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  • 1. CONSTRUCTED LANDSCAPE Landscape Project Final Project Report Site: Block E Level 7 Roof Terrace Group members: Bridget Tan Su Ting 0318370 Chan Pei Shan 0318350 Ng Yu Lynn 0318677 Loo Tyan Yiing 0318197 Yeo Dor Een 0316224 Amir Azmi 0318091 1

2. Objective of Study Identification of Site Site Investigation Data collection (Site Inspection, Research and Interviews) Site Analysis - Site Constraints - Site Potential Formulation of Design Objectives Concept Plan -Usage, - Circulation, Elements Master Plan Planting Plan Specifications Construction Detail Cost Plan Maintenance Plan Study Approach 2 3. Objective of Study To prepare a landscape proposal for an area equivalent to a 10m x 10m within Taylors University Lakeside Campus The Site The site is a roof terrace located on the 7th Floor of Block E View of Block E from Commercial Block North 3 4. The Site Analysis Area to landscape - approximately 10 m x 6.8 m with a 3.2 m wall on one side Location the open terrace of level 7 of Block E Accessibility via walkway corridor and staircase Current use vacant roof terrace Classroom Classroom Corridor 6.8m 10 m Staircase 3.2m wall height 4 5. The Existing Site Currently the site is a vacant roof terrace. There is a 1m height metal railing along the perimeter of the terrace. There is also a perimeter scupper drain and a PVC pipe along its perimeter. There are scattered chairs at the terrace (students have been using for relaxing). There are several surface crack lines on the concrete floor slab Flat concrete slab should be able to cater for the walkway pavements and small planter boxes but perhaps not heavy loads such as water ponds. 5 6. Glass wall separates roof terrace from staircase Entrance from corridor. Stair well adjacent to site Only entrance to site is via corridor at end of level 7 The floor is a quiet area with classrooms The Surrounding 6 7. The Views From Site Pleasant panoramic views from Level 7 site of commercial block and campus lake 7 8. The Views From Site The major strength of the site is its breathtaking high views of the campus lake and elegant buildings. A welcome site indeed after an especially stressful class. A view of the calm lake N-W view of amphitheatre 8 9. The Orientation N Western Sun Direction Slight breeze from S- W Slight breeze from N-E 9 10. Site Opportunities and Challenges The site has an excellent high views of the campus lake and buildings. It is located at the end of the corridor of Level 7. Level 7 consists of classrooms which need a quiet conducive environment. As such, the site is suitable to be utilised as a quiet passive recreation area. Perhaps as a place to enjoy the view, de-stress after heavy lectures or a place to chill. There can be also quiet study or waiting areas in between classes or just a place to meditate and reflect on events of the day. Besides its usage and views, the landscape proposal has to take into account safety, comfort - the need to shade from the afternoon sun, planting materials that can be accommodated by the existing floor slab, drainage and maintenance requirements. 10 11. Design Criteria Spatial Planning- A quiet place for students to hang out, chill and de-stress. Low-noise generated so as not to disturb classrooms Safe Place - Railing, floor and wall. Comfortable Space- Thermal comfort, tree shade and breeze. Attractive Roof Terrace- green plants, aesthetically pleasing. Social interaction, cosy corner and chill out corner. Quiet Corner- To relax, study, unwind and have a quiet time. Green Initiatives- Planting at 7th level, to provide shade, to cool wall/roof terrace, to buffer the heat from afternoon sun at the full glass wall, plants to soften hard wall, solar lighting. Ease of maintenance- plant, cleanliness, non obstructed drainage flow, reduce need for pruning and grass cutting. 11 12. Design Elements The following design elements are proposed:- The entrance statement to the landscape deck proposed as the Zen Deck due to its need to be quiet, passive area to enjoy the breathtaking views. The Viewing Deck to enjoy views and relax. The Chill Zone with a gazebo and seating area for meditation and reflection (basically to unwind). The Quiet Zone with roof canopy and seating area for study. Planting materials for shade, softening effects, screening of the stairwell glass wall. Flowering plants at planter boxes to provide colour and aesthetics to an otherwise stressful campus day. 12 13. Design Elements (contd.) Planter boxes to contain soil and planting materials which can be accommodated by the existing roof slab structure. Creeper plants on trellis to screen and cool the glass wall at the staircase. LED lighting, solar lighting to minimise wiring. Recycling bins. Adequate floor drainage and downpipes to avoid ponding at floor slab. Outdoor seats which are durable and weather-proof. Walkway pavements and pavement floors at Viewing and Chill Zones which are non-slip and durable. Raised timber floors at Quiet Study Area to demarcate the zones. 