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InternationalCATEGORYNAMEORGANIZERVENUETYPICAL PARTICIPATIONHELD DURINGENTRY FEEREGISTRATION (Opening Date, Closing Date)PRIZETHEMELAST YR. WINNERSNO. OF PARTICIPANTS/TEAM COMPOSITION/AGE AND ELIGIBILITYURLREMARKSAWorld Robot Olympiad -WRO (First a Qualifier within India and then at the international level)National Organisers are responsible for organizing regional and national tournaments in their respective countries, and the best teams from each member country qualify for the international WRO final. A new country hosts the annual international WRO every NovemberVaries, This year in QATAR Over 50 countries and over 20,000 teams from around the world i.e. Middle East, Europe, Africa, South America and Australia.Second week of NovemberDepends on the organizer country. It was USD150 in Russia last year.WRO Country Organizers register teams for the WRO. Trophy, medal and a certificateTwo categories can be aimed at-WRO GEN II Football (two teams of two autonomous robots playing a game of 10 minutes), WRO University Regular categoryGEN II Football- SG 1 Thailand,College Regular Category - N.M.C. Republic of ChinaWRO GEN II Football- Participants 10 19 years old in the year of competition, College Regular Category - Participants 17 25 years old in the year of the competition GamesRobotics Society of AmericaUSCompetitions typically involve entrants representing a large selection of countriesAprilUSD 55 . "Entry Fee" is the cost to compete. Entry Fee includes a limited number of team members (generally 1 person per robot.)Registration opens Dec 7, 2015 and will close Mar 1, 2016 for Robogames 2016MedalOver50 different events: combat robots, fire-fighters, LEGO bots, hockey bots, walking humanoids, soccer bots, sumo bots, and even androids that do kung-fu. Some robots are autonomous, some are remote controlled.1- USA , 2- Mexico, 3- Brazil1 person per robot as per the entry fee. prestigious and highly competitive professional competition ARobocup RoboCup is a contraction of the competition's full name, "Robot Soccer World Cup"RoboCup FederationVaries. This year in China40-45 countries with around 3000 participantsJulyUSD350 - USD500 for studentEarly registration: March 1 May 15, 2015 Regular registration: May 16 June 22, 2015 Late registration: June 23, 2015 July 16, 2015RoboCup Soccer, RoboCup Rescue, RoboCup @Home, RoboCup Junior (Check Url for further info)Different winners in different leaguesRefer to the URL , can vary as er the league team can apply for qualification if you want to participate in competition(s) of this event. Qualification is handled by each league separately.ATrinity College International Robot ContestTrinity College, Hartford, USTrinity College, Hartford, USMore than 120 teams, including several from international countries of China, Israel and IndonesiaApril 1-3 for 2016Fire Fighting- Senior - USD 85 (for college level and beyond)RoboWaiter- Standard Division - $85 (new/newer entrants in high school and college level)Advanced Division - $125 (veteran entrants in high school, college and beyond) January,2016 to MarchCash prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions but not mentioned specifically.Fire Fighting- The idea is to navigate a scale model, essentially a small maze, and locate the fire, a candle. The robot extinquishes the candle.Robo Waiter- The robot goes to a location, picks up a plate and delivers it to the tableRoboWaiter Standard Level - Team 7 Robot, Trinity College, CTRoboWaiter Advanced Level - UBOT-3, UNIKOM (Indonesia)not mentioned the sidelines there is also a ROBOT Symposium which is an open exposition in which anyone can describe and demonstrate a robot they have created. The goal of the expo is to share interesting and unique robotics projects - from the simplest to the most complex - with other members of the contest and our community. ALawrence Technological University Robofest Lawrence Technological UniversityQualifier in Bangalore (see registration for URL)Final in LTU, USSince 2000, over 18,000 students have competed in Robofest, including teams from 13 US States, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, England, France, Ghana, India, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, and South Africa.MayRs- 4200Through Novatech ROBO, Bangalore - Aug 12, 9am to 5pm$2000 LTU renewable scholarships and winner trophiesVision Centric Challenge can be targetted as only challenege for collge students, all other challenges are for junior and senior school studentsLuxrobo, South KoreaRobohawks, MinnesotaMax 2 memebers per teamFor pdf - pdf- year VCC challenges- be targetted, few Indian teams have participated previouslyAROBOCONAsia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU)Qualifier in India,Final in one of the member broadcaster countryAsia Pacific RegionAugustThrough the qualifier, not mentioned specificallyThrough Qualifier - ROBOCON IndiaAwards and trophiesRobots compete to complete a task within a set period of timeLac Hong University, VIETNAMOne team per country Associationwhich is a non-profit organization created in 2004 by the French association Plante Sciencesand the town of la Fert-Bernard, FranceEuropeIn 2008, 27 countries, represented by 400 teams, were involved in this science and technology contest, through its national qualifications and the international final that took place in HeidelbergMay end/ June first weeknot mentionedRegistration starts from November and closes in March the next year.not mentionedThe theme varies each year, Last year it was "Robomovies" and before that it was "Prehistobot".RCVA - Robot Concept Ville d'Avraynot mentioned The AUVSI Foundation hosts 5 advanced robotics competitions - RoboBoat, RoboSub, Student Unmanned Air Systems Competition, International Ground Vehicle Competition and the International Aerial Robotics Competition. The teams that compete in these events are at the high school and collegiate level. In all of the competitions, your team will be required to design and build a vehicle from scratch, write a technical paper, present the paper before a panel of judges and develop a website that documents your progress.AAnnual International RoboBoat Competition AUVSI Foundation and ONR (US Office of Naval Research) USIn 2014 competitions teams were mostly from US but there were couple of non-US teams (from Indonesia and Taiwan).Mid JulyAround $500Registration deadline in AprilFirst prize - $6000Student teams race autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs) of their own design through an aquatic obstacle course. This includes littoral area navigation, channel following, and autonomous docking.Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityTeams may be a combination of students, faculty, industrial partners, or government partners but full-time students must compose at least 75 percent of each team. One student member of the team must bedesignated as the "team leader". None of the Indian universities have participated.AInternational RoboSub CompetitionAUVSI Foundation and ONRUSDTU, IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, Team Bangalore Robotics, SRM University have been participating. The 2013 competition featured over 30 national and international collegiate teams, as well as a few high school teams.Last week of JulyAround $500Registration closes by 1st AprilFirst prize - $10,000The goal of RoboSub is to advance the development of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) by challenging a new generation of engineers to perform realistic missions in an underwater environment. Cornell University Team Bangalore Robotics bagged the Judges award for Best International Collaboration. IIT Madras and IIT Bombaywere at 15th and 26th position respectively.A Student Unmanned Air System (SUAS) CompetitionAUVSI FoundationUSThe best of universities participate like Cornell, North Carolina, Kansas State, Rutgers, University of Texas. From India DTU participated and was among the top three.Second week of June750 USDRules become available during September. Registration opens during October. Last date of registration falls in December. First prize - $7500The SUAS Competition, aimed at stimulating and fostering interest in unmanned air systems, technologies and careers, requires the design, integration and demonstration of a system capable of conducting air operations to include autonomous flight, navigation of a specified course and use of onboard payload sensors. Additionally, students are required to submit technical journal papers and make oral presentations.North Carolina State UniversityFulltime undergraduate or high school students including no more than one graduate student shall compose the team. Members from industry, government agencies, or universities (in the case of facultyor additional graduate students) may advise the team; however, they should notdirectly contribute in the creation of the design, test, paper, or presentation. Each team will be restricted to no more than 10student/advisor participants. the competition organized in 2015) Very competitive and prestigiousDTU ranked third in 2014 and won the "Flight Readiness Review Oral Brief"award.

A Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition AUVSI FoundationUSIIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, and DTU send their teams to the 2012 competition.First half of June300 USDIntention to compete should reach the organizers before February end.Standard Award- $5000, $4000, $3000Nominal Award Money(Vehicle did not complete Advanced Auto-Nav course)- $2000, $1500, $1000Auto-Nav Basic Course AwardsVehicle must complete basic course- $2500, $2000, $1500A fully autonomous unmanned ground robotic vehicle must negotiate around an outdoor obstacle course under a prescribed time while maintaining a minimum of speed of one mph over a section and a maximum speed limit of five mph, remaining within the lane, negotiating flags and avoiding the obstacles on the course.Oakland University- 2014 winnersTeams may be comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, and must be supervised by at least one faculty advisor. Business/Non-Engineering students are encouraged to join teams to promote marketing, sponsorships, and other program management functions. For a student tobe eligible to compete as a team member, they are required to have attended at least one semester ofschool as a registered student between June 2014 and June 2015. (for the competition organized in 2015)Teams from IITB and IITKGP figured in top 7 and 9 under various categories.This competition is relatively easier to compete in as compared to other competitions organized by AUVSI.AInternational Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) AUVSI FoundationBeing conducted at two venues in 2015 - US (American venue) and China (Asia/Pacific venue)Amity University, BITS Pilani, DTU etc participating in this year's competition.First week of August1000 USDLast date to apply around first week of May.Huge prize money ranging from $10,000 - $80,000 can be solely given to the winner or divided based on accomplishment level of the mission.Its a MISSION based competition wherein the mission can span over years unless its accomplished by one of the competitors.For more info- of the teams was able to demonstrate the entirety of the behaviors required to complete Mission 7 but cole Polytechnique de Montral was the most capable at the American venueMission 6 completed by Tsinghua University. Previous missions accomplished by universities like MIT, Georgia Institute of technology, CMU, Stanford etc (for 2014 rules)Strong Industrial and government backing required. Difficulty level quite high.AMarine Advanced Technology Education Center Competition Marine Advanced Technology Education in partnership with the Marine Technology Society's ROV CommitteevariesEnd of June. Regional competition at Hong Kong is organized around mid April.Through regional events around the world. Russia and Japan are the closest for us.Each year the competition focuses on a new theme. This years competition theme highlights the role that ROVs play in science and industry in the Arctic conducting research under the ice and maintaining offshore oil and gas fields. Previous themes have included ocean observing systems, World War II shipwrecks, science