve into the topsy-turvy world of the Compass Festival of Lunacy!? In this lunatic world prepare to be shocked, delighted, appalled, and entertained! We invite you to step behind the looking glass, and into the rabbit warren of the mind. Come and cavort in our dreamscapes and frolic in our fantasy lands, as we present to you a fascinating programme of world cinema, performance, cabaret, burlesque, live music, silent film, DJs, and visuals.


Compass Film CIC is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit Community Interest Company committed to grassroots programming born out of collaboration. We aim to programme exciting and interactive encounters that challenge audiences to experience diverse forms of art and culture. Through our multidisciplinary approach, we hope to widen participation in the arts by recruiting new audiences to get involved! Increasingly we deliver additional events and encounters outside of the annual festival space, from across Bristol to the fields of summer festivals!

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Launch Party19.00h Free Entry!

Fri 22 Oct

Film Screening: Waking Life (Linklater, America) + Live BandScreening 20.00h

Sat 23 Oct

Film Screening: The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (Wiene, Germany)Silent film with Live Piano, plus the Carnivalesque Cabaret!Fancy Dress: Carnival Freak-Chic20.00h – 23.00h (Screening 20.00h)

Sun 24 Oct

Film Screening: Hour of the Wolf (Bergman, Sweden) + Intro by Kim NewmanScreening: 19.30h

Thu 28 Oct

5 Minutes of Madness Short Film CompetitionScreening: 19.30h

Fri 29 Oct

Rhymes Spoken Word Night + Open MicPerformance 20.00h – 23.00h

Sat 30 Oct

Halloween Howler! VJ/ DJ PartyPlus guest performance by Steven Severin (Siouxsie and the Banshees)Fancy Dress: Escapees from Horror Films20.00h – late VJ Performances: 21.00h

As the doors to the Old Coroner’s Court fly open for the first time in recent history, Compass presents the first event of a two-week Festival of Lunacy! With a programme of live music creamed from the best of our Shambala Tent of Lunacy, and with a few Bristol institutions thrown in for good measure, rarely will you find such a hot musical line-up FOR FREE!! Come and dance, drink, indulge in our lunatic installations, and take stock of what is to unfold across the festival!



Thu 21 Oct 19.00hFree Entry!

Sun 31 Oct

Film Screening: Alice (Svankmajer, Czech Republic) + IntroScreening 19.30h

Festival bar opens nightly at 19.00h; stay after the show to drink, dance and party! Licensed bar, munches, live music and installations.

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Film Screening

WAKING LIFE America : Linklater : 2001 : 99m

+ Live BandFri 22 Oct Screening 20.00h £5/ £4

“Sanity is a madness put to good uses; waking life is a dream controlled”

So says philosopher George Santayana, a maxim explored in this psychedelically Van-Goghian piece of cinema. An enquiry into the nature of reality, Waking Life explores the world of dreams and multiple states of consciousness as experienced by our semi-lucid protagonist. Continually waking into yet another dream, he encounters a series of dialogues and theses on existentialism, free will, reincarnation, and post-humanity. Using the ‘rotoscoping’ technique, Waking Life is live action transformed, minutely drawn-upon and exquisitely animated, to create a visual explosion with real-time immediacy. Cascading through the rabbit warren of the mind, we encounter countless versions of ‘truth’, leaving us reeling with ideas, and swimming in a psychedelic sea of philosophical possibility!

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Film Screening

THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI Germany : Wiene : 1920 : 71m

WITH LIVE PIANO ACCOMPANIMENTSat 23 Oct 20.00h – 23.00h (Screening 20.00h) £5/ £4Fancy dress: Carnival Freak-Chic

Roll up, roll up for all the fun of the fayre, the carnivalesque menagerie, where Dr Caligari will present you with a host of depraved and debaucherous delights…!

