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This presentation is about extending the shelf life of content and creatively breathing new life into older content for content marketing purposes.


  • 1.Content Marketing:Five Compelling Ways to Repurpose Content Effectively Improve Content and Extend its Shelf

2. Good ideas rarely expire. However, thecompetition for finite mindshare is fierce.Sometimes a little touching up will makeour ideas more 3. Why Repurpose Content? Improve a good idea Explain an idea differently Appeal to an audiences learning preference Experiment with new channels because if we arent comfortable promoting our ideas, we arekidding ourselves if we think others will. 4. A golden guideline is like a butterflysmetamorphosis; always strive to make each piece of content a little more beautiful. 5. 1. Take a mediocre blog post and transform it intoa powerful guest post. 6. 2. Capture clever phrases and transform them intopins on a dedicated Pinterest 7. 3. Create a meme for Facebook, Tumblr or Twitterupdates. 8. 4. Turn a high performance blog post into apresentation. 9. 5. Find new ways to use previous content. Break white papers into blog posts. Mold a series of blog posts into an ebook. Turn a complex blog post into an explanation in video. Re-write an old blog post into a better one. Use your Flickr or Instagram photos to illustrate content. 10. This presentation is based on a blog post that waswell received and repurposed. 11. Thank You for Viewing!Hiring? Im looking for a new gig in the Raleigh-Durham area.Frank Strong PR | Content Marketing | Social