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  • 8/12/2019 Conduct Rules-APCS


    A.P.C.S. (CONDUCT) RULES, 1964


    Rule Title Page No.

    1. Short title and application 1-2

    2. Definitions 23. General Rules (Unbecoming of Govt. Servant 3-!

    !. Stri"es !-#

    #. Demonstrations #

    $. Gifts% Service entertainment addresses and other forms of

    felicitation (&oreign 'urrenc


    ). Subscription $

    *. +ending% ,orroing and nsolvenc )-*

    /. 0cuiring or disposing of immovablemoveable propert



    14. 5rivate 6rade% ,usiness and nvestment 21

    11. 5romotion% Registration or management of an ban" or

    other registered compan.


    12. 5rivate 7mploment 22

    13. 5ublications of ,oo"s 23

    1!. 'ommunication of 8fficial documents or information 23

    1#. 'onnection ith 5ress 23

    1$. 5articipation in Radio ,roadcast and contribution to

    nespapers and periodicals


    1). 'riticism of the polic or action of Government or an

    other State Government or 'entral Government.


    1*. 7vidence before an committee% commission or other



    1/. 5articipate in political movement 2$-2*

    24. 9indication of 0cts and 'haracter of a Government



    21. :or"ing ith or under near relatives in Government



    22. 7mploment of a member of famil in a pvt. &irm 2/23. ;ot to deal in official capacit ith matter concerning

    himself% his relatives or dependents.


    2!. nfluencing the authorities for furtherance of interests 2/-34

    2#. ,igamous

  • 8/12/2019 Conduct Rules-APCS



    n eercise of the poers conferred b the proviso to article 34/ of the

    constitution of ndia% the Governor of 0ndhra 5radesh hereb ma"es the

    folloing rules to regulate the conduct of Government 7mploees.


    S"o#t title a$%


    1. (1 6hese rules ma be called the 0ndhra 5radesh

    'ivil Services ('onduct Rules% 1/$!.

    (2 6he shall appl to ever person ho is member ofa civil service of the State or holds an civil post under

    the state or in connection ith the affairs of the state =

    5rovided that nothing in the rules shall appl to=-

    (a the >udges of the ?igh 'ourt of 0ndhra 5radesh=

    (b the members of the 0ll ndia Services@

    (c persons ho are not full-time emploees but areengaged b Government to do certain or" ithout

    pre>udice to the regular practice b such persons of

    their professions in other respects% sub>ect to the

    eception that rules 1!%1#%1)% 1* and 1/ shall appl to

    the 0dvocate General% Government 5leaders% 5ublic

    5rosecutors and 5leaders doing Government or"@

    (d the members of the 9illage establishment @

    (e persons paid from contingencies

    Dei$itio$ 2. n these rules% unless the contet otherise reuires.

    (i **Dit#i't++ means a revenue district @

    (ii **o-e#$e$t++ means the Government of 0ndhra

    5radesh and includes an subordinate authorit hich

    ma be declared b them% sub>ect to such conditions as

    the thin" fit% to be Government for all or an of the


  • 8/12/2019 Conduct Rules-APCS


    purposes of these rules@

    5rovided that the poers and functions of Government

    under these rules shall% in relation to the members of the

    staff of the GovernorAs Secretariat% be eercised b theGovernor of 0ndhra 5radesh.

    (iii **o-e#$e$t E&lo/ee++ means an person ho

    is a member of a civil service of the state of 0ndhra

    5radesh or holds an civil post under the State or in

    connection ith the affairs of the State% hether he is

    on dut or under suspension or on leave or on foreign

    service either ithin or outside the State@

    (iv **ea% o De&a#te$t++ means the authoritdeclared as such in 0ppendi- to the 0ndhra 5radesh

    &inancial code% 9olume-.

    (v **0ee# o t"e ail/++ in relation to a

    Government 7mploee% includes the spouse% son%

    daughter% step-son or step-daughter of such emploee%

    hether residing ith such emploee or not% and an

    other person related to% and residing ith% such

    emploee and holl dependent on such legallseparated from such emploee% or a son% daughter% step-

    son or step-daughter ho is no longer in an a

    dependent upon such emploee% or hose custod such

    emploee is deprived b la@

    (vi BState2 Statemeans the State of 0ndhra 5radesh.

    e$e#al 3 (1 7ver Government emploee shall be devoted to

    his dut and shall maintain absolute integrit%

    discipline% impartialit and a sense of propriet.

