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Método de lectura a primera vista para cantantes.


  • First Series of Solfeggi1. Scale in Whole notes2. Scale in Half notes3. Scale in Quarter notes4. Exercise on Major and Minor seconds5. Exercise on Thirds6. Exercise on Fourths7. Exercise on Fifths8. Exercise on Sixths9. Exercise on Octaves and Major and Minor Sevenths10111213141516. Triple Time (3/4)1718. Two-Four Time1920. Triple Time (3/8)Second Series2122. Dotted Half notes23. Dotted Quarter notes2425Syncopation2627282930313233343536Expression marksThird Series3738. Compound Time39. Theme with Variations40. Theme with Variations41. Common Time42. Compound Duple Time434445. Simple Triple Time46. Compound Triple Time47. Special Exercise on Augmented Seconds and Minor Thirds4849. Triplets50. Triplets and Double Triplets51. Weber52. Haydn53. Lulli54. Klein55. Weber56. Winter57. popular German song58. "Resignation"59. Schubert60. Dalayrac61. Mozart62. Dalayrac63. Naegeli64. Mozart65. Werner66. Dalayrac67. larghetto68. canzonetta napoletana69. Weber70. Weber71. "La Carolina"72. "La Romanesca"73. Weber