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An essential part of building an effective marketing plan for your website: developing a content strategy. Inspired by a session from DrupalCon 2014, learn more about content strategy deliverables.


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2. Inspired By: Sam Richardson - @snugug & Sam Boyer - @sdboyer DrupalCon 2014 Session: Content Strategy Deliverables 3. Best practices for content strategy: 1. Write a project vision 2. Dene user personas 3. Domain modeling 4. Look at your content inventory 5. Conduct a content audit 6. Perform a gap analysis 7. Content modeling. 4. Why are you building a website and creating content? 5. What is content? 6. content images icons blogsforms whitepapers case studies testimonials charts 7. Know your content. Conduct a content inventory. What content is available? Look at intrinsic data and analytics. What content is being seen? How does content exist (chunks, blobs, pages)? 8. Who are your users? Who is using your site? How do users interact with your content? What is their motivation to visit your site? User personas work best when not based on strict demographics. 9. Your content needs to support your set of solutions. 10. Want to learn more about content strategy and best practices? 11. Need help creating content for your website? We can help. Visit us at Duo Consulting or send us an email to learn more. 12. Want to learn more about content strategy and best practices?