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  • Construction of Mobile Learning Network System Based on Cloud


    Wei Yanli 1, a, Zhao Han 2,b and Cao Zhonglu 3,c 1 College of Architecture & Art , HeFei University of TechnologyChina

    2 School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, HeFei University of Technology,China

    3 College of Architecture & Art , HeFei University of TechnologyChina,

    Keywords: cloud computing, mobile learning, service system, network system

    Abstract:Distributed computing and Resource sharing in large-scale heterogeneous system are the

    key to realize mobile learning system. This paper sets up a mobile learning service system through the

    construction of teaching cloud platform and cloud resources, cloud resource sharing, application and

    service of cloud resource, system and mechanism construction. The mobile learning network system

    is established by building models of it, which realizes mobile learning, collaborative learning and the

    situated learning anytime anywhere with freedom, individuality and diversification.


    With the development of Wireless Communication Technology and Mobile Computing

    Technology, mobile learning has gained more and more popularity among people as the branch of

    digital learning, which becomes a research focus of educational technology and related fields. As a

    new form of learning, mobile learning showed great application potential in school education and

    training field. How to make full use of development achievements of new technology to build a more

    efficient and practical mobile learning system and dig out the potential application of mobile learning

    is worthy of further study. Cloud Computing' s coming provides a new way of mobile learning system

    development that meets the users needs. Distributed computing and Resource sharing in large-scale

    heterogeneous system are the key technical problems to which cloud computing technology provides

    an ideal technical solution to realize mobile learning system. To build mobile learning network

    system based on cloud computing can satisfy the demand of user to access abundant, real-time and

    accurate learning contents, to provide immediate learning support in the process of learning, and to

    support collaborative learning and the situated learning.

    2. Cloud Computings Support to Mobile Learning

    Cloud computing is a super computing mode based on Internet., which concentrated large

    amount of information and processor resources that is stored in personal computer, mobile phones

    and other devices together, and collaborative work. It distributes computing missions on large amount

    of resources consisting of computer, so that all applications can access computing, storage space and

    a variety of software service according to the needs. With the development and popularization of

    cloud computing technology, information of educational institutions, teachers and students will

    gradually move to the "cloud". The main features of cloud computings support to mobile learning can

    be described as the following four aspects.

    2.1.Make up the Insufficiency of Mobile Learning Model

    There are two main models of mobile learning at present, respectively Short Message Service

    (SMS) based and browser based WAP education web site. The two models have their shortcomings,

    SMS mode data usually has a certain delay, so teaching and learning do not interact in real time. In

    addition, the amount of data transmission of this model is quite limited and it generally only transmits

    text information, which makes it difficult to meet the needs of the users for multimedia resources.

    Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 631-632 (2014) pp 1451-1456Online available since 2014/Sep/12 at (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerlanddoi:10.4028/

    All rights reserved. No part of contents of this paper may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of TTP, (ID:, Georgia Tech Library, Atlanta, USA-16/11/14,02:14:43)


  • Fig.1 Mobile Learning Service System of Cloud


    WAP education site model is difficult to play its role because of the small amount of currently

    established WAP education site and insufficient learning resources. Besides, this model based on

    WAP browser protocol with low transmission rate. The emergence of cloud computing, makes up the

    above two models of mobile learning. Plenty of educational resources stored in the cloud server,

    large-scale mobile learning could be realized without the establishment of special education site.

    Cloud computing integrates multiparty computer and new technology of Internet, which is a

    breakthrough over single WAP protocol. Under the background of cloud computing, the students only

    need to use the mobile device to access the "cloud" server through the browser and choose the

    learning content to learn by real-time interaction.

    2.2.Integration of Abundant Learning Resources

    The fundamental purpose of the integration of education and cloud computing is to fuse and

    store educational information and to share through network service, for which integrate and use the

    educational resources to the maximum extent. Worldwide educational resources assemble in the

    cloud storage server, its the teachers who classify, manage and formulate relevant access rules. At

    the same time, the resource database is improved by students and teachers who supply and modify

    existing learning content under certain rules in the process of learning.

    2.3.Support the Establishment of Pluralistic Autonomous Virtual Learning Community

    Under the cloud computing, all resources are integrated in the "cloud", which could be used to create

    free virtual community and virtual learning environment and learn cooperatively with other students

    who share the same learning goals by students. It is because they create the virtual community on their

    own that they can bring out their best and show their personalities as well as communicate free.

    Furthermore, since it is based on the network, the composition of the students break through the limits

    from radiation scope of the existing virtual community that people from different countries and

    cultural backgrounds could enter the community studying and discussing together, which provides

    reference experience and complement for each other, thereby realizing multicultural and knowledge


    2.4.Reduce the Requirements for Mobile Learning Devices

    Problems in the mobile learning device are the main factors that restrict the development and

    popularization of mobile learning. The main problems are, low data processing ability, limited

    built-in software and limited transmission of multimedia resources. The emergence of cloud

    computing technology provides a feasible solution for these problems. Under the cloud computing, all

    of the data will store and process in the computer group of the cloud. It can perform some data

    processing task which many personal computer is unable to do due to its powerful computation

    ability. With all of the data processing on the cloud, the students can only use the browser to do

    some common action similar to personal computers as long as the browser is able to run on the mobile


    3.Construction of Mobile Learning Service

    System of Cloud Computing

    The author sets up a mobile learning service

    system according to actual demand with better

    expansibility. Fig. 1 illustrates the structure of cloud

    computing mobile learning service system, consists

    of five principal components construction of

    teaching cloud platform, construction of cloud

    resources, cloud resource sharing, application and

    service of cloud resources, system and mechanism

    construction, as is shown in Fig.1

    1452 Information Technology Applications in Industry III

  • 3.1.Construction of Teaching Cloud Platform

    The construction of teaching cloud platform consists of hardware facilities and software system

    platform building. The hardware construction includes the campus wired network, IPV6, wireless

    network infrastructure construction, export bandwidth upgrade, teaching cloud platform supporting

    server, storage equipment, virtual reality production and application environment building,

    infrastructure build of mobile learning and so on. While the software system platform building

    includes teaching cloud resource sharing service platform, network learning platform, broadband

    multimedia teaching system, multimedia development tools, informational teaching support service

    platform, test database, the case library management system, intelligent library construction, learning

    tools, virtual learning community construction.

    3.2.Construction of Teaching Cloud Resources

    The teaching cloud resources are variety of digitized information resources treated by digital

    process that can be used by teaching activities, including the teaching resource material database, all

    kinds of multimedia material database such as text, graphics, audio and video animation and so on,

    case database, test database, literature, education resources index, courseware and network



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