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<p>Complete Denture Introduction</p> <p>Key Terms </p> <p>Complete Denture Base plate Bite rim Border molding Centric occlusion Denture base</p> <p>Muscle trimming Overdenture Vertical dimension</p> <p>Complete Denture: a removable dental prosthesis that replaces all of the natural teeth in the maxillary or mandibular dental arch. The denture is usually made of methyl methacrylate and is completely supported by the mouth tissues. Baseplate (Record Base): The portion of an artificial denture in contact with the jaw. A temporary form representing the base of a denture and used to help establish jaw relationships and the arrangement of teeth. Bite rim: a border constructed on temporary or permanent denture bases in order to record the maxillomandibular relation and for positioning of the teeth.</p> <p>Border molding: the shaping of an impression material by the manipulation or action of the tissues to determine the denture border position.centric occlusion: that in the vertical and horizontal position of the mandible in which the cusps of the mandibular and maxillary teeth interdigitate maximally. denture base: the material in which the teeth of a denture are set and which rests on the supporting tissues when the denture is in place in the mouth.</p> <p>Border molding (muscle trimming): the shaping of an impression material by the manipulation or action of the tissues to determine the denture border position.Over [lay] Denture: a complete denture supported both by soft tissue (mucosa) and by a few remaining natural teeth that have been altered, as by insertion of a long or short coping, to permit the denture to fit over them. Vertical Dimension: a vertical measurement of the face between any two arbitrarily selected points that are conveniently located one above and one below the oral cavity, usually in the midline.</p> <p>Centric Jaw Relation: the relation of the mandible to the maxillae when the condyles are in their most posterosuperior unstrained positions in the glenoid fossae, from which lateral movements can be made at the occluding vertical relation normal for the individual. Centric relation is a relation that can exist at any degree of jaw separation.Occlusal Relationship: the individual and collective relationships of the mandibular teeth to the maxillary teeth and the relationship of the adjacent teeth in the same dental arch.</p> <p>Removable Complete Denture</p> <p>Edentulous patient Denture supported by alveolar bone and oral mucosa</p> <p>Indications for a Complete DentureExtensive Lack of bone loss and motivation or periodontal ability to disease maintain teeth Edentulous patient Patient refused partial dentures Gross decay or abscesses</p> <p>Lack of financial resources for alternative treatments</p> <p>Indications for a Complete DentureDenture base</p> <p>Non-anatomical teethComplete denture Anatomical teeth</p> <p>Saddle</p> <p>Flange</p> <p>Appointments for a CompleteDenture</p> <p>Examination</p> <p>Jaw relationship</p> <p>ConsultationOral surgery Final impressions</p> <p>Denture deliveryFirst follow-up</p> <p>Adjustments</p> <p>Incisive PapillaTuberosity</p> <p>Final Impressions </p> <p>Impression compound Border molding Muscle trimming</p> <p>Construction of Complete Dentures</p> <p>Baseplate</p> <p>Represents denture base Simulates space provided by height of teeth Occlusal relationship</p> <p>Bite rim</p> <p>Vertical dimension</p> <p>Jaw Relationship Set-up</p> <p>Baseplates and bite rims Centric occlusion </p> <p>Retrusion Protrusion Lateral movement</p> <p>Vertical dimension Shade Mold</p> <p>Try-in Appointment</p> <p>Denture teeth mounted in wax Evaluate </p> <p>Esthetics Retention Comfort Speech articulation</p> <p>Delivery Appointment</p> <p>Immediate dentures</p> <p>Extractions and alveoplasty</p> <p>Evaluation Adjustments Instructions </p> <p>Insertion and removal Daily maintenance</p> <p>Denture Relines, Adjustments, and Repairs</p> <p>Assessment QuestionsWhat does the bite rim simulate? Vertical dimension, or the height of the teeth. What is the term for not having any teeth? Edentulous. What happens to the bone following tooth extractions? The bone will shrink and resorb.</p> <p>Prosthodontic Treatment For Edentulous PatientsGeorge A. Zarb </p> <p>Chapter 2 Chapter 13 Chapter 14</p>