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Thomas P. Morlan IV, LEED AP, AC [email protected] Summary Eighteen years of commercial construction experience with expertise in business development, project controls, conflict resolution and dispute negotiations. Exceptional manager of people, processes and teams with hands on leadership experience. Consistently delivered projects well above estimated margin. Education Purdue University, Bachelor of Science in Building Construction Management, May 2001 School of Technology, West Lafayette, IN Computer Skills Philanthropy Primavera P6 Scheduling Software Board Member, Lafayette Transitional Housing 2013 Timberline Project Management Software Facilities Chair, Lafayette Transitional Hsng 2013 Sure Track Scheduling Software Development Committee, LTH 2013 Prolog Project Management Software Member, Rotary International 2012 Bidday Estimating Software Master Mason Degree Lodge 1232012 Onscreen Takeoff Estimating Search Committee, Minister Federated Church 2012 Auto CAD 2004 Gold Member, Tippy Connect Young Professionals Powerpoint, Word, Excel Professional Experience Wilhelm Construction, Project Manager May 2013 Present $82 Million sKPB 130 Insulin Streamline Project, LTC South Campus – Fast track renovation to increase insulin production. JR Kelly Co., Inc, Project Manager/Business Development Aug 2010 – May 2013 As an Experienced Project Manager for JR Kelly, my responsibilities include 100% single point accountability for all factors of the projects I manage as well as Business Development, New Market Expansion and Estimating. My day to day responsibilities involve balancing construction operations, quality, safety, subcontractor relationship and profitability with continued client satisfaction, sales, marketing and team building. I am solely responsible for bringing two new accounts to our firm in the last two years, Indiana University Health and Fairfield Manufacturing respectively. 100% single point accountability for safety, schedule, profit, client satisfaction, quality etc. on construction projects Continuously cultivating new leads and relationships via networking online and in person to achieve high level exposure Develop and assist in preparing and delivering sales presentations to potential clients Assisting in scope review, comparison and evaluation during hectic bid day activities on private and public bids Leveraging vast number of current and past business contacts for relationship building/business development (over 700 on linkedin) Management and accountability for all project documentation control and timely document turnaround Weekly review, management and proactive adjustment of job cost and productivity including self perform labor items Creating, evaluating and managing monthly/bimonthly project profit projections to evaluate business direction Accountability for labor and material pricing, material expediting and billing for proposal requests and change orders Responsible for filling in grey areas of scope gap and eliminating risk exposure thru negotiations Initiating cold calls to current and past clients and obtaining, managing and promoting referral letters Market/business unit evaluation ie healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, commercial development etc. Engaging and promoting achievements at community events to maximize connectedness to business opportunities Initiate regular sales meetings and lunches to source, evaluate and aggressively (yet tactfully) pursue potential client needs Atlas, Project Manager Nov 2009Aug 2010 As a Project Manager for Atlas, my responsibilities ranged the spectrum of pre to post construction operations on the $8 Million DPW City of Indianapolis, IN Brill Troy STEP Sanitary Replacement and the $3 Million City of Lima, OH 54” RAW Water Installation. Weigand, Project Manager May 2007May 2009 July 2002October 2004 As a Project Manager for Weigand I was responsible for fulfilling the obligations of project contracts from preconstruction through post construction and closeout construction projects ranging in cost from $100K$5M. The scope of my responsibilities included business development, marketing, safety, contract negotiations, scheduling, estimating, purchasing, buyout, permits, billings, coordinating and scheduling all shop drawings, catalog cuts and sample submittals, reviewing shop drawings, quality control, Union relations, warranty and conflict resolution.

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  • ThomasP.MorlanIV,LEEDAP,[email protected]

    SummaryEighteenyearsofcommercialconstructionexperiencewithexpertiseinbusinessdevelopment,projectcontrols,conflictresolutionanddisputenegotiations.Exceptionalmanagerofpeople,processesandteamswithhandsonleadershipexperience.Consistentlydeliveredprojectswellaboveestimatedmargin.EducationPurdueUniversity,BachelorofScienceinBuildingConstructionManagement,May2001 SchoolofTechnology,WestLafayette,IN ComputerSkills Philanthropy PrimaveraP6SchedulingSoftware BoardMember,LafayetteTransitionalHousing2013TimberlineProjectManagementSoftware FacilitiesChair,LafayetteTransitionalHsng2013SureTrackSchedulingSoftware DevelopmentCommittee,LTH2013PrologProjectManagementSoftware Member,RotaryInternational2012BiddayEstimatingSoftware MasterMasonDegreeLodge1232012OnscreenTakeoffEstimating SearchCommittee,MinisterFederatedChurch2012AutoCAD2004 GoldMember,TippyConnectYoungProfessionals Powerpoint,Word,Excel ProfessionalExperienceWilhelmConstruction,ProjectManager May2013Present

