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    Continuing Progress in Developing Advanced Propulsion Systems

    As the recreational marine market continues to grow, technological advances are driving yacht, pleasure and commercial boat builders to design new models for a growing group of selective potential new buyers. Major efforts are being made to develop boats with improved

    fuel efficiency, seakeeping and maneuvering characteristics, as well as reduced noise and vibration levels. Optimizing the propulsion sys- tem has become a crucial part of the develop- ment/design process for all sizes and types of vessels.

    Michigan Wheel Marine continues to invest in machinery and technology to support its ongoing commitment to supply superior pro- pellers and other propulsion equipment to the industry.

    “Over the past several years, we have made substantial capital investments in our manufac- turing capabilities,” said Michigan Wheel Naval Architect/Vice President of Sales and Market- ing, Kevin Mitchell. “We now can produce larger castings of the highest quality and also have

    doubled our capacity for NC finishing of large and advanced propellers.”

    The company continues to expand its suite of what it considers the best analysis and design tools in the world for complete propulsion sys- tem development. Thanks to Michigan Wheel’s efforts, today it is possible to utilize a variety of advanced analysis tools, including compu- tational fluid dynamics (CFD), custom propel- ler design software and finite element analysis for evaluating and optimizing a vessel’s props, struts, rudders and even hull design features.

    Professional support Michigan Wheel recently increased its staff

    of engineering, sales and support personnel to improve response times and provide even bet- ter customer support.

    “For new construction and major re-power projects, we work closely with the naval archi- tects, design engineering firms, engine manu- facturers, and boat builders/yards involved in the project,” Mitchell said. “Our engineering team and supporting technical resources are located in the U.S.A. and provide responsive and professional support to our OEM and after- market customers.”

    Michigan Wheel also can develop and manu- facture propellers to comply with the standards set by major classification societies, such as American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), for which Michigan Wheel Marine has received formal casting and process facility approval.

    Michigan Wheel continues to be cutting-edge in design and manufacturing of propellers for all markets. There is an increased focus on the reduction of adverse propeller cavitation, which can negatively impact top speed and fuel ef- ficiency and result in increased noise-vibration levels. Utilizing its sophisticated analysis/design programs, the company has been successful in developing several new designs with signifi- cant reductions in cavitation levels. According to company test results, for higher-speed ves- sels, such as sportfishing yachts, the Michi- gan Marlin series of four, five, and six-blade propeller designs continues to outperform competitive propellers.

    Recent advancements in Michigan Wheel’s CX series of propellers for large yachts and patrol craft have shown measurable improve- ments in both efficiency and reduction of noise and vibration. With its commitment to sophis- ticated manufacturing technologies, the com- pany has the capability to manufacture large and sophisticated propellers to the highest tol- erances required for the world’s boat builders and operators.

    Aftermarket advantage The advances in marine propulsion that Mich-

    igan Wheel Marine has delivered to new boat manufacturers are also benefitting the yachts and workboats already in existence. Through its extensive network of distributors, the company offers the same advanced product designs and technical support to the aftermarket that it makes available to the builders.

    For more information, contact Michigan Wheel Marine at 1-800-369-4335, or visit www.

    Michigan Wheel continues to invest in new propeller advancements.

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