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  • Complete Elimination Of Obstacle

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  • Refer to remove any obstacle in 3CTTs Style

    Facts finding => characteristics + cause + mindsetsKnow the Obstacle

    Know the Methods

    Design & Deliver

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    CSF => vision + position + blueprint + methods

    Formulating => goals + solutions + agile platform

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    This presentation focus to examine the obstacle in deeper meaning

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    Why we need to understand the obstacle in deeper meaning?

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    The impacts are wider than expected

    An obstacle is never isolated

    The removed obstacle tends to come back after a while

    Unrelated obstacles some how affected

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    Three levels

    The obstacle & its root

    All relat





    of the


    Derive from thought

    N orm s & c ultu reFra



    Top LevelEliminate unwanted beliefs, mindsets, behaviours, norms, & culture

    Middle LevelEliminate the causes of the obstacles derived from disturbing thoughts & inherited.

    Ground LevelEliminate all obstacles, physically & mentally, related and the roots. This also include poor business conditions & structure. The obstacles can be inherited or caused by disturbing thoughts.

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    Therefore ...Adopt 3 levels framework allows

    us to eliminate the obstacle completely without having it to surface again in a harmonious

    and responsible manner.

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    Case: What Lead To Poor Profit?

    Hardworking workers and committed boss, ID company that specialized in constructing event booth, is unable to make good profit margin.

    What leads to poor profit? Low productivity, or Low selling price

    The challenges Assume low productivity is the

    reason for poor profit. How to overcome it?

  • Case: What Lead To Poor Profit?

    Low productivity is identified as the reason for poor profit.

    Increase productivity suppose to increase profit.

    The company starts to investigate and decided to improve these: Avoid idle time Create to do list Set goal for each task Streamline processes Measure outputs

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  • Case: What Lead To Poor Profit?

    Outcome of overcome low productivity Project profit increase as delivery time shorten at lesser costs. However, there are more dissatisfied customer than before due to:

    lack of caring element lack of understanding element lesser post sales services

    In addition, lesser variation orders being awarded Lastly, return customers greatly reduced by 50%

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    Case: What Lead To Poor Profit?

    Problem:Poor Profit

    Solution:Improve ROOT


    Favourable:1. Increase Project Profit

    Unexpected Problems:1. Reduce return customers 50%2. Lesser projects awarded in

    overall 30%3. Lesser variation orders

    awarded4. Lesser happy customers5. Cumulative project profits drop

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    Case: What Lead To Poor Profit?

    Why increasing the profit of each project lead to overall

    poorer performance?

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    Case: What Lead To Poor Profit?

    How can we solve a problem completely with care to bring about positive impact to the

    organization as a whole?

  • Ground LevelObstacle: productivityRoots: idle time; action plan; goals; processes; measurement.Related: return customers; inherited caring & understanding; post sales services; risk tolerance level; flexibility of the workers; customers expectation shock

    Middle LevelCauses of the low productivity that derive from thought: Workers reluctant to make decision as there is nothing drive them for this. Workers refuse to take responsibility, works stalled or delayed to wait for boss confirmation.

    Top LevelNorms & culture: Workers must wait for boss instructions; hard working is the culture but not focus on working smart; reward solely based on outcome of the designed workscope.

    Solving the roots of the problem is not enough, it is just a tip of an iceberg. If you do not resolve the problem completely for all the 3 levels, your solution is short lived.

    Case: What Lead To Poor Profit?

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