    $82MillionsKPB130InsulinStreamlineProject,LTCSouthCampusFasttrackrenovationtoincreaseinsulinproduction.JRKellyCo.,Inc,ProjectManager/BusinessDevelopment Aug2010May2013AsanExperiencedProjectManagerforJRKelly,myresponsibilitiesinclude100%singlepointaccountabilityforallfactorsoftheprojectsImanageaswellasBusinessDevelopment,NewMarketExpansionandEstimating.Mydaytodayresponsibilitiesinvolvebalancingconstructionoperations,quality,safety,subcontractorrelationshipandprofitabilitywithcontinuedclientsatisfaction,sales,marketingandteambuilding.Iamsolelyresponsibleforbringingtwonewaccountstoourfirminthelasttwoyears,IndianaUniversityHealthandFairfieldManufacturingrespectively.

    100%singlepointaccountabilityforsafety,schedule,profit,clientsatisfaction,qualityetc.onconstructionprojects Continuouslycultivatingnewleadsandrelationshipsvianetworkingonlineandinpersontoachievehighlevelexposure Developandassistinpreparinganddeliveringsalespresentationstopotentialclients Assistinginscopereview,comparisonandevaluationduringhecticbiddayactivitiesonprivateandpublicbids Leveragingvastnumberofcurrentandpastbusinesscontactsforrelationshipbuilding/businessdevelopment(over700on

    linkedin) Managementandaccountabilityforallprojectdocumentationcontrolandtimelydocumentturnaround Weeklyreview,managementandproactiveadjustmentofjobcostandproductivityincludingselfperformlaboritems Creating,evaluatingandmanagingmonthly/bimonthlyprojectprofitprojectionstoevaluatebusinessdirection Accountabilityforlaborandmaterialpricing,materialexpeditingandbillingforproposalrequestsandchangeorders Responsibleforfillingingreyareasofscopegapandeliminatingriskexposurethrunegotiations Initiatingcoldcallstocurrentandpastclientsandobtaining,managingandpromotingreferralletters Market/businessunitevaluationiehealthcare,highereducation,manufacturing,commercialdevelopmentetc. Engagingandpromotingachievementsatcommunityeventstomaximizeconnectednesstobusinessopportunities Initiateregularsalesmeetingsandlunchestosource,evaluateandaggressively(yettactfully)pursuepotentialclientneeds

    Atlas,ProjectManager Nov2009Aug2010AsaProjectManagerforAtlas,myresponsibilitiesrangedthespectrumofpretopostconstructionoperationsonthe$8MillionDPWCityofIndianapolis,INBrillTroySTEPSanitaryReplacementandthe$3MillionCityofLima,OH54RAWWaterInstallation.Weigand,ProjectManager May2007May2009 July2002October2004AsaProjectManagerforWeigandIwasresponsibleforfulfillingtheobligationsofprojectcontractsfrompreconstructionthroughpostconstructionandcloseoutconstructionprojectsrangingincostfrom$100K$5M.Thescopeofmyresponsibilitiesincludedbusinessdevelopment,marketing,safety,contractnegotiations,scheduling,estimating,purchasing,buyout,permits,billings,coordinatingandschedulingallshopdrawings,catalogcutsandsamplesubmittals,reviewingshopdrawings,qualitycontrol,Unionrelations,warrantyandconflictresolution.