1920’s acclaimed silent film The Cabinet of Dr Caligari is presented to you with live piano accompaniment. Considered to be one of the greatest horror films of all time, Cabinet was one of the key leading cinema pieces of the German Existentialist movement. Where the hoots and horrors of the carnival intermingle with the dreaded Asylum, we follow the fortune-telling somnambulist and his master, for a foray into the depths of a wildly lunatic world…

PLUS THE CARNIVALESQUE CABARET!After the screening, prepare for film and reality to entwine as the carnival spills over the edges of the silver screen. As members of Caligari’s Carnival Cabaret escape the confines of fiction, you are treated to a rare performance extravaganza… Burlesque beauties, craven circus crackerjacks, sleepwalking singers and mad-hatter magicians… The Carnivalesque Cabaret will have you bouncing all the way to Bedlam!

Presented in partnership with Bristol Silents & Watershed

Noémie Ducimetière Gentle MysticsPhoto

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Film Screening

HOUR OF THE WOLFSweden : Bergman : 1968 : 90m

+ INTRO BY KIM NEWMANSun 24 Oct Screening 19.30h £5/ £4

On an isolated island in the Baltic Sea a troubled artist and his lover carve an existence, a sanctuary in the solitude. But demons that populate the tortured artist’s mind begin to haunt their waking life… In constant fear of sleep, and of that most dangerous hour of the night ‘the hour of the wolf’, the two become lost in a frightening and surreal world, incapable of deciphering between the spectres that stalk their souls and those that stalk their shores. As their solitude makes their minds grow together, it becomes unclear if the phantoms are passing from one consciousness to the other. Peppered with Freudian fiends and gothic ghouls, Hour of the Wolf represents Bergman’s classic Gothic-horror genius, brought to the big screen in Bristol’s ancient mortuary, for one night of demon-dancing and haunting!

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Short Film Competition

5 Minutes of MadnessThu 28 Oct Screening 19.30h £5/ £4

Using madness as their muse, an exciting selection of short-filmmakers showcase their intriguing cinematic morsels. This is your opportunity to take part in an event where filmmaking talent from across the globe converges on Bristol in one exceptional night of cinematic creativity. Judged by a panel of industry professionals, awards will include Best Film, Best Local Filmmaker, and the Youth Award, plus an Audience Award for you to decide! Meet expert judges and filmmakers in the bar afterwards as DJs play some deliciously deranged beats!

RHYMES SPOKEN WORD NIGHT WITH OPEN MIC Fri 29 Oct Performance 20.00h – 23.00h £5/ £4 (free for contributors to the open mic)

Showcasing some of the Southwest-and-beyond’s finest wordsmiths, Rhymes challenges these passionate syllable-slicers to call forth their comments, their codes, their symbols and their odes. Whether dub-poet, sonnateer, rapper, or thought-catcher, come and share your words. Budding lyricists are invited to enter the open mic.

Contact [email protected] or sign up on the night.

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Howler! A night of visual decadence in the mortuary!

With guest performance

by Steven Severin

(Siouxsie and the Banshees)

Presented in partnership with Ujima Radio

Sat 31 Oct 20.00h – late (VJ Performances 21.00h) £5/ £4Fancy Dress: Escapees from Horror Films

In a horror-movie-meets-club-night live art extravaganza, we showcase a shortlist of VJs creating visual frights and delights for this Halloween fancy-dress party!

Steven Severin’s audio-visual show The Cesare Variations present an uncanny reworking of 1920s classic German horror flick, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. Severin’s brilliantly re-scored performance of this Halloween classic mixes wild sounds with images of the murdering somnambulist Cesare.

The VJ Competition will unfold to present a hot line-up of moving-image magicians from across the country, come to conjure up their Halloween visuals for this one moment of musical madness.

As DJs spin demented beats, come enter the shadows of the Old Coroner’s Court for a night of lunar deviance on this most frightening of nightly celebrations!