under the ice, submarine rescue, and underwater volcanoes. Outback challenge ARCAA (Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation) and CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)Kingaroy, QueenslandSeptemberRegistration closes by July$ 50,000The event is aimed at promoting the civilian use ofunmanned aerial vehiclesand the development of low-cost systems that could be used for search and rescue missions.Canberra UAV World Cup Federation of International Robot soccer AssociationKorea, 2015Bangalore, 201036 countries, 83 teams, hosting nations- Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, France, germany, India, Korea, Singapore, UAE, UK, USAThe event dates are not fixedAugust- September this yearUSD 300varies as per schedule30th june this yearThe FIRA Cup event is organized into several categories, including the Micro-Robot Soccer Tournament (MiroSot), the Simulated Robot Soccer Tournament (SimuroSot) and the Humanoid Robot Soccer Tournament (HuroSot).ASingapore Robotics GamesOrganized in cooperation with IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Singapore Chapter and is jointly organised by Institute of Technical Education, Nanyang Polytechnic, Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Robotic Games Society (Singapore), Singapore Polytechnic and Singapore Science Centre and Temasek Polytechnic.Singaporeno indian participation till nowJanuaryvaries as per eventVarious events like: RC Sumo Robot CompetitionAutonomous Sumo Robot Competition Legged Robot Marathon Race Picomouse Competition (Open) Picomouse Competition (JC/ITE) Picomouse Competition (Sec.Sch.) RC Underwater Robot Competition Autonomous Underwater Robot CompetitionRobot Colony Competition Pole Balancing Robot Competition Robot Soccer Competition Schools' Robotic Competition Intelligent Robot Contest Humanoid Robot Competition Wall Climbing Robot RaceBTI Innovation ChallengeTexas InstrumentsIndiaJuneAugust 15, 2014 Submission of proposals September 22, 2014 Intimation to shortlisted teams December 1, 2014 Interim report submission January 26, 2015 Submission of final report & video demonstration March 7, 2015 Announcement of semi-finalists April 15, 2015 Announcement of finalists June 6, 2015 Innovation Challenge India Finals 2014Certificate of participation to all team members Opportunity to take part in TIs internship/ placement process Opportunity to interact with TI design engineers and customers USD $250 worth of development tools and ICs per team High visibility in external forums and recognition for faculty members9APEC Micromouse ContestApplied Power Electronics ConferenceCalifornia (2016), USAMarch third week$500- $1000registration opens Sep, 2015Trophies and a cash prizes will be awarded.Micromouse contest. Participants design, build, and program robotic mice and compete to see who can navigate their way through the maze in the shortest timeTaiwan, Japan, USA Japan Micromouse ContestNew technology FoundationJapanNov third weekNov third week

International+NationalCATEGORY B - INTERNATIONAL LEVEL EVENTS HOSTED IN INDIACATEGORYNAMEORGANIZERVENUETYPICAL PARTICIPATIONHELDENTRY FEEREGISTRATION (Opening Date, Closing Date)PRIZE MONEYTHEMELAST YR. WINNERSNO. OF PARTICIPANTS/ TEAM COMPOSITION/ AGE ELIGIBILITYURLREMARKSAROBOCON IndiaDoordarshan IndiaVaries All prestigious technical institutes from IndiaFirst week of MarchRs. 17000Registration starts around Septemberand closes by the end of DecemberAwards and TrophiesVaries each year as per the ABU RoboConInstitute of Technology, Nirma UniversityThe team shall include an Instructor, Team Leader, Manual Robot Operator and an Automatic Robot Operator.ROBOCON India 2015- Ghaziabad was last years 1st runner upAIndian ROBOT OlympiadIndia Stem Foundation and Techtronics Education LimitedVaries Majorly Schools , none of the colleges found participating as the age group defined is 9-19September endWRO Gen II Category Rs. 6,500/-College Category Rs. 15500/-July , August__This year the theme is Robo Explorers__WRO GEN II Football: Participants- 10 19 years old in the year of competitionIRO 2014 - 2015 - schools participate. College Category not mentioned n the IRO 2015 website neither the results for this category found in IRO 2014

BInternational Robotics ChallengeTechfest (IIT Bombay)IIT BombayMore than 8 countries like India, Ethiopia, France, Thailand, Russia, Nepal, Sri lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and many moreJanuarynoneOctober end , November beginningPrizes worth INR 4.5 lakhsvaries each year University of Moratuwa4 participants per team appears that those who miss country qualifiers can directly participate in the finals.DAPOGEE i-Strike,RobowarsBITS Pilani, GOA CampusBITS Pilani, GOA CampusReputed technical institutes from all over India like, NIT, IITs, IT-BHU etc.March endnoneMarch beginningvariesBuild a robot capable of moving on a path avoiding rocks andPassing through/above fishesalong its way to its destination while waiting for a small time in an island between.Maximum team size is 4. a technical festival , other events can also be explored like circuit design challenge, inspired karters , Code and simulate etc

NationalCATEGORY C - EVENTS ORGANIZED AND HOSTED IN INDIACATEGORYNAMEORGANIZERVENUEHELDEVENTSURLREMARKSDTECHNEXIIT BHUIIT BHUFeb end/ March beginning27th-1st in 2015Robonex- Robowars, Xestos (wireless controlled robot that is controlled solely by wrist movement of one of the team members.), Hydracs (manually controlled machine that can perform operations of locomotion, grabbing, lifting and pushing using hydraulics), Hurdlemania , GridXplorer, Pixelate (drone to carry out flood relief process)Xtreme Engineering- contests include water rocket, miniature model of airplane, race your own RC carsModex - Open Hardware, Open Software, Open SimulationRiqueza- Spotlight (entrepreneurship), Manthan (strategic planning), ventura (prototype a business venture), Brand-aid (marketing strategy), Bulls on the floor (Virtual Stock Market)Byte the bits - Hackathon(android based), Mathletics(mathematical puzzles), Prayaas(algorithms and code), wizards of byteland (quiz)Pahal - Sampann (an idea that can