    (2 ;o Government emploee shall behave in a manner

    hich is unbecoming of such emploee or derogator

    to the prestige of Government.

    (3 ;o Government emploee shall act in a manner

    hich ill place his official position under an "ind of



  • 8/12/2019 Conduct Rules-APCS


    .O.0.No. 1339,

    A (Se# C) De&t.,


    (! ;o Government 7mploee shall% in the performance

    of his official duties or in the eercise of poers

    conferred on him% act otherise than in his best

    >udgment ecept hen he is acting under the directionof his official superior% and shall here he is acting

    under such direction% obtain the direction in riting%

    herever practicable% and here it is not practicable to

    obtain the direction in riting shall obtain ritten

    confirmation of the direction as soon thereafter as

    possible. t shall be incumbent on such official superior

    to confirm in riting the oral directions given b him%

    and in an event% he shall not refuse such ritten

    confirmation here a reuest is made b theGovernment emploee to hom such direction as


    E7&la$atio$ 8 ;othing% in sub-rule (! shall be

    construed as empoering a Government emploee to

    evade his responsibilities b see"ing instructions from

    or approval of% as official superior here% such

    instructions are not necessar under the scheme of

    distribution of poers and responsibilities.

    oi$i$g o

    ao'iatio$ /

    o-t. E&lo/ee.

    3-0@ ;o Government emploee shall >oin% or continue

    to be a member of% an association the ob>ect or

    activities of hich are pre>udicial to the interests of the

    sovereignt and integrit of ndia or public order.

    .O.0.No. :;, .A.

    (Se#.C) De&t.,


  • 8/12/2019 Conduct Rules-APCS


    manner ith an or"ing omen or indulge in seual

    harassment either directl or b implicationEE.

    E7&la$atio$ 85 &or the purpose of this rule Se7ual

    a#ae$t includes such unelcome activities eitherdirectl or b implication have%-

    a phsical contact and advances=

    b a demand or reuest for seual favours@

    c seuall coloured remar"s@

    d shoing pomograph@

    e an other unelcome phsical% verbal or non-verbal

    conduct of seual nature.

    Such conduct hich amounts to a specific offence

    under the ndian 5enal 'ode% 1*$4 or under an other

    +a for the time being in force.


  • 8/12/2019 Conduct Rules-APCS


    ($ 5rohibition regarding emploment of children

    belo 1! ears of age=- ;o member of the service shall

    emplo to or" an child belo the age of 1! ears.

    (.O.0.No. , .A. (Se#.C) De&t., Dt. 1451;5;33)

    St#i?e !. ;o Government emploee shall participate in

    an stri"e or similar activities or incitement thereto.

    E7&la$atio$85 6he epression CSimilar activitiesC shall

    be deemed to include-

    (i absence from dut or or" ithout permission.

    (ii neglect of dut ith the ob>ect of compelling ansuperior officer or Government to ta"e or omit to ta"e

    an official action@

    (iii an demonstrative fast% li"e u$ge# St#i?e ith

    the ob>ect mentioned in item (ii@ or

    (iv concerted or organiFed refusal on the part of

    Government emploees to receive their pa.

    Deo$t#atio$.O.0.No. 1339,

    .A.(Se#.C) De&t.,


    #. ;o Government emploee shall participate in andemonstration hich is against the interests of the

    sovereignt and integrit of ndia or 5ubic order.

    $. (1 ;o Government emploee shall =-

    it, Se#-i'e


    a%%#ee a$%

    a%%#ee a$% ot"e#o# o eli'itatio$

    (i accept% or permit an member of his famil to accept

    from an person an gift% the receipt of hich% or an

    service the performance of hich ill place such

    emploee under an "ind of official obligation orembarrassment in relation to an person if% hoever%

    the offer of a gift cannot be refused ithout giving

    undue offence to the donor% it ma be accepted and the

    matter reported to the Government for decision as not

    its disposal@ or

    (ii receive an address or accept an felicitation or

    entertainment held in his honour @


  • 8/12/2019 Conduct Rules-APCS


    5rovided that nothing in this sub-rule shall appl to =-

    (a gifts of floers or fruits of trifling value.

    (b gifts of a value% reasonable in all circumstances ofthe case% from relations% and gifts of a value of less than

    to hundred rupees from personal friends presented to

    a Government emploee or to an member of his

    famil on ceremonial occasions such eddings@

    (c the performance of an occasional service of a

    trifling character@

    (d the sitting for a group photo ith officers and the

    members of the staff of his office.



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