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Confessions of a former UCD devotee How I managed to kick the UCD habit and learn to love lean UXSo this is my storyWill be looking at user-centred design, my own experiences with user-centred design and why I eventually kicked the habit2

I want to take you back to 1986


The year of Maradonas infamous hand of god (was never a goal)4

The year that Tom Cruise was being dangerous as Maverick in Top Gun5

And the year that Europe was rocking to the final countdown by er, Europe6

It was also the year that the ZX Spectrum 2+ 128k was released, 128k memory can you imagine!The ZX Spectrum 2+ 128k happened to be the first proper computer in the Turner household (incidentally this isnt it)Fondly remember trying to load a game, getting about 80% there before the cassette gets corrupted7

The start of a love affair with computers and technology


From the Spectrum I graduated to Windows PCYou might recognised this as Windows 3.1 Really not progressed that far to Windows 10


And decided that I wanted to be a programmerI mean, why wouldnt you?10

So I enrolled in a Computer Science degree at the University of Warwick11

And it was here that I first became aware of UX, or Human-Computer Interaction as it was called at the time as the term UX hadnt been popularised yet12

I graduated and my first job was as a web developerLearnt 2 things from being a web developerIt didnt matter how well something was coded it the design sucks, if website or application doesnt actually do what users need it to doIm a lousy coder and enjoyed designing the front-end much more than coding it


Started to learn more about the world of UXThis magical world people try to make technology work in perfect harmony with humans14

I had found my calling as a UX Jedi15

Decided that Id rather be designing websites, than coding themSo I enrolled in an HCI MSc at University College London16

It was here that I first learnt about user-centred design17

User-centered design (UCD) is a process in which the needs, wants, and limitations of end users of a product, service or process are given extensive attention at each stage of the design process.Wikipedia

Wikipedia defines UCD as18

But I almost think of it as a form of worshipOf worshipping the mythical usersPutting users at the centre of the UniverseMaking the entire design process revolve around them19

Learnt all about the importance of user-centred designImportance of extensive user researchImportance of including users in the design processImportance of getting user feedback at each stepImportance of always user testing designs and design changesImportance of a laser beam focus on The user


Ready to fight the good UCD crusadeTo bring order, where there was once chaosTo bring usability, where there was once bad designAnd to bring joy to users, where there was once frustration and miseryBut I found that working on real project, was quite different from the theory21

I would carry out user researchI would find out about users, who they are, what they need, what their requirements areI would create personas and relay information about users22

And this research would often just gather dust somewhereIt would rarely if ever get used23

I would be told to ask the usersThat wed have to let the users decide 24

But of course the users never knewAnd their insights were not always that insightful25

When I did have the opportunity to carry out usability testing26

It was invariably too late to fix anything but the most minor of problems27

When I was asked to estimate the cost of carrying out all the UCD work that would ideally take place for a project28

Id get this reaction from project managers and from clients29

If only others would see that UCD is the right path they would see the lightIf only others would see the ROI that UCD delivers, they would see the lightIf only others would realise the competitive advantage that UCD delivers, they would see the light


So I thoughtI need to do a better job of selling UCD31

And got the world out about UCD32

Spending about 10% of a project's budget on usability activities doubles usabilityJakob Nielsen

I quoted good old Jakob NielsenThe original poster boy of UX33

I even helped to create this awesome video to help explain the UCD processI mean who couldnt help but be persuaded by this piece of cinematic gold34

Of course everyone noddedOn the face of it user-centred design sounds fantastic35

Flogging a dead UCD horse?

I saw an awful lot of effort for very little returnA lot of work that never amounted to anythingAnd this nagging feeling that a lot of this stuff wasnt really all that necessary a lot of the timeBut it still felt like I was flogging a dead horse


My enlightening came in the form of Lean and Agile thinkingLean thinking has come out of lean manufacturingPioneered by Toyota Motor CompanyEverything is lean these days lean manufacturing, lean UX, lead design, lean start-ups, lean cuisineGoal is to avoid wasted time and effortAgile becoming the defacto way to code and build stuff


Made me think about how much of user-centred design is absolutely necessaryUCD is like a big heavy truckBig heavy, cumbersome process that involves a lot of work and takes a lot of effort to get goingBut how much waste is there?How many outputs are necessary e.g. personas, specs, wireframes?How many projects really require in-depth user-centred design?


When what you want is something more like thisSomething quick, nimble and lightweight


Simplify, then add lightness Colin Chapman

The famous racing car designer, engineer and founder of Lotus carsColin Chapman said that to make a car go faster you should simplify then add lightnessOf course adding lightness doesnt really make sense, surely you should be taking weight away, but the theory also makes sense for UCDUCD is still the right approach but has a tendency to become too bloatedWhat we need to do is make it more lightweightMake it more like a racing car, and less like a big cumbersome truck40

How do you make UCD more lean?

Can you simplify UCD, make it more lightweight?If you do this will you still get the right sort of user experience at the end?41

How do we get from this


To this?


But before I talk about making UCD more lean I have another question for youHands up who still buys CDsCDs have obviously been eclipsed by MP3sWhich is funny in a way because in terms of sound quality CDs beat MP3s hands down44

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This is the amount of sound information that you get back from a CD compared to an MP3CDs are lossless, you get all the sound, where as MP3s obviously use compression to reduce the amount of dataId like to see if you can notice the lost MP3 sound45

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