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A look at the tips, tricks and trends that will drive direct sales in B2B ecommerce and mitigate channel conflict.


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Conquering the B2B Commerce Challenge: Stop Navel Gazing and Get Out of Your Own Way </p> <p>Mike Chuma, Director of Global Product Management </p> <p>Digital River, Inc. </p> <p>Omphaloskepsis noun \m(p)-f-l-skep-ss\ </p> <p>navel gazing </p> <p>Source: some proud parent posting to the interwebs </p> <p>B2B is the Next E-Commerce Frontier </p> <p>Globally, Goldman Sachs predicts nearly $1 trillion in e-</p> <p>commerce transactions by 2013* </p> <p>Many B2B companies project e-commerce will comprise 50% of </p> <p>total sales** </p> <p>In the U.S., B2B e-commerce is growing by over 34% </p> <p>compound annual growth rate** </p> <p>*Source: JP Morgan Chase (Goldman Sachs) Nothing but Net: 2011 Internet Investment Guide, January 3, 2011 **Source: Forrester B2B E-Commerce: Going From Surviving To Thriving By Adopting Proven B2C Principles, May 1, 2012 </p> <p>Business Buying is Changing </p> <p>Enterprises </p> <p>= </p> <p>shifting stance </p> <p>Business Technology Selection = </p> <p>centrally controlled </p> <p>Technologies </p> <p>= </p> <p>more independent </p> <p>and robust </p> <p>Market Driven / User Controlled </p> <p>The way I interact with a large corporation in a B2B </p> <p>relationship has to keep pace with the way I can view </p> <p>product and research on sites like </p> <p>7 </p> <p>- Andrew Christmann, Gartner Blog Respondent </p> <p>B2B Customer Expectations are Changing </p> <p>B2B eCommerce Trends, Endeca Survey for eCommerce, 2011 </p> <p> +70% of B2B influenced by B2C </p> <p>B2B Customer Expectations are Changing </p> <p>B2B eCommerce Trends, Endeca Survey for eCommerce, 2011 </p> <p> 20% said online was more influential </p> <p>The Stages Of B2B E-Commerce Maturity </p> <p>June 2012, Evaluating Your B2B E-Commerce Development </p> <p>keeping up with your customer </p> <p>organizations still </p> <p>determining their strategy </p> <p>few Best Practices </p> <p>B2C driving B2B innovation </p> <p>11 Source: Forrester Research, Evaluating Your B2B eCommerce Development; June 21, 2012 </p> <p>Were still convincing people in our own company about the value of selling online. </p> <p>- Director of E-Business, distributor </p> <p>Whats holding you back? </p> <p>Question: What are the top three major obstacles to advancing B2B e-commerce in your company? (Check as many as three). </p> <p>Source: B2B magazine: B2B e-commerce Barometer, August 2011 </p> <p>lack of resources </p> <p>budget constraints </p> <p>requires 1:1 selling </p> <p>not management priority </p> <p>1 </p> <p>2 </p> <p>3 </p> <p>4 </p> <p>navigate </p> <p>your </p> <p>channels </p> <p>13 </p> <p>Me </p> <p>(mildly concerned) </p> <p>Enabling the Channel Ecosystem </p> <p>Direct to Buyer </p> <p>Reseller Enablement </p> <p>Long Tail Channel Enablement </p> <p>go direct first </p> <p>&gt; focus on user experience </p> <p>&gt; subscriptions and renewals </p> <p>&gt; find your niches </p> <p>Transition to Customer Centric Capabilities Framework </p> <p>Post-Sales Sales Customer </p> <p>Acquisition Prospect </p> <p> Contextual marketing </p> <p> SEO </p> <p> SEM </p> <p> Loyalty management </p> <p> Partner marketing </p> <p> Product reviews </p> <p> Search and display </p> <p> Social media </p> <p> Robust email </p> <p> Product configurators </p> <p> Catalogue management </p> <p> Pricing (volume, tiered) </p> <p> Product recommendations </p> <p> Product reviews </p> <p> Partner portals </p> <p> Partner sales management </p> <p> Customer support integrations </p> <p> License renewals </p> <p> Maintenance renewals </p> <p> Complex subscription types and models </p> <p>B2C vs B2B: Core Capabilities </p> <p>B2B payments: line of credit and PO </p> <p>Enhanced estimates </p> <p>Reseller pricing and discounts </p> <p>CRM integration ( </p> <p>Buyer management and hierarchy </p> <p>Advanced eligibility management </p> <p>Advanced pricing and promotions Partner, reseller, distributor and key </p> <p>account stores </p> <p>mitigate channel conflict </p> <p>18 </p> <p>Whereas, before we had a tough relationship with sales, we work cooperatively with them now. </p> <p>19 </p> <p>- Director of E-Business, multi-channel company </p> <p>Source: Forrester Research, Evaluating Your B2B eCommerce Development; June 21, 2012 </p> <p> 20 Photo courtesy of Bob Estes </p> <p>balancing </p> <p>act </p> <p>Tips to Manage the Shift </p> <p>21 </p> <p>Determine your revenue and reseller </p> <p>landscape </p> <p>Define where the power resides </p> <p>Analyze, analyze, analyze </p> <p>Perception is reality </p> <p>Build your business case so its parts can </p> <p>act independently </p> <p>Find an internal champion </p> <p>Know your current technology </p> <p>ecosystem and its future </p> <p>Find your channel champion </p> <p>Be aware, be sensitive </p> <p>Things to remember </p> <p> B2B e-commerce market is the next frontier </p> <p> B2B buyer behavior is evolving </p> <p> When managing channel shift stay focused </p> <p> Mitigating channel conflict requires balance, analysis and </p> <p>engagement </p> <p>22 </p> <p>Q&amp;A </p> <p> Mike Chuma </p> <p>Director, Global Product Management </p> <p>Digital River, Inc. </p> <p> </p> <p>mobile. +1.952.769.7101 </p> <p>twitter. @mchuma </p> <p>LinkedIn. /in/mikechuma </p> <p>whos good. </p> <p>24 </p> <p>focus on user experience </p> <p>Circa 2002 Circa 2012 </p> <p>Source: Conquering the B2B E-Commerce Challenge, Digital River Whitepaper Series, February 2012 </p> <p>focus on user experience </p> <p>focus on user experience </p> <p>enable your resellers </p> <p>focus on a niche </p>