concrete poetry also known as shape poetry. concrete poetry

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  • Concrete Poetry also known as Shape Poetry
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  • Concrete Poetry
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  • 0 Concrete Poetry is also known as Shape Poetry. 0 This type of poetry expresses meaning through its graphic shape or pattern.
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  • Concrete Poetry 0 A common source of inspiration for shape poems are the people and animals that we see around us every day. Concrete Cat by Dorothi Charles uses the shape of a cat which goes along with the words. Phrases such as "whisker whisker," "dish dish" and "litterbox litterbox" really come to life!
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  • Concrete Poetry 0 Two methods to create a concrete poem are: 0 Outline Poems 0 Drawing Poems
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  • Concrete Poetry 0 OUTLINE POEMS 0 A common way to make the picture reflect the subject of the poem is to fill an outline shape that relates to the topic of the poem 0 Here is an example .about a snowman:
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  • Concrete Poetry 0 DRAWING POEMS 0 Another way to make concrete poetry is to use the lines of words to make the lines of a drawing.
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  • Good Morning! 0 Please pick up your composition notebook. 0 Please take out your homework (concrete poem). 0 We will begin immediately after announcements.
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  • Concrete Poetry 0 Choose a topic: your favorite animal, food, music, ANYTHING! 0 Write your poem. Simple is best, so stick to between 5-10 lines. 0 Choose a style: outline poem or drawing poem. 0 Lightly in pencil write your poem into the shape. 0 Decide if you need to make your writing bigger or smaller in certain parts of the drawing, then erase your first draft and write out the poem again. You can keep doing this until you are happy. 0 Finally, erase the outline of your shape, so that it is just the words from your poem left creating the image! Now go over the words in pen, colored pencil, or marker.
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  • Concrete Poetry 0 Other examples:
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  • Concrete Poetry 0 Other examples:


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