solve energy or water crisis for a particular region of India, an idea that can solve fuel/electricity/water problems of Indian villages- platform for incubation in Govt. funded departments) BombayIIT BombayDTRYSTIIT DelhiIIT DelhiFeb end/ March beginning27th-2nd in 2015ROBOTICS- Amphibian Bot, Knight Bot, Mine Maze, RoboSoccerDesigning- Aero Modelling, Bridge building,Hunt the junk, Junkyard wars (build a customized battle tank that shoots out table tennis balls), Rube goldberg design (deliberately over-engineered machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion)Business - B Plan, Mock StockCS Dept events- Offline Algorithms, Bugsmash, Quiz up, online codehuntMechanical - Logo QuizElectrical - Cryptex, Junkyard electronics, Electro-Quiz KharagpurIIT KharagpurJan end/ Feb beginning30th-2nd in 2015Mechanical- Laws of Motion: Aircraft design, ASME SDE: Student Design Exposition is an open hardware modelling competition, Nightshift : adaptation of junkyard wars Coding - Overnite: Multi-provincial programming contest is certified byACMBusiness/ Management - B-Plan for entrepreneursElectronics design - Embetronix is an embedded electronics circuit design competition, IDP- Industrial Design Problem competition, give solutions to real time problems faced by industriesRobotics - Cascade: Build a manually controlled robot capable of traversing vertical rods while shooting terroristsSkyfall: Build a robot that is capable of picking up packages on a pier and depositing it on the given ship by traversing the arena either aquatically or by ziplineMinefield: Build a semi-autonomous robot capable of detecting hidden metal mines and rescuing stranded victims using gesture recognition in a minefield.Step Up: Build an autonomous robot that is capable of traversing a grid and arranging the blocks placed on nodes in the increasing order of height.Aug-Hit: Build an Image Processing robot which can play the Break Bricks game.Sudocode: Write a code to optimise your strategy to find and destroy enemy bunkers in a jungle. Write a code to find and attack enemy troops in the jungle. KanpurIIT KanpurMarch 3rd week19th - 22nd in 2015ROBOGAMES- iARC: solving a line maze via line following and calculate the shortest path in the mazeWild Soccer: ultimate battle between wild robots on soccer fieldManoeuvre: Gameplay consist of two bots from each team coordinating with each other in order to correctly place the boxes on a slabShuffle: image processing basedECDC - electronics circuit design challenge includes beginner level contest with microcontrollers Electromania, Electrade- make and sell your circuit combining techniacl and entrepreneurial skills, FPGA, EmbeddedIMP - design and manufacturing contestMechanical - Junkyard wars, Techkriti Grand Prix (miniature model of RC vehicle), Concatenate ( creating a machine that, in multiple steps, will perform one simple task), bridge design, Design3DCoding - Battlecity (virtual robots), IOPC (programming contest), IHPC (Parallel computing), Crypto (cryptic code breaker), Chaos (learn and adapt to a mystery language fast and code your way to victory)Takeoff - water rockets, RC aircrafts, hovercrafts and the multirovers RoorkeeIIT RoorkeeMarch last week27th - 29th in 2015Coding - Insomnia(overnight coding competition), Armageddon - battle of the botsMechanical - Powerdrift (RC car racing)

And various other department related contests MadrasIIT MadrasJanuary first week3rd-6th in 2015Aerofest- designing and developing innovations in flying RC aircrafts, Aerobotics, aeromodelling, Business - Estimus (consulting based case study), Vittaneeti (finance based case study), Case study (managerial event involving a written questions round, group discussion round and finally a presentation in front of a panel of judges)Programming- online programming contest, Reverse Coding(pattern analysis and recognition as the participants play with the code, identify the patterns and decipher the code), debugging, hackfest, Automania (virtual bot), Code Obfuscation (solve an obfuscate code)Robotics - Events in the past include Operation Delta, Gold Rush, Behind the Enemy Lines and more. These frequently involve real-time image processing and Automated Robotics with the use of sensors.

Others include - Desmod for 3D modelling, SCDC for electrical circuit designing, Robo Oceana- water boats, TrichyNIT, TrichyFeb end/ March beginning27th-2nd in 2015Amalgam - Inspinature, Greenville, Pragyan Quiz, IoT Challenge.Code it - GPU Coding, Three's a Crowd, Pragyan-CTF, Adventure, Bytecode, Hunt the Code, Gaming Minifest, Pengufest.Core Engineering - Hover One, Delta T, Pragyan Design Challenge, Concept Car Challenge, Nittro, NFS Aqua, Junkyard Wars, Circuitrix, HydroBusiness - Manigma : Pragyan Premier League, The Ultimate Manager, Dalal Street, Marketing Hub, Beer Factory.Robovigyan - Appollo18, Rush Hour, Robowars, 7 Stones., WarangalNIT, Warangal3rd week OctoberMechanical - Wreckage (IC engine RC car racing event), Avion-e (wireless RC aircraft building competition), Jahaaz (RC wireless boats racing competition), Hovermania (hovercraft racing competition)Coding - NPL - online coding competitionRobotics - Roboshow(robot performing interesting tasks for applications such as in entertainment, domestic chores, industry etc) , Rover ( wired/wireless robots judged by the speed of the robot on a smooth and a rough path.), robocricket, SuratkalNIT, Suratkal2nd week of OctoberBusiness - E-Pitch (entrpreneurial)Robotics - Robowars, Proteus (fabricate a bot that could travel along a specified length of the tank and shoot a jet of water that covered a minimum horizontal range), Trailblazer, AutomataMechanical - Velocity (RC car ), Perfect MachineCoding - Inscription (online coding event), Marathon (scripting and basic programming event), Android apps development, code error hunting and developing bots to play a variant of pacman are some other events/competitionsCivil - Quick CAD, Architect, Colossus, Nirvahana, Fantasticity, Mindbend, Blueprint, AllahabadMNNIT, Allahabad3rd week OctoberCoding - CyberquestElectronic design - Electromania, Power SurgeMechanical - MechrocosmBusiness - Oligopoly, MonopolyRobotics - Robomania, CalicutNIT, CalicutOctober endRobotics - Transporter, robosoccer, minimouse (robotic treasure hunt), Amazed (line follower), Collision course (RC robot wrestling), Dirt Race, death raceMechanical - Contraption, Albatross (radio controlled non-powered aircraft ), Aqua GT (RC Boat), Concept car design, Machnascene ( assemble the given machine parts so as to bring out the required machine component from the given assembled machine drawing), Mindkraft ( design and fabricate a working model of a simple mechanism which will be specified on the spot), Schwimmwagen (design and fabricate an R/C bot that can maneuver through all possible terrains), War 'de Aqua (design and build a single stage water rocket and its launcher)Electronics design - Accelero-BotX (designing a wired/wireless robot controlled solely by hand gestures), Circuit Race (assembling circuits), hoverdrive, Oscilligon (design an analog/digital circuit to implement specified game on the display of the Cathode Ray Oscilloscope), GSM Labyrinth (build a robot making use of the 3GSM technology), Analog IQ (circuit designing contest where the circuit is to be designed and implemented using discrete components and the Analog IC's listed in the specifications)Computer - Koderkombat (online coding event), Tux of War (based on shell scripting ), The Debugger BhopalMANIT Bhopal3rd week OctoberRobotics - RoboFIFA, Roboramp, Mud WarriorCoding - Codathon, C-Bay, Code Kriegers, Return Zeroand other departmental events KurukshetraNIT KurukshetraMarch last weekDesign - Architect, Build-em-all, Contraption, E-Modeling, Junkyard Wars, Lab Racers, Microcontroller Challenge, Mixcrete,NirmaanPapyrus vitae - Aerotech,Civiera,Cyberbyte,Electrovista,Mechvibes,MicrosearchAeromodelling - Albatross,Aviator,Flame Kite 3Managerial - Advanza,Apprentice,Interface,Mr. Aristotle,The Big FightRobotics - Roborynth, Robowars EfficycleMaruti Suzuki and International Centre for Automative Technology (ICAT)LPU Jalandhar for 2015virtual rounds- Julyregistration by april-mayconceive, design and fabricate a three wheel configuration vehicle powered by human-electric hybrid power and capable of seating two passengers catering to the day to day mobility needs. The vehicle must bconceive, design and fabricate a three wheel configuration vehicle powered by human-electric hybrid power and capable of seating two passengers catering to the day to day mobility needs. The vehicle must be aerodynamic, engineered for performance & safety and ergonomically designed.e aerodynamic, engineered for performance & safety and ergonomically designed. week of FebruaryCoding - Bits (ultimate coding extravaganza), Bytes (code your way to chef's hat), Bots (online coding contest), Envision (programming boulevard)Robotics - Radix - Robo race, robo wars, autonomous robotsElectronic circuit design - Brainwave (hardware design challenge), Electrocution (electrical predefined h/w development)Business - S-PAVe (entrepreneurial), Bulls N Bears (virtual stock market)Mechanical - Junkyard, Design Pro week SeptemberElectronic design - CircuitrixBusiness - Magnas , Management Guru, Bul street strategistApplied Engineering, Bits and Bytes, Robomania, and Premium each of the heads contain atleast 10-15 great events that offer a lot for the participants


The Asia Regionals in India are held at 3 sites viz.Amritapuri,IIT Kanpur, andIIT Kharagpur.The contest involves a global network of universities hosting regional competitions that advance teams to the ACM-ICPC World Finals.Almost 2,534 universities from over 101 countries on six continents.Every regional contest site gets a "slot," which is an invitation for the team to compete in the World Finals. Typically, all the "slots" are allocated by December 31 every yearThese contests happen from the month of October to December.Registration fees varies from site to siteNo later than the earlier date of 7 days before the contest and November 8.Sometimes Limited seats register asap.Top team - $12,000Next three teams - $6,000Silver medal team- $3,000 Bronze Medal team- $1,500.At least six problems will be posed. So far as possible, problems will avoid dependence on detailed knowledge of a particular applications area or particular contest language.World- St. Petersburg ITMORegional- IIIT Hyderabad, IIT Roorkee, IIT Bombaythree contestants + 1 reserve and a coach(faculty only) of Programming CompetitionsAKaggleKaggle is the world's largest community of data scientistsonlineThe best of minds from around the world compete. Teams constantly challenge each other and leapfrog the high score until the competition deadline. Over the yearnonevaries from event to eventhuge in millions of dollarsMachine Learning based / Data Sciencevaries as per eventvaries event organizers vary as per the event.OnlineMost of the Indian Universities.10 day long monthlycoding contestand the shorter format Cook-offcoding contestnonevariesprizes worth up to INR 20,000 (for Indian Community), $700 (for Global Community)variesvaries as per eventvaries TGMC - The Great Mind Challenge(The use of IBM software in the project is compulsory. )IBM BLUEMIXIndiaABES-EC among the top 15 in TGMC 2012. 1,10,000 participants from over 1,000 colleges in 2010.Top participants include Techno India( Salt Lake Kolakata), DR BV RAJU INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, DHANALAKSHMI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, PUNJAB TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY GIANI ZAIL SINGH CAMPUS etcFest dates: end of MarchnoneLast Dates for Registration (SRS sw requirement specification submissions ) - From Oct to end of Dec or Jan (31 Dec/31st Jan)Project Submissions -end of Mar Rs 1,00,000 /- in Prize Money for the winning teamInternships with IBM India Software Labs, Software Companies and IBM PartnersOpportunity to work in best in class Enterprise Mobile Development PlatformMobility Made Possible for 20132012- Techno India Salt Lake Kolakataone faculty member and a max of four students competition is sponsored by big names like Microsoft and the NSAonlineWorlds largest competitive software development community where developers from all over the world take part in.