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Film Screening

Alice Czech Republic : Svankmajer : 1988 : 86m

+ intro & performance installationsSun 31 Oct Screening 19.30h £5/ £4

Based on Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Svankmajer’s Alice is a disturbing surrealist fantasy in which the dream world and reality overlap and are ultimately entwined. Using a combination of live action and stop-frame animation Svankmajer’s Alice inhabits a frightening world peopled with grotesque hybrid creatures and inanimate objects brought disturbingly to life… Here we meet toy dinosaurs spliced with the skulls of creatures escaped from the science lab, formaldehyde-stiff fish with Santa hats atop decayed heads, a slithering joint of meat, and a Mad Hatter whose particular brand of automaton-insanity lends an uncanny edge to an already disturbing atmosphere. Phantoms, recognised-but-transformed from Carroll’s original, are joined by other new demons found in the Freudian backwaters of consciousness and nightmare. Together they chase Alice through the film to its frightening judgement scene and the threat of a beheading at the hands of the Queen of Hearts. An alternative Halloween flick that will send you home to a sleep shadowed by the most sinister of spectres….!

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Coming Soon…Coming Soon…Compass Presents Fundraiser for Palestine A Night of Film & DiscussionIn partnership with Leftbank Thu 25 Nov 2010 19.00h £6/ £5

Film Screening

The Heart of JeninThe Heart of Jenin Geller/Vetter : 2008 : 89m




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(All proceeds go to Project Cinema Jenin)

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All festival events are held at

THE OLD CORONER’S COURT (BEHIND LAKOTA)Backfields, Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS2 8QP

Housed in a Tudor Gothic Grade II listed building, the old coroner’s court and mortuary still ooze a macabre atmosphere. Amongst these aged bricks and mortar we present a series of encounters, hauntings and imaginings. Do you dare to be the first through these ancient re-opened doors? Where better to experience a Festival of Lunacy than in this shadowy vault, amongst the city’s spirits? Limited parking available

For queries about venue access, or for any other query, contact 0117 902 9554 or [email protected]

Walk 3 mins from St James Barton Roundabout & Cabot Circus

Cycle Bicycle parking available on the corner of Upper York Street & Stokes Croft

Train 7 mins walk from Montpelier train station, 20 mins walk from Bristol Temple Meads train station

Bus Any local bus to Bristol City Centre will get you within ten minutes walk of the venue. Closest main stop is Haymarket 3 mins walk away. National buses arrive into Marlborough bus station 3 mins walk away from venue

Drive At the end of M32 take the 3rd exit onto Stokes Croft, hard right onto Upper York St, then second right onto Backfields.

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All Events:£5 Full/ £4 Conc. + bf

Concession: any claimant – please bring proof

Tickets available from:

Bristol Ticket Shop26 Union Street

BroadmeadBS1 2DP

0117 929 9008 / 0870 44 44

On the door Subject to availability

Photo Steve Lewis

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Sponsors & Special Thanks

Special thanks to…Martin Butcher, Gil Sandford, Bentleigh Burgess, Sean Hales, Steve Haines, Peter Snowman, Chris Daniels, Graeme McGrath, Satish Sachdeva, Rosie Armistead, Ruth Essex, Pav Heire, Andrew Youdell at the BFI, Kathy Butcher, Tommy Hickman, Pam Sachdeva, Maddy Harris, Sally Butcher, Corinne Armistead.

To become a festival patron or to enquire about creative events that Compass can offer you, email [email protected]

Company [email protected]

Company Directors / Festival Organisers Tara Sachdeva Nicky Bucher Barney McGrath Programme Design Rich WebsterProgramme Illustration Ben NewmanMarketing Officer Emma ChurchPress Officer Alice GillamMarketing & Press Support James ThatcherInstallation, Art & Décor George Hearne Eddie Sandford Al Reffell Geoff Wright Megan ThomasWebsite Design Emma ChurchSound Daniel ShapleyProjection Dan YeomansAccountant Temesgen MowosPhotography Nicki MusgroveFilming Oliver PurchesCatering Barney McGrathProgramme Advisors Sam Love Kathrina Glitre Mark Bould Birgit Beumers

© 2010 Compass Film CIC Registered No. 06091041

Primary Festival Partner

Visual Sponsor

Sound Sponsor

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