Connecting your apps to the cloud: Mobile CMS

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The most successful mobile applications share one commonality: they connect users with information. Mobile users demand up-to-the-minute content and targeted, relevant information. For developers wanting to move beyond "Hello World" and interested in taking their apps to the next level, we have put together this session to show you how to setup your own mobile CMS in under 30 minutes. Whether you want to manage high scores for your new game or user profiles for the next hot social app, we'll show you how to create, configure, and connect to your very own cloud CMS. This talk will be tailored to Cocoa Touch developers (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) including sample code, but the concepts apply to any mobile platform.


1.Day of MobileConnecting to the Cloud: Mobile CMS2. Hello World?3. Advanced Features?4. API or social Integration?5. Business owners?6. Sean vosenVincent ricciardiPartner, Co-Founder Technical Lead7. Vokal interactive8. Charter Communications9. TextHog.com10. Four Corners Tavern Group11. Partners & Friends12. What weve learned13. The App Store empowered the individual developer.14. Ground apps15. notes16. iBeer17. Bump18. Ground appsQuick to deploy.Less moving parts.Out-of-date.Less interactive.Less social.19. Cloud apps20. Facebook21. Yelp!22. Words With Friends23. Cloud appsIncredibly powerful, but24. How?25. Back to BusinessWhy is this so powerful?26. Tree Tracking27. Tree TrackingDrive to treeSnap photoJot notesRecord locationReturn to officeScan imageInput notesSave record in system28. Tree TrackingDrive to treeSnap photoJot notesRecord locationReturn to officeScan imageInput notesSave record in system29. Tree TrackingDrive to treeSnap photoInput notesSave record in system30. The ChallengeHello Cloud.31. The Legacy of 3-Tier Development32. The 3-Tier Legacy: Components33. The 3-Tier Legacy: UI/UX34. The 3-Tier Legacy: Network Admin & Security35. The 3-Tier Legacy: Database Administration36. The 3-Tier Legacy: QA37. The 3-Tier Legacy: Customer Support38. The Legacy of 3-Tier Development39. The Vokal Solution: VIVO & The CloudKit40. Hello Cloud: Download CloudKit41. A 4-Tier Advance: More Layers, Less Code42. A 4-Tier Advance: Simplify the Stack43. A 4-Tier Advance: A Skinny SetupA One Man Enterprise44. One man, One App: xCode Data Modeler45. The CloudKitCoreDataPostgres/MySQL46. The CloudKit: Sync Aint Hard No MoreAnd Sync Them Automatically47. Hello Cloud: Your First CloudKit App+Keep it Simple Silly48. Hello Cloud: Download CloudKit49. Hello Cloud: Create xCode50. Project Hello Cloud: Link to CloudKitCloudKit51. Hello Cloud: Model Data52. Hello Cloud: Build & Go53. CloudKitTMVIVOTMTreesYour Idea54. Simple. Rapid. Cost Effective.+55. VIVO.VOKALENTERPRISE.COM56. Visit Our Booth57. Thank you.58. Questions?