IIT Roorkee, IIT Kanpur, IIIT Hyderabad ,IIIT Allahabad, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi have secured 32, 34, 37, 43, 45, 46 ranks resp in the tally Fortnightly SRMs ("single round matches") are held and weekly competitions in design and developmentnoneThe registration period lasts for 2 hours and 55 minutes and starts exactly 3 hours before the match beginsCompetitors involved in the creation of these components are paid royalties based on these sales.Algorithms- algorithmic problemsDesign- Competitors are given a set of user requirements and attempt to convert them into a usable software design specificationDevelopment-Competitors are given a set of design specification and attempt to write software components that match this specification.Marathon Matches- Contestants are given a particularly difficult algorithmic problem. The scoring is done by computer based on criteria specifically suited to the problem. Studio- Contestants are asked to show off their creative skills in a competitive environment.Architecture Assembly- competitors create high quality applications using completed components and TopCoder's established competitive method.TestingSaint-Petersburg State University, Russian FederationUniversity of TokyoMoscow State University CODEVITATCSFinal round will held at TCS office location Indiastudents of 6 continents participated Canada, UK, China, Singapore and Japan,Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Australia, South Africa and IndiaPRACTICE ROUND:JULY AUG ROUND 2 AND 3:AUGUST None 7TH JULY-5TH AUGUST 1st ) USD 10,000 + Research Internship + Provisional offer 2nd ) USD 7,000 + Research Internship + Provisional offer 3rd) USD 3,000 + Research Internship + Provisional offer

Top 2.5 percentile of the Round 1 successful coders will get test exemption for TCS Interview

coding in JAVA ,C,C++,C#,PERL,PYTHON,RUBYUniversity of Edinburgh,IIIT Hyderabad,Universidad Nacional in Peru 2 MEMBERS ,2015-2018,minimum age is 18 years infrastructure sofware required for compilingcode solution shall be borne by the institueB/AMICROSOFT IMAGINE CUPMICROSOFTNGF College of Engineering & Technology Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC), 71st K.M, NH-2, Delhi-Mathura Highway,Palwal- 121102, Haryana FOR INDIA location.Final worldwide competion wIl held in SEATLE USA in july 1)ABES,ISM DHANBAD,NIIT UNIVERSITYetc2)IIT KANPUR,NIT DURGAPUR etc3)Techno India,BITS PILANI,IIIT DELHI etcworldwide 183 countries like Australia,New Zealand etcFINAL HELD IN LAST WEEK OF APRIL FOR INDIAWORLDWIDE WILL HELD IN SEATLE USANone11TH MARCH-22ND MARCH$50,000THREE CATEGORIES :1)GAMES COMPETITION2)INNOVATION COMPETITION3)WORLD CITIZENSHIPIMAGINE CUP WORLD CHAMPION Eyenaemia AUSTRALIA1)First Prize: Team Aether (Manav Rachna University, Faridabad, Haryana)2)First Prize: Eyeluminati (Manav Rachna University, Faridabad, Haryana)3)First Prize: Team Turing (Singhad Institute of Technology, Lonavala, Maharashtra and Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management, Rau, Madhya Pradesh)4 MEMBERS,minimum age is 16 yearshttps://www.imaginecup.comAGOOGLE CODE JAMGOOGLEFor india onsite locations have not been disclosed so farglobal finals will be held at google Seattle officeRUSSIA,POLAND,BELARUSAPRIL-AUGUST have multiple online tests and the two onsite testsNone11TH MARCH-12TH APRIL$15000 for code jam Main$3000 new distributed code jam finals winnerThe competition consists of a set of algorithmic problems which must be solved in a fixed amount of time. Competitors may use any programming language and development environment to obtain their solutions.Gennady Korotkevich (Gennady.Korotkevich) of Belarus1 member,18 years and above, the Top 25 Code Jammers will battle alongside last year's victor, Gennady Korotkevich (Gennady.Korotkevich) of Belarus, at Google's Seattle office on Friday, August 14. These 26 finalists will fiercely compete for the $15,000 grand prize, coveted title of Code Jam 2015 Champion, and automatic qualification for the Code Jam 2016 finalsCHackerrank-101 HackHackerrank & VMwareONLINE Contact Address-# 80, Ahad Pinnacle 2nd Floor, 5th Main, 2nd Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala Industrial layout, Bangalore 560095july first-second week, it is open till 22 julynonecan register till 21 july 2015It is 27th edition.It is for Passionate programmers they will have to solve algorithmic challenges. It's all about speed, accuracy and efficiency: 5 challenges in 120 minutes. & Vmware, sponsor-Asana,Blipper, Marketo ONLINE Contact address-# 80, Ahad Pinnacle 2nd Floor, 5th Main, 2nd Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala Industrial layout, Bangalore 560095Rank 20, 26, 27 and 29, 30 from India Starts - Aug 1 2015 9 AM PSTEnds - Aug 2 2015 9 AM PST nonecan register till 30 july 2015first 1-25 rank will be awarded with different prizes, first prize is apple iPhoneComplete 8 challenges on Algorithmic Programming within 24 hours.Rank #1 SpringSprint one person/ no team as such/ This contest is open to all countries, and to both students and working professionals. address-IIIrd Floor, Salarpuria Business Center,4th B Cross Road, 5th A Block,Koramangala Industrial Layout,Bangalore, Karnataka 560095,India.Indian ProffessionalsStarts -15 july2015 8:30 AM Ends- 09 Aug 2015 10:30 AM nonecan register