  • HenselPhelpsConstructionCo. October2004May2007ProjectEngineer,TheMarkLuxuryCondominiumTowerDowntownSanDiego,CA,$89MillionTheMarkCondominiumTowerislocatedinSanDiegosEastVillageandconsistsof40,000CYofselfperformedconcrete.Interiorsincludestainlesssteelappliances,granitecounters,cabinetryfromGermany,travertineshowersurroundsandmuchmore.AstheProjectEngineerIwasresponsibleforoverseeingthreeOfficeEngineers.Asateamwewereresponsibleforcoordinatingallonsiteprojectadministrationwhichincluded:


    Accuratelyprocessedsubcontractorpayapplicationsandinvoicesforover40subcontractorsinatimelymanner. Actedasaconduitbetweenbanksthirdpartyrepresentative,OwnershipandHenselPhelpsConstructionCo.

    home/districtoffices. AcquiredandmaintainedupdatedCityPermitsincludingnoisepermit,trafficpermit,buildingpermitetc. Maintained,updatedanddistributedtheCPMscheduleinexcessof10,000activitiesonamonthlybasis. Accuratelyquantifiedandpriceditemsincludingmaterial,laborandinstallationdrivenbyfieldinitiatedpurchasingand

    buyout. Coordinatedandscheduledallshopdrawings,catalogcuts,andaccuratesamplesubmittalsinatimelymanner. Monitoredmaterialmanufacturingprocessesandprocurementtoidentifyareaswherematerialorequipmentshouldbe

    expedited. Assistedthefieldsupervisorswithinterpretationofprojectdocumentsandquestionstoandfromthearchitectand

    consultants.BovisLendLease June2001June2002ProjectManager/ProcurementAnalyst,MidContinentBusinessUnitBPGlobalAllianceReimageChicago,IL

    Coordinatedprojectmanagementeffortsonover200jobsitesnationwide. Analyzedandnegotiatedgeneralcontractorbids,laborratesandunitpricesfor2002projects. Trainedandeducatedprojectmanagerstoensureefficientbusinessoperationswithregardtopurchasing. Organizedandimplementedprojectmanagementprocedurespertainingtosupplyandlogistics. Pioneeredprocessesforrequisitioningofmaterialfor21,000jobsites.

    HenselPhelpsConstructionCo.(InternshipDuringUniversity) May2000August2000Jr.Estimator,UnitedStatesFoodandDrugAdministration,Irvine,CA,$42Million OfficeEngineer,UniversityofCaliforniaIrvineNaturalScience1,Irvine,CA,$41MillionMayneHomesConstructionCo.,Inc.(FullTimeDuringUniversity) June1996May2000AsatrimcarpenterofthefamilyownedandoperatedbusinessIwasresponsibleforinstallationofkitchenandbathroomassemblies,doors,hardware,woodbase,customstairassemblies,windowcasing,shelf/poleetc.ContinuedEducation CertificationsAGCConstructionProjectManagerCourseDallasTX2012 8hrPrimaveraP6CSCertification2013DBIAIntegratingSustainableConstructionandDesignBuildDelivery2009 LEEDAccreditedProfessional2008USGBCLEEDBenefitsandPaybacks2009 AmericanInstituteofConstructors2008USGBCUnderstandingLEEDProjectCostsandReturns2009 CPR/AEDHealth&WellnessServices2007MoelleringManagementSelfManagementandLeadershipSeminar2008 FirstAidCPR2005JanineReidGroup,Inc.CrisisManagementSimulationSeminar2007 FallProtectionTraining2005HenselPhelpsShortIntervalProductionSchedulesTraining2007 30hrOSHAcertifiedsitesafety2004HenselPhelpsProjectEngineerSeminars:2006 10hrOSHAcertifiedsitesafety2004HenselPhelpsPrimaveraSchedulingSeminar2005 HeartsaverFirstAid(CPR)2003HenselPhelpsTimeManagementTraining2005 10hrOSHAcertifiedsitesafety2002HenselPhelpsLayoutandControlSeminar2005 8hrOSHAcertifiedtrenchsafety2001RiggingFundamentalsTraining2005HenselPhelpsCorporateSafetyProgram(STOP)Training2004FMI(ManagementConsultingandInvestmentBankingtoTheConstructionIndustry)WallyAdamchiksleadershiptraining2002Accomplishments2013and2012TippyConnectYoungProfessionalsandGreaterLafayetteCommerceTop10under40nomineeWinnerofHenselPhelpsConstructionCo.annualCorporateFOGCompetition2004Greeley,CO.NominatedforBovisLendLeaseannualCorporateSpringboardProgram2001Naperville,IL.WinnerofBCM450annualBidDay2001,PurdueUniversity

