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  • Computable Content with Jupyter, Docker, Mesos

    Strata+HW Singapore 2016-12-07

    Paco Nathan, @pacoid Director, Learning Group @ OReilly Media


  • Project Jupyter

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    Project Jupyter is the evolution of iPython notebooks, applied to a range of different programming languages and environments

    Some history

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    Download Anaconda:

    Activate the environment needed:

    source activate py3k

    Launch Juypter:

    jupyter notebook

    An example notebook (requires installs; see notes):

    Installation and launch using Anaconda

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    text = '''

    The titular threat of The Blob has always struck me as the ultimate movie

    monster: an insatiably hungry, amoeba-like mass able to penetrate

    virtually any safeguard, capable of--as a doomed doctor chillingly

    describes it--"assimilating flesh on contact.