13 14. The Design Elements Walkway and planting at roof terrace greenery at roof level! Seating areas at the viewing deck - green and colour to please the eyes and functional pavements and seats to relax and enjoy the view 14 15. Example of main walkway from entrance leading to a focal point Entrance trellis to Zen Deck - A sense of arrival to differentiate from the gloomy corridor 15 16. Seating area and canopy shade at the Quiet Area Green wall to screen and shade existing glass wall. Flowering plants at the Zen Deck to soften hard elements and promote the place to chill Planter boxes for a green deck look softening the building elevation. 16 17. Proposed gazebo at the Quiet Area Recycle bins sponsored by retailer promoting Green responsibility Solar lights along foot paths - avoid underground cabling - promote green theme -Can be sponsored Signage for the Zen Deck that can accommodate the sponsors name (in fine print) 17 18. Although it will be very soothing to add water elements to the Zen Deck it was decided to omit the pond and water feature due to the space constraint (need usable space for chilling and study area), the potential load on the existing concrete roof slab and water seepage problems (as there are classrooms below). Nevertheless the Zen calm and passive effect can be promoted for students to chill and de-stress 18 19. Small shady trees which are easy to maintain and will not drop small leaves that may clog underground pipe drainage Small groups of flowering plants to add colour (and a bit of contrast ) for the calm and serene Zen Deck 19 20. Adequate water proofing and drainage at deck construction Shrubs at planter boxes 20 21. The green wall creepers on vertical trellis to screen the glass wall at the adjacent staircase area. The creepers allow privacy yet allow glimpse of the garden Example of slightly raised timber flooring to be used at the Quiet Seating area. 21 22. Example of exposed less formal seating area at the Chill Zone. Flooring for walkways and Viewing Deck has to be durable, weatherproof and non-slip. 22 23. The Concept Plan Creeper plants on 7mx3.2m trellis to soften the formal quiet/study area, absorb noise, screen and reduce heat to full glass wall to interior VIEW DECK to take advantage of lake view Small trees at planter boxes to shade walkway and quiet/study zone Afternoon sun Slight breeze View of lake Main entrance statement from corridor Main 2m walkway leading to the View Deck Secondary 1m walkway to the three Zones The less formal CHILL ZONE with gazebo and informal seating The quieter STUDY ZONE with slightly more formal seating for students to read while waiting for classes on 7th floor Low shrubs to demarcate the Zen Deck landscape area Planter boxes at walkway and railings to soften and help provide some relief from stressful classes N 23 24. From Concept to Master Plan Curve lines were explored for informal organic design. Will be more expensive 24 25. The Master Plan THE ZEN DECK AT 7 Main Components THE VIEW DECK THE CHILL ZONE THE WALK THE STUDY ZONE THE GREEN THE GAZEBO THE SHRUBERY THE TRELLIS THE ZEN GATE 10m 6.8 m 3.2 m height 25 26. SMALL PLANTER BOXES ALONG RAILING 200MMX 200MM HOMOGENOUS TILE FLOORING AT VIEW DECK BRICKWORK PLANTER BOX D LOW SHRUBS ALONG EDGE ZEN DECK AT 7 FLOORING AND PLANTER BOXES 100MM X 100MM HOMOGENOUS TILES AT CHILL ZONE 100MM X1000MM RAISED TIMBER FLOORING STRIPS AT STUDY ZONE 200MMX200MM CERAMIC TILE FLOORING AT WALKWAY PLANTER BOX ABRICKWORK PLANTER BOX C PLANTER BOX B BRICKWORK PLANTER BOX E 26 27. SEATS AND TABLE SET A AT CHILL ZONE 25OMM X 1500MM BENCH SET 750MM HEIGHT SOLAR LIGHT POLE AT WALKWAY ZEN DECK AT 7 FITTINGS AND FURNITURE 1.5MX1.5M TIMBER ZEN GAZEBO STRUCTURE AT CHILL ZONE 7MX3M TIMBER TRELLIS WALL AND CLIMBER PLANT TIMBER ARCH FOR PLANT AT ENTRANCE TO ZEN DECK LIGHT PLANT HOLDERS ON EXISTING RAILINGS CANOPY AT STUDY AREA SOFA SET TYPE XYZ AT QUIET ZONE 27 28. The Planting Plan 2 x Plumeria pudica 1 x Lagerstroemia indica 1 x Ixora chinensis 1 x Ageratum conyzoides 1 x Plumeria lambertiana 1 x Brownea latifolia 1 x Hibiscus mutabilis 3 x Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 1 x Bauhinia purpurea 1 x Bougainvillea glabra 28 29. The Planting Plan Proposed Planting Materials Trellis 7000mm 3200mm The trellis at the study area performs functions to absorb the noise, screen the glass wall behind from the afternoon sun, as well as to soften the hard surrounding building and provide colour to the environment. 29 30. The Planting Plan Proposed planting materials Planter box Lagerstroemia indica Crape Myrtle Lythraceae (Crape Myrtle Family) - The tree grows up to 15 feet and bears masses of colourful flowers. - Its smooth bark is ornamental, showing patches of tan and gray. - It is wind resistant and will tolerate some drought once well-establishe