  • $3,250,000 $55,049,000











    Position Project Owner Value

    Project Manager Young Hall 2012 Renovation Purdue University 3,000,000$ Project Manager Vawter CSEL Infrastructure Addition Purdue University 1,500,000$ Project Manager Physics Building Laboratory Renovation Purdue University 100,000$ Project Manager Krannert Econ Library Phase III Renovation Purdue University 1,400,000$ Project Manager Mackey Arena Architectural Concrete Purdue University 2,300,000$


    j g y y , ,$Project Manager Health and Wellness Tennis Courts Purdue University 1,000,000$ Project Manager Lilly Hall West Wing Phase V Purdue University 5,000,000$ Project Manager Math Science Data Room Renovation Purdue University 2,000,000$ Project Manager Stewart Center Conference Room Renovations Purdue University 50,000$ Project Manager Brown Hall Electrical Switch Gear Upgrade Purdue University 25,000$ Project Manager Oakland High School Renovation Lafayette School Corporation, Lafayette, IN 149,000$

    Project Manager Lafayette Jefferson High School Addition Lafayette School Corporation, Lafayette, IN 5,000,000$

    Project Manager Ivy Tech Community College Logansport Ivy Tech Community College, Logansport, IN 1,000,000$ Estimator Summer 09 Projects Specification and Bid Assembly Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN 2,000,000$ Office Engineer Natural Science Laboratory 1 University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA 40,000,000$

    P j E i Th M k L C d i i Hi h Ri T D l Wil C i S Di CA 89 000 000$Project Engineer The Mark Luxury Condominium High Rise Tower Douglas Wilson Companies, San Diego, CA 89,000,000$ Jr. Estimator FDA District Laboratory US Food and Drug Administration, Irvine, CA 40,000,000$

    Estimator5/3 Bank, Interior Tennant Renovation Bid Assembly and Estimate 5/3 Bank, Fort Wayne, IN 700,000$

    Project Manager BP Reimage BP, Chicago, IL 200,000,000$

    Project Manager Ambulatory Surgery Renovations Logansport Memorial Hospital, Logansport, IN 300,000$

    Project Manager Brill Troy STEP Sanitary Replacement City of Indianapolis, IN 8,000,000$ Project Manager 54 RAW Water Installation City of Lima, OH 3,000,000$

    Project Manager Bumper Shop Pit Renovations Subaru of Indiana, Lafayette, IN 300,000$ Project Manager Ingot Pit Rail Renovation ALCOA 100,000$ Estimator Metal Building Bid Assembly and Estimate Protein Inc., Logansport, IN 500,000$ Project Manager Briquetter and Washer Slab Concrete Ball Corporation, Monticello, IN 500,000$ Project Manager R. Dammon Center Fairfield Manufacturing, Lafayette, IN 1,000,000$ Project Manager E-Line Press Pit Renovation Subaru of Indiana, Lafayette, IN 500,000$ Project Manager Cooling Tower Foundations Ball Corporation, Monticello, IN 50,000$ Project Manager Briquetter Maintenance Building Ball Corporation, Monticello, IN 50,000$

  • Project Manager Contracted Services Alliance - See Below Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $25-40M/Yr GrossProject Manager T2 pipe arbor extension: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $232,000Project Manager T3 windows upgrade: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $299,000Project Manager T148 building tie ins : Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $13,000Project Manager West gate upgrades: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $60,000P j t M T18 h d Eli Lill I Ti L b t i L f tt IN $36 000Project Manager T18 warehouse upgrade: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $36,000Project Manager T33 warehouse upgrade: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $32,000Project Manager T49 platform modifications: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $72,000Project Manager T99 duloxetine milling phase 1: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $57,000Project Manager T99 duloxetine milling phase 2: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $130,000Project Manager T100 unit 3 conversion: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $8,000Project Manager T1 fermented products steel Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $24,000Project Manager T29 dual train phase 1: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $31,000Project Manager T110 catwalk: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette INProject Manager T110 catwalk: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN Project Manager T116 platform upgrade: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN Project Manager T6 coal bunker upgrade: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN Project Manager T49 stack upgrade: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN Project Manager T27 pwec upgrade: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $91,000Project Manager T99 raloxifene bdg const: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $231,000Project Manager T99 raloxifene process const: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $103,000Project Manager T99 raloxifene demo: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $39,000Project Manager T74 security building: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $42,000Project Manager T74 security building: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $42,000Project Manager T73 security building: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN Project Manager T72 security building: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN Project Manager T28 platform upgrade: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $47,000Project Manager T29 dual train phase 2: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $10,000Project Manager T19 fall protection: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $14,000Project Manager T77 outfall shelter: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $16,000Project Manager T100 i/o booth construction: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $17,000Project Manager T71 lab upgrades: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $32,000Project Manager T71 lab upgrades: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $32,000Project Manager T29 crystallizer upgrades: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $41,000Project Manager T70 air reentrainmnet: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $79,000Project Manager T27 Tank 44-4 upgrade: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $130,000Project Manager T7 braun lab hvac renovation: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $5,000Project Manager T70 glassware and finals lab: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $56,000Project Manager T100 south platform upgrade: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $32,000Project Manager T42 foul air duct upgrade: Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN $70,000

