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  • 1. Conserve Water, Preserve Life!

2. THE WATER THAT WENT DOWN THE DRAIN 3. Do we waste water? Do we think its free? How it gets to us, those efforts we dont see 4. In so many parts of the world you know Theres severe water shortage and crops dont grow 5. Their livestock dies too and theres famine around 6. While for you and I, precious water doesnt count 7. So lets look at some things we can do every day With a little thought and effort, theres so much we can save 8. Pour in water, but only as much as we drink Stop filling the glass up to almost the brim 9. When were thirsty next time, we can drink from it If we cant drink it all, cover the glass with a lid 10. Its a good way of saving both water and time That way we wont have to wash it each time 11. As for the water guests leave in the glass It can surely be used for our indoor plants 12. When it comes to dishwashers and washing machines Lets not turn them on for only a few things 13. Or shampooing our hair Lets turn off the tap while were brushing our teeth or while scrubbing our feet 14. As for our showers, when were under that spray Its not the place to plan our life or our day 15. While washing our cars, lets not give them a bath Lets try to save water when doing this task 16. I could keep going on, there are so many ways If we think its important, so much water can be saved Its really high time that we lived our lives On a conscious level, with our conscience alive 17. For be sure of one thing that someone, somewhere Needs that water we waste, while we dont care. 18. Lessons of Water Conservations in the Sunnah What is extravagance in the use of water? Prophet (saw ) discouraged us from wasting water even if we are at a flowing river. (Related by Ahmad and Ibn Majah ) 19. "The Prophet( SAW), used to take a bath with a sa'a of water (1.616 cc) 3 to 5 madd (each 4 madd equals one sa'a). (Related by Al-Bukhari and Muslim.) Lesson 2 : 20. "The Prophet( SAW), used to make ablution with one madd (404 cc) of water. (Related by Al-Bukhari and Muslim.) Lesson 3 : 21. The Prophet has said that on the Day of Resurrection Allah will neither talk to, nor look at. Lesson 4 : A man who with-holds his superfluous water. Allah will say to him, "Today I will with-hold My Grace from you as you with- held the superfluity of what you had not created . [Al Bukhari 40:557] 22. Lets show gratefulness for this bounty (water) by : Conserving Minimizing wastage ***************


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