till 8 Aug 2015Different prizes for different challengesCode Monk(Disjoint set union):problem on Dijoint set union , time -2:30 hrs. July Clash '15: There will be 4 tough algorithmic and 1 Approximate (challenge) problem.August Easy '15: 6 algorithmic problems, for beginners in competitive coding. Shopsense Hiring Challenge, Vizury SDET Hiring Challenge, Capillary Java Hiring Challenge, Glydel Web Developers Challenge, Mesitis Hiring Challenge SysCloud PHP Hiring Challenge, Target Hiring, Thought Works Coding Challenge, Prysm Windows .Net Hiring Challenge, SuperProfs Java Challenge : all these challenge are for hiring in respected companies. one person/ no team as such/ This contest is open to all countries, and to both students and working professionals. TCSTCSThe grand Finale will be held at a TCS Campus. The 3 hour round MANAKULA VINAYGAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE PONDICHERRYV.S.B ENGINEERING COLLEGE KARURHAVE THREE ROUND FIRST TWO ARE ONLINENone9TH APRIL-17TH JULY1)iMac2)Nexus 9 Tab3)iPad MiniA case study based on the tools Selenium, Jmeter and Appium mobile testingMANAKULA VINAYGAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE PONDICHERRYV.S.B ENGINEERING COLLEGE KARUR2 MEMBERS,18 years and above,2016-2017 batch Festivals coding events by IITs and NITs

ExposEXPOS / SYMPOSIUM / EXHIBITIONNAMEORGANIZERVENUEHELDTHEMEURLREMARKSENTRY FEETYPICAL PARTICIPATIONREGISTRATION (Opening Date, Closing Date)NO. OF PARTICIPANTSELASIATriune Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd.Bombay Exhibition centre, Mumbai May end/June beginningInternational exhibition on power, electrical and lighting --> Equipment for Generation. Transmission, Distribution, Protection and Utilization of Electrical PowerIndustrial and Decorative Lightning Equpiment Electrical & Electronic Testing Industrial ElectronicsEnergy Conservation Equipment Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd.Bombay Exhibition centre, Mumbai May end/June beginningCovers wide range of areas like Electric Discharge Machines (EDM), Hydraulic, Mechanical & Pneumatic Presses, Assembling Systems & Industrial Robots, Pumps,Valves & Compressors, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Motors (AC/DC, Geared, Servo)/ CNC Systems, Sensors/ Automatic Voltage Regulators/ Encoders, Instrumentation & Controls, Electrical & Electronics, Measuring and Testing Instruments most important Metal working & technology show. AMTEX-2015 witnessed visitors from Auto and Auto Components, Textile, Capital Goods, Power & Electrical, Consumer Durables, Defence, Pharmaceutical Industries etc. Fostering innovation, build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure and facilitating investment were the key targets of the MAKE IN INDIA initiative and AMTEX-2015 was dedicated to support this initiative.USD 290 -310LOGMATSmart ExposChennai Trade CentreJune 24-26 ,2016Material Handling, Warehousing , storage, Automation , Logistics, Transport, AIDC, RFID Solutions SouthSmart ExposChennai Trade CentreJune second and third weekAlternative power generation involving solar energy Warehousing ShowReed Manch Exhibitions Private LimitedPragati Maidan01-03 July, 2015Automation for Logistics- AIDC Technology-Barcode , Tracking & Tracing Solutions-RFID Technology, Harsco Track Technologies, GPS Navigation Systems. Sensors, laser beams, gears, etcRobotics-Pick & Place, Palletising & De-Palletising, Automatic/Robotic Pallet wrapping Voice system TechnologySoftwares-WMS Systems, Supply Chain and Demand Chain Management Systems, Industrial Automatic Data Capturing and Identification SystemsAutomated Storage-ASRSAutomated Material Handling- Sorting & handling Systems, Conveyors, CranesBuilding Automation SolutionsTransformers, Accumulators and Uninterruptable Power Supplies Systems Conference ExpoUBMIndiaNimhans Convention Centre, BangaloreJuly second /third weekMajorly a Conference. Website silent on the Expo/ Exhibition part of it. International Trade and Exhibitions India Pvt LtdBombay Exhibition centre, Mumbai for this year's event. Varies otherwise13-15 September 2015TECHINDIAwill comprise three specialized events catering to individual needs of India's manufacturing industry: - PUMPS VALVES & COMPRESSORS (PVC) - GEARS MOTORS & CONTROLS (GMC) - BEARINGS, SHAFTS & COUPLINGS (BSC) exhibition on engineering and manufacturing. TECHINDIA is a leading Business Exhibition on Engineering products and Machine tools. TECHINDIA 2015 will showcase the exhaustive range of innovations and technological refinements in the complete product segment of Pumps Valves & Compressors, Gears Motor & Control and Bearing Shafts & Couplings. and other allied industry sectors. TECHINDIA will be the ultimate facilitators for b2b cooperation between manufacturers and consumers of all hues connected to Engineering, Machinery and Manufacturing industry. Various Private companies from India, China, UK, Germany, Russsia etcTrade Fair (IITF)India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO)New DelhiNovember 14 - 27, 2015MAKE IN INDIA- The major objective behind the initiative is to focus on 25 sectors of economy for job creation and skill enhancement. Some of these sectors are: automobiles, chemicals, IT, pharmaceuticals, textiles, ports, aviation, leather, tourism and hospitality, wellness, railway, auto