    Project Manager Solid/Liquid Incinerator Project Eli Lilly Inc Tippecanoe Laboratories Lafayette, IN 3,000,000$


    A ccess. Knowledge. Success.


    March 1,2012

    Ms. Betsy Spencer President J. R. Kelly Company, Inc. PO Box 6688 3450 Concord Road Lafayette, IN 47903-6688

    Dear Ms. Spencer;

    I'd like to provide you with comments on Tom Morlan's performance as Project Manager for the third phase of the renovation of the Roland G. Parrish Library of Management and Economics, located in the Krannert building at Purdue University. First, I want to tell you the basis of my comments. My role in this project is administrative oversight on behalf of the Dean of Libraries, Jim Mullins. In that role, I've been aware ofTom's work through email discussions on which I was copied, visits to the job site, and through reports from Brad Heiss, Libraries Facilities Coordinator, who reports to me. Brad and his assistant Dale White have participated in most of the construction progress meetings and have interacted with Tom on numerous occasions to provide information and assist in problem solving. In preparing this letter, I consulted with Brad and Dale, and drew upon my own observations of and interactions with Tom in several construction progress meetings in which I participated, as well as my evaluation of the results of the work of J. R. Kelly on our project.

    Throughout the project, Tom's performance has been outstanding. He was responsive, replying rapidly to emails and promptly addressing whatever question or concern was raised. He was always on top of the project, well-versed on all aspects and events, and in touch with J. R. Kelly employees and subs regarding progress in their areas. When Tom led the construction progress meetings, he kept the group focused and on track, and stuck to the time schedule. Brad observed that when a side issue was raised at a meeting, Tom would pleasantly ask that the individual(s) concerned with the topic get together with him after the meeting to discuss and address the issue. He provided informative meeting notes and the project Gantt chart was always up-to-date. Watching Tom interact with Chris Burke, Purdue project manager Jim Naville, and others, it was clear to me that they not only respected him and he respected them, but also that they enjoyed working together.

    As you probably know, the Parrish Library renovation presented a number of challenges, in part due to the Purdue Libraries' selection design elements and finishes (such as the digital wall covering and unusual flooring) which had not yet been tried and tested on campus, and which necessitated some changes to make the project

    Purdue University Libraries Administration 504 W. State Street West Lafayette, IN 47907-2058 PH 765-494-2900 Fax: 765-494-0156 email [email protected]

  • fulfill our vision for the space. In these cases and others, the successful resolution of the challenges owes a lot to Tom's knowledge and judgment, his interpersonal skills, and his calm approach of sticking to the facts, rather than pointing fingers, as a way of reaching a solution. We in Purdue Libraries have several earlier, very positive, experiences with other 1. R. Kelly staff on other projects, and we join in the high regard in which your company and your employees are held on campus. Tom Morlan exemplifies what J. R. Kelly is all about. I very much appreciate his contributions to this project and hope to see him on another Libraries project in future. If you have not yet done so, I hope that you will visit the Parrish Library, especially on a weekday evening when it is filled with students. We have created a state of the art learning space for Purdue students and Tom has been a key factor in this creation.


