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Conceptions of Schooling. Created by: Desirae Lovato Kelsey Smith Kathryn Van Velson Shannon Reed Justin Jergensen Natalie Salazar. E.D.Hirsch. Earned PhD from Yale University in 1957 Began as English professor Cultural Literacy 1977-The Philosophy of Composition. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Howard Gardner</p> <p>Conceptions of SchoolingCreated by: Desirae LovatoKelsey SmithKathryn Van VelsonShannon ReedJustin JergensenNatalie Salazar E.D.Hirsch</p> <p> Earned PhD from Yale University in 1957</p> <p> Began as English professor</p> <p> Cultural Literacy 1977-The Philosophy of Composition</p> <p>Major ContributionsDefinition of Cultural Literacy</p> <p>The Core Knowledge Foundation (1986) Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to know (1987)</p> <p>Philosophy of Core Knowledge Controversy with EducationTeachers have a better understanding of their communities necessities.Why it works50/50 Commonality amongst faculty</p> <p>Howard Gardner</p> <p>I think tolerating a certain degree of failure-not because it's good for you but because it's a necessary part of growth-is a very important part of the message the leadership can give.If I know you're very good in music, I can predict with just about zero accuracy whether you're going to be good or bad in other things.67 years young Major ContributionsThe Good Work Project</p> <p>Project Zero</p> <p>Multiple Intelligence </p> <p>Maxine Greene</p> <p>Only a teacher in search of his freedom can inspire a student to search for his own. -Maxine GreeneBiographyDecember 22, 1917-American Educational PhilosopherExistentialismAuthor of 7 booksSocial Activist for the imaginationTeacher</p> <p>Major ContributionsExistentialist EducationThe Dialectic of FreedomReleasing the Imagination: Essays on Education, the Arts, and Social ChangeMaxine Greene Foundation for Social Imagination, the Arts &amp; Education</p> <p>Work CitedAyers, W, &amp; Miller, J. (1998). A Light in the dark times: maxine greene and the unfinished conversation. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.</p> <p>Cultural literacy: What every american. (2010). E.D. Hirsch, Jr. Retrieved April 14, 2010, from Core Knowledge Foundation website:;record_id=20</p> <p>Dosamantes, D. (2007). The Maxine greene foundation for imagination, the arts &amp; education. Retrieved from</p> <p>E. Donald Hirsch Jr. [Distinguished Visiting Fellow]. (2010). Retrieved April 14, 2010, from Stanford University, Hoover Institution website: bios/hirsch.html</p> <p>Greiner, M. B., &amp; Dosamantes, D. (2007). About Maxine Greene. In The Maxine Greene Foundation - For Social Imagination, The Arts and Education. Retrieved February/March 20, 2010, from </p> <p>Harper, D. (2008). Maxine Greene: The Importance of Self Reflection. In Edutopia. Retrieved February/March 23, 2010, from</p> <p>Hirsch Jr., E. (1993). The Core Knowledge curriculum--what's behind its success?. Educational Leadership, 50(8), 23. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier database.</p> <p>New York City Department of Education. (2010). High School for Arts, Imagination and Inquiry. Retrieved April/May 6, 2010, from </p> <p>O'Neil, J. (1999). Core Knowledge &amp; Standards. Educational Leadership, 56(6), 28. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier database </p> <p>Palmer, J. A. (2001). Fifty Modern Thinkers on Education From Piaget to the Present. NewYork: Routledge.</p> <p>Sadker, D. M., &amp; Zittleman, K. R. (2009). Teachers, Schools, and Society A Brief Introduction to Education (Second ed.). San Francisco:McGraw Hill</p> <p>Works Cited cont.The President and Fellows of Harvard College. (2010). The GoodWork Project. Retrieved March 25, 2010, from</p> <p>Torres, C. A. (1998). Interview with Maxine Greene. In Education, Power, and Personal Biography: Dialogues with Critical Educators (pp. 159-183). New York: Routledge.</p> <p>Pictures:Slide 2: E.D. Hirsch 4 b&amp;w 5: Howard Gardner 1 5: Howard Gardner 2 7: Howard Gardner-multiple intelligences 8: Maxine Greene1 9: Maxine Greene 2 </p>


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