components, design manufacturing, renewable energy, mining, bio-technology, and electronics. AC-Bare Space - 8,800Shell Scheme- 9,300AC-Bare Space - 10,500Shell Scheme- 11,000EngimachK & D Communications LtdAhmedabad Education Society Ground, Gujarat3rd- 7th December, 2015This year, ENGIMACH is showcasing an exhaustive range of innovations and technology in the complete product range of engineering, machinery and machine tools industry. The key attributes of the show are : - Knowledge , Technology and Growth - Institution support for technology innovation - Technology innovation and enterprise development - New explorations of innovations system and strategy, a globally acclaimed Engineering, Machinery and Machine Tools Show with focus on Technology and Innovation. ENGIMACH covers 40 sectors of the Manufacturing industry. It offers an ideal launch pad for new ideas, products and services, conducive environment for forging joint ventures and collaborations and an open marketplace to source ideal solutions.Over 20 countries from all over the world participating like USA, Japan, Korea, UK, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, Belgium,UAE, Netherlands China , hongkong , Thailand, Poland .IMTEX (International Forming Technology Exhibition)Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' AssociationBangalore International Exhibition Centre21-26 January ,2016Platform for exhibitors to showcase their innovations in metal forming technologies, robotics & automation, welding & joining, wire-forming & drawing, and many more

CivilCATEGORYNAMEORGANIZERVENUETYPICAL PARTICIPATIONHELD DURINGENTRY FEEREGISTRATION (Opening Date, Closing Date)PRIZETHEMELAST YR. WINNERSNO. OF PARTICIPANTS/TEAM COMPOSITION/AGE AND ELIGIBILITYURLREMARKSMegalithIIT KharagpurIIT KharagpurFebruary last week(27th feb- 1st march, 2015)500 per participant,only one time registration for the event and participants can participate in as many events as they like.variesCriar - It is an overnight event. Problem statement of the event will be released on the spot.Last yr problem statement was "Design a Cable stayed or suspension bridge"Green canvas - environmental case study in which the problems concerning the environment and its protection are discussedDarkode - Reflect on a problem statement in light of civil engineering and formulate an efficient algorithm to solve it.Civionics - mechanical robot modelling contes, develop effectual ground robots capable of executing tasks given in the problem statement.Edifice - structural case study event that will give you an opportunity to explore and test your abilities as a structural designer.Beat-d-euclid - 2D visualization of a given 3D structure in a given time span using AutoCAD software.Terramind - Civil Engineering Quizzing eventArchipedia - Some of the monuments of India are in need of serious maintenance and Megalith has started an initiative to promote creative solutions for the problem faced.Rotolare - building amazing roller coaster within provided specifications.Model exhibition - Prepare a model (either static or dynamic) of civil engineering structures and bring it for exhibition at the time of the fest. Amman Institute of Technology,Erode,Tamil NaduBannari Amman Institute of Technology,Erode,Tamil NaduMarch first week(6th-7th March,2015)200 INRLast date - 28th feb,2015Tech Talk- technical QuizMinify- Model MakingEduquest- Survey HuntDimenzera - test your empirical understanding of units and dimensions.CAD Savvy - CAD Designhttp://www.lionzera.comAakaarIIT BombayIIT BombayMarch second weekTower Crane - build a tower crane which supports two counter balancing loads at different ends of the cantilever in accordance with the design constraintsBridge it - Bridge designingConquer it - freedom to tinker with the properties of the concrete (Expanded Polystyrene Concrete)by altering the making process and componentsCiviQ- Quiz competition LogiQ- online crypt hunt competitionIndustrial Design Problem - solve an industry defined problem which give participants an insight about the real challenges faced in the field

MechanicalCATEGORYNAMEORGANIZERVENUETYPICAL PARTICIPATIONHELD DURINGENTRY FEEREGISTRATION (Opening Date, Closing Date)PRIZETHEMELAST YR. WINNERSNO. OF PARTICIPANTS/TEAM COMPOSITION/AGE AND ELIGIBILITYURLREMARKSBSAE BAJASAE (Society of Automative Engineers) USA May second weekStatic events:Technical Inspection, Cost Event, Design Judging, Sales PresentationDynamic events:Acceleration, Hill climb, Maneuverability Event, specialty eventsCGo Kart design ChallengeIndian Society of New Era EngineersIndoreSeptember second week- Final Design report submissionPre Final Round (Presentation of design and design reports) and final round consisting of various tests. But a GKDC workshop is compulsory.CE- Bike ChampionshipTechwiz ConsultantsBangaloreQualifying Round - last week of JuneMain round- OctoberIn the Qualifying round students will be required to submit their design reports along with other reports mentioned in the Rule Book on Skype.During the main round all the teams will compete against variousstatic and dynamic events. Based on the performance of their team as well as atindividual level, students will be given the opportunity to gain the valuableexperience of working on the live project of many prestigious industries.