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  • Continued Engagement People with Disabilities Marina Williams Director, Equal Opportunity Programs
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  • 2 2008-2010 2005-2007 2001-2002 2003-2004 Executive Diversity Council (EDC) Established Business Area Diversity Councils Established 2011-2013 Diversity Maturity Model (DMM) Implemented Focus on Affinity Groups Added Health Coverage for Same Sex Domestic Partners Lockheed Martins Diversity & Inclusion Journey LM Voice Employee Survey New Leadership Forums Established Frameworks for Employee Resource Groups and Employee Networks Restructured Added Transgender Surgery Coverage Promoting Fairness: Avoiding Bias Training Lockheed Martin Ranked #48 on Diversity Incs 2012 Top 50 Companies for Diversity EDC Transitioned to Corporate Sustainability Council D&I Task Force Formed ELOIT Required for All Vice Presidents and Above International Diversity Councils Established DMM Pause & Review Lockheed Martin Achieved a 100 Score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index Effective Leadership of Inclusive Teams (ELOIT) Pilot First Leadership Forums Held
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  • 3 People with Disabilities Leadership Forum 2012 Inaugural This event was one I will never forget, and continue to think about it often. This forum changed me in so many waysI am looking forward to hopefully being invited to many future events. Thank you so very much. The inspiration from sharing personal experiences with wonderful people goes beyond what I can put into words. It was great to interact with others that have had similar adversities and still managed to elevate themselves into leaders. The forum was superb well planned and executed. I was able to meet several executive leaders, each of which were so very kind and sincere. It was truly obvious they all wanted to be there and were dedicated to the overwhelming success of the entire eventI built new relationships and recall wonderful memories. 97% Rated Forum Very Good to Outstanding 91% Likely to Return The presentations by the Senior staff were fascinatingIt truly added a lot to my understanding of the corporation as a whole and was well worth the trip.
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  • 4 Diversity & Inclusion Site
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  • 5 Focus on Ability (FOA) Focus On Ability Team Strives to Make Lockheed Martin Corporation a More Inclusive Employer for Persons with Disabilities, with an Emphasis on Recruitment, Development and Retention Key Objectives Identify and Implement Best Practices Through Research and Benchmarking Determine Training Needs, Appropriate Tools and Implement Solutions Improve Recruiting Efforts and Outreach to Students, Veterans and Experienced Professionals with Disabilities Ensure Accessibility of Lockheed Martin Facilities and Staffing Processes
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  • 6 Focus on Ability Corporate Policy Statement - Providing Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace and for Applicants Adaptive Technology Center of Excellence (ADIT)/Employee Safety and Health (ESH) National Disability Employment Awareness Month
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  • 7 Social Security Administrations Ticket to Work Program Ability One Program Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities (COSD) Entry Point Hire at Least Two Interns per Summer Local Job Fairs Recruitment
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  • 8 Support for Wounded Warriors Wounded Warrior Tour at Lockheed Martin Marietta Wounded Warrior Project Military Relations Talent Acquisition Team USO/Hire Heroes USA Wounded Warrior Transition Workshops Wounded Warrior Online Chat Sessions
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  • 9 Partnerships & Recognition US Business Leadership Network (USBLN) American Association for People with Disabilities Employer Assistance and Resource Network (EARN) U.S. Department of Labors New Freedom Initiative Award 2012 & 2013 Families & Work Institute/Work Life Legacy Awards - Veterans Category Honorable Mention 2013 Careers and the disABLED Employee of the Year Award Winner Brian Kaplun, MST 2012 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity 2013 DiversityInc 25 Noteworthy Companies
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  • 10 Lockheed Martin Shaping our Future Reviewed and Evaluated OFCCPs Proposed Changes Related to People with Disabilities Provided Feedback via the Equal Employment Advisory Council (EEAC) and the National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) Publically Commented on the Proposed Changes Directly to OFCCP : National Utilization Goals Linkage Agreements Data Collection Time and Cost Estimates Lockheed Martin Acknowledges and Shares OFCCPs Commitment to Promoting Equal Employment Opportunity for People with Disabilities
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