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Download COMPREHENSION QUIZ Name Date Dive In May 2020 ... What inspired Daniel Botelho to become a marine photographer?

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    © 2020 TIME for Kids,, Edition 2. This page may be photocopied for use with students. • May 2020


    Dive In May 2020 Use this month’s magazine Dive In to answer the questions. For each question, circle the letter next to the

    best answer.

    Article: “Sea Turtle Discovery Zone”

    5. How are sea turtles similar to people? A. They can see clearly

    underwater. B. They breathe air. C. They have teeth. D. They are endangered.

    Article: “Sea Turtle Discovery Zone”

    6. For what reason do sea turtles leave the water? A. to eat B. to breathe C. to lay eggs D. both B and C

    Article: “Up Close” 3. Where was the photo of the

    ocean sunfish taken? A. Gansbaai, South Africa B. Mdumbi, South Africa C. San Diego, California D. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Article: “Up Close” 4. How do dolphins trap sardines?

    A. They blow bubbles that catch the sardines.

    B. They chase the sardines into a ball.

    C. They follow the sardines around for hours.

    D. They work as a team to corner the sardines.

    What inspired Daniel Botelho to become a marine photographer?

    Article: “Up Close” 1. Why did Daniel Botelho decide

    to take pictures of sharks from his boat, in August 2015? A. He is afraid of sharks. B. That is how he gets the best

    photos. C. He was respecting the sharks’

    space. D. He forgot his scuba gear.

    Article: “Up Close” 2. What does the section “A Big

    Risk” show about Botelho? A. He doesn’t mind getting hurt

    for a good photo. B. His job is extremely unsafe. C. He is irresponsible. D. A Portuguese man-of-war is

    his favorite animal.