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2. WEALTH MANAGEMENT REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISERCONCERTCONCERT WEALTH MANAGEMENT, INC. Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)GLOBAL GROUP CONCERT Wealth Management is a Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) RegisteredCOMPANIESInvestment Advisory firm (RIA) that offers integrated financial planning-based investment solutions for high net worth individuals and families with complex needs. We are fully committed to a creating a relationship that places the clients interests first. Utilizing an open product architecture, we have a multitude of resources available to address your unique needs and situation. As an independent financial advisor, we provide objective investment advice free of ties to any single custodian or third-party vendor. At CONCERT, our only focus is on your financial needs and finding solutions that are truly best for you. This approach allows us to build valuable long- term relationships with our clients that have spanned generations. CONCERT BUSINESS CONSULTING, INC. Corporate Services CONCERT Business Consulting emphasizes a life cycle approach to business consulting, offering support to managers/owners in the Planning, Growing, Profiting, Evaluating, Motivating, and Exiting of their firms. Our specific services include business planning and valuation, budgeting and financial planning, cost and efficiency counseling, and information technology consulting on a contractor basis to closely held businesses. CONCERT ADVISOR SERVICES, INC. Services for Investment Advisors True independence allows CONCERT advisors to control their business, and serve their clients within their own perspective, style and expertise. We take great pride in providing our advisors with transition planning and execution, concierge-level service and support, practice management and marketing expertise, time- saving technology, and a range of financial products and services they need to achieve true independence. It is our mission to provide our advisors a platform support that helps them exceed the expectations of their clients, and achieve their goals. CONCERT CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC. Institutional Investment Management CONCERT Capital Management offers the sophisticated investor access to the Turn-key Asset Management Solution designed to aid financial advisors with management of their business practice. Leverage the effectiveness of single access to asset allocation models, automatic re-balancing and overlay portfolio management for your high net-worth clients 3. WEALTH MANAGEMENT REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISERABOUT ADVISORALENA POVAROVAFINANCIAL ADVISOR, PORTFOLIO MANAGERAs a Financial Advisor I specialize in investment management andfinancial planning for high net worth individuals and families withcomplex needs. I work with clients who are in career or lifetransitions to ensure they are making the right moves to protect theirassets and plan for a secure future. Whether it is starting a newfamily, changing careers or location, or preparing for the nextchapter, your journey can be aided by a professional who has thewisdom and resources to support and guide you.Because I work primarily with high net worth families, I havedeveloped a thorough understanding of the unique problems andopportunities that you may confront. This translates into a time-testedability to obtain measurable and meaningful results for you, yourbusiness, and ultimately, your family.MY CORE EXPERTISE INCLUDE:- Comprehensive Financial Planning- Retirement Planning Strategies- Risk Management- Asset Protection- Investment PlanningMY CONTACT INFORMATION:1871 The Alameda, Suite 350San Jose, CA 95126Tel: 408-856-6233Fax: 4. WEALTH MANAGEMENT REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISER CORE PHILOSOPHY Affluent individuals and families find something different at CONCERT Wealth Management. No other firm does as much to help you reach all of your goals for each stage of your life. For individuals wanting to build a prosperous future for themselves and their heirs, a life-long relationship with CONCERT Wealth Management is the ideal solution. By listening to and thoroughly understanding our clients, we have helped them reach their financial dreams and goals. Relationships with some of our clients have spanned generations. We work with clients to create financial plans that address three important phases of the personal financial planning life cycle: ACCUMULATION OF WEALTH - Saving for a major investment or expenditure - Building investment portfolio - Maximizing tax-deferred growth - Minimizing tax liability - Purchasing a home - Planning for your childrens education - Building liquidity PRESERVATION OF WEALTH - Preparing for and entering into retirement - Business continuation - Long-term care - Aligning portfolio objectives with a changing lifestyle DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH - Creating a family legacy - Managing estate taxes - Gifting - Transferring business interests - Passing on your wealth to your heirs 5. WEALTH MANAGEMENT REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISER CONCERT APPROACH Our approach is based entirely on the identified needs of the client. The typical process for new clients involves an in-depth analysis of clients personal financial situation, followed by a review and completion of a financial plan, and lastly, an implementation of the investment strategy. TYPICAL PROCESS GATHER INFORMATION AND CLIENT INTERVIEW During our initial interview we take the time to get to really know our clients to design a financial plan that is suitable to their particular circumstance.1. COMPREHENSIVE PROFILE INITIAL Our discussion will cover a comprehensive range of topics, such as your:CONSULATIONvalues, goals, interests, assets and liabilities+ 1-2 WEEKS EVALUATE FINANCIAL SITUATION AND SET OBJECTIVES We will work to clarify and quantify your financial goals, apply current tax and any other applicable laws, prepare an inventory of assets and liabilities for2. FINANCIAL PLAN further discussion, and formulate a written plan of action with a detailed explanation of costs & benefits DEVELOP CLEAR PLAN TO ACCOMPLISH OBJECTIVES We will present a written report of our findings that includes a recap of your 3. INVESTMENT STRATEGY current financial situation, your financial goals, and asset and liability inventory. A formal action plan is designed specifically to attain your financial goals. FOLLOW-UPMEETING+IMPLEMENT PLANS STRATEGIES 1 WEEKFor all of our recommendations, we will present you with options, risks, costs, and benefits. We will help you decide which recommendations make the most sense for you and in which order CONCERT will execute them on your behalf. MONITOR PROGRESS AND REFINE PLAN Throughout our relationship you will be constantly informed of your financial well-being and progress being made towards your goals. Youre also welcome to contact us at any time to review your portfolios and the financial plan. Together, we will revisit your financial plan on a periodic basis to make sure our assumptions are up-to- date and make necessary adjustments. 6. WEALTH MANAGEMENT REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISERFINANCIAL PLANNINGCONCERT Wealth Management specializes in financial planning forindividuals and families with complex needs.Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life-long financial goalswith the help of proper management of your finances. Proper planning foryour personal or business goals provides direction and meaning to yourfinancial decisions. It allows you to understand how each financial decisionaffects the overall picture of your financial well-being.The financial planning process involves:1 Gathering your financial information to understand your current position2 Developing a strategy or plan for how you can meet your future goals3 Executing and up-keeping the strategy throughout the yearsCONCERT Wealth Management possesses an expertise in every facet ofwealth management:RETIREMENT PLANNINGASSET MANAGEMENTDEBT MANAGEMENTTAX PLANNINGEDUCATIONAL FUNDINGESTATE PLANNING 7. WEALTH MANAGEMENT REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISERINVESTMENT MANAGEMENTAt CONCERT we listen to clients financial goals, objectives, and concerns, then propose asolution tailored just for the client. The suggested portfolio allocation is fine-tuned to ourclients financial goals, expected growth, and tolerance for risk.This portfolio is strategically diversified and allocated among both conventional andalternative asset classes including stocks, bonds, currencies, natural resources, etc. Thebottom line is to produce maximum risk adjusted returns through prudent investmentmanagement.Our unique model allows us to use services and products from various custodians,brokerage firms, and banks to provide our clients with the most competitive and ultimatelylow-cost financial solutions. At CONCERT, our success is aligned with our clients success.ReturnAggressiveModerateConservative Risk EFFICIENT FRONTIER 8. WEALTH MANAGEMENT REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISERCONCERT DIFFERENCEHOLISTIC APPROACHCONCERT has a client based approach that is based entirely on: Your unique situation Your unique financial objectives Your unique needs and concernsAs an Independent Financial Adviser we are always on the clients side: We are not sales people like the employees of the major investment firms, insurance companies or banks We do no push proprietary products of services We are fee-based, we do not charge commissionsWe identify and offer the best options for you regardless of where that option canbe found. We go out into the marketplace and find the best product or company tomeet your needs based on: Quality Price Fit Your financial planFOR MORE INFORMATIONCOMPREHENSIVE FINANCIAL PLANNINGPLEASE CONTACT US:PROFESSIONAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT 1871 The Alameda Ste 350 San Jose, CA 95126Direct 408.856.6195 Toll Free 866.553.3951 x 1111 eFax 408.579.4173 Alena.P

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