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Presentation by Wade Kwon for Southwired 2014. Good marketers share their expertise. Great marketers share everyone else's. Consultant Wade Kwon shows the most efficient methods of content curation. The award-winning writer and editor has made a career of gathering news from communities and sharing it with print and online audiences. Learn how expert curation actually puts you and your brand at the center of attention. Discover how to turn simple streams of information into powerful tools to dominate SEO, social and viral. For more, visit


  • 1. Content Curationfor Smarties:Know EverythingAll the TimeWade Kwon@WadeOnTweets 2014 Birmingham Blogging AcademyPhoto: Jacinta Lluch Valero (CC)!

2. Dont hate.Curate. Photo: Ronaldo Ferreira (CC)! 3. Overview Why How SharePhoto: Andrew Morrell (CC)! 4. WhyPhoto: Josh McGinn (CC)! 5. Save time.Photo: Alexandre Duret-Lutz (CC)! 6. Becomean expert. Photo: Richard Lawrence Cohen (CC)! 7. Analyze.Photo: GrapeCity Inc. (CC)! 8. How Photo: Janet (CC)! 9. 10. Twitter lists 11. 12. 13. #Hashtags 14. SharePhoto: Ian Sane (CC)! 15. BlogPost 16. Storify 17. Pinterest 18. Hashtracking 19. Contact me. @WadeOnTweets 20. Feed.Photo: theilr (CC)! 21. Thank you.Photo: Robert Couse-Baker (CC)!