    Nancy S. Hewison Associate Dean for Planning and Administration and Professor of Library Science

    Purdue University Libraries Administration" 504 W. State Street" West Lafayette, IN 47907-2058 PH: 765-494-2900 " Fax:765-494-0156 " email [email protected]

  • Academic Technologies

    Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP)

    Betsy Spencer JR Kelly Company, Inc. PO Box 6688 3450 Concord Road Lafayette, IN 47903-6688 October 24, 2011 Dear Betsy: I would like to thank JR Kelly Co on the $2 million Math Science Data Center Renovation project. Due to nature of the federal funding, this project had an extremely aggressive schedule which was met through the efforts of JR Kelly and its subcontractors. Tom Morlan, as project manager, was very skilled in keeping everyone informed of progress and resolved issues in a timely manner. The project was also executed in such a manner that the research computing infrastructure was allowed to remain operational saving researchers millions of hours of computational time on projects ranging from new treatments for cancer to developing new methods for predicting severe weather. I enjoyed working with JR Kelly and look forward to working with this group again in the future. Sincerely, John P. Campbell, Ph.D. Associate Vice President of Academic Technologies Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP)

  • Building the Future

    November 30, 2011

    Ms. Betsy Spencer JR Kelly Company, Inc. 3450 Concord Road Lafayette, IN 47903-6688

    RE: Purdue University Mackey Arena Complex Design Releases #1 and #6

    Dear Betsy:

    Over the course of the last three years we have embarked on a journey with Purdue University Athletics to execute their $99.5 Million expansion and renovation of Mackey Arena. The schedule was established as a five-phase renovation with eighteen different turnover milestones to facilitate continuous occupancy throughout the project and ensure successful navigation of all eighteen athletic seasons each academic year.

    It is my pleasure to write this letter in recognition of the outstanding effort put forth by JR Kellys Project Managers, Field Superintendents, and ultimately the leadership spearheaded by yourself, Rob, and Jeff Mutzl. In particular I want to acknowledge the challenge this past off-season presented to Tom Morlan and Dave Britton. While your successful completion of the $3.5 Million football fields in August of 2009 was essential to establishing positive momentum for the seventeen successive turnover milestones, completing the $2.5 Million Hardscape Package this fall was perhaps the single most challenging aspect of this project.

    With an ever expanding building, JR Kellys team had to pace the work not only in an effort to ensure quality but just as importantly for timely completion of Phases 2, 3, and 4. To further complicate matters, within each phase, as work was being completed immediately adjacent to both Mackey Arena and IAF, temporary means of egress for safe passage by as many as 15,000 patrons visiting Mackey Arena had to be accommodated from all exits at all times. This in addition to accommodating that access through your work area of hundreds of contractors each day as work inside the building was being completed concurrently. The unique combination of hardscape materials, significant grade changes from north to south, and key exterior sculptures created for an amazing challenge that thankfully Tom and Dave working in collaboration with our team delivered with immense success.

    While there were serious challenges that required a total team effort on the part of everyone involved, the successful grand opening of Mackey Arena could not have been accomplished on 11.11.2011 without the commitment and dedication of JR Kelly Company. I sincerely thank you and the entire team for your outstanding contribution and cant wait to work with you again in the very near future.

    Warmest regards,


    Jeremiah R. Hudson Project Executive

  • December 1, 2011

    Betsy Spencer JR Kelly Company, Inc. PO Box 6688 3450 Concord Road Lafayette, Indiana 47903

    RE: Letter of Recommendation

    Dear Ms. Spencer:

    I would like to take this moment to thank JR Kelly for the excellent work performed on the Mackey Arena Renovation at Purdue University. The attention to detail and coordination by your entire crew has been superb. Their willingness to work through unique construction techniques, complicated paving patterns, multiple material interactions, and several field adjustments is greatly appreciated. It is this effort that has made this project shine.

    I specifically want to thank Tom Morlan and Dave Britton for their commitment to excellence. Combining the complexity of the design with a strict schedule, multiple phases of construction, and continual delays from other on-site contractors has been a great challenge. They have always maintained a high level of professionalism and integrity, while never losing site of the need to provide a quality finished product.

    I will be honest and tell you I, initially, wanted a different contractor for this project; however, I quickly realized the better contractor earned the job. With every phone call, site visit, and submittal received over the past 18 months, I have been very relieved JR Kelly has been a part of this process. You have all helped make our vision a beautiful reality.


    Alyssa P. Prazeau Managing Partner

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