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Continuous Improvement. Turning Sticky Notes Into Teamwork And Quality Assurance. Ashley Weese Iowa State University. Overview of it services. Who we support. Who we were at the time. Employees did not have the same skill levels Low moral Employees who didn’t want to assist others - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Continuous ImprovementTurning Sticky Notes Into Teamwork And Quality Assurance

Ashley WeeseIowa State UniversityOverview of it servicesIowa State Universitys ITS department has many goals, but for the Solution Center, the main goals are to reduce the time the customer waits for service, improve quality and be a single point of contact. In order to reach those goals, employees must all cohesively work together. We needed to improve morale and improve the quality of information all while trying to create a team atmosphere.

2Who we support3Who we were at the timeEmployees did not have the same skill levelsLow moralEmployees who didnt want to assist othersOverthinking Lots of uncertainty due to budgetEmployees were put off from the leadership changeEmployees were relocated to be within earshot of each otherSingle Point Of Contact (SPOC)Some employees, like most in the help desk world, knew what their job entailed, but didnt know where to begin the troubleshooting process or had strengths in certain areas but lacked in others. In order to create a consistent experience for our customers and work on quality simultaneously, we needed to provide training.

4goalsWhat do we do? What expectations do we have for each other/ourselves?Reduce the amount of time the customer waits for serviceCreate a team atmosphereImprove qualityGain trust throughout our team and the IT Services departmentImprove moralStart TCO Total Contact Ownership5IdeasWhere in the world did we come up with this?Recent restructuring of positions

Former manager didnt have the energy to deal with the us vs. them mentality

It was a perfect time to implement some changes that would improve our services and our teamwork.

6processCreated multiple 30 minute sessions with of the team in each sessionTwo-person teams that rotated after each scenarioGave everyone an opportunity to work together. Each team was equipped with sticky notes and a marker and then teams were provided with scenarios based on Expectations of each job dutyPrevious calls that year

Teams were given two minutes to work together Asked to write down five ExpectationsDifferent troubleshooting questions they would ask the customer. After time was up, each team submitted the sticky notes to share and discuss amongst the group. Other sticky notes were added we the group discussed ideas.implementationCreated improvement sessionsWhat do we do?What are the expectations?Common Calls What questions to askHow to find answersWhat tools should we be usingRotating groupsManager proctored, but didnt contributeScenario basedAre you on or off campus??Try it outScenario 1:

I am not able to get email messages on my iPhone. Can you help?

Try it outScenario 1:

I am not able to get email messages on my iPhone. Can you help?

Questions:Are you using a wireless connection or a data connection?When was your last message received?When was the last time you changed your password?Are you able to open a web browser and go to Google?Can you restart your device?Can we review your server settings?

Try it outScenario 2:

Help! I cant log into my computer!

Try it outScenario 2:

Help! I cant log into my computer!

Questions:Are you on or off campus?Are others in your area having the same troubles?When was the last time you were able to login?Can you restart your machine?What does your screen look like?Are you getting an error message?

Results:What to document in the ticketSticky NoteNumber of DuplicatesWhen the problem started2Problem detailsCall back times6Who to contact/who has the problem6SymptomsWhat user has tried3Type of equipmentSoftware/version info5System they are trying to use2Recent changes3Who they've worked with beforeScreenshots (maybe can be in email log)How long the problem has been happeningWhat they are trying to doSticky NoteNumber of DuplicatesIf the need a swap machineUrgency/do they have a way to work for nowDescription of the problem4Users experience of problem/incidentService tag6IP2LocationPhone number4Error messages4If easy to close the solutionLinks to pages affected by problemIs the incident isolated to this individual2What Operating System Previous Ticket NumberResults:Expectations of the groupSticky NoteNumber of DuplicatesTeam spirit2Knowledge of subject matter5Considerate/Respectful8Do their jobs/be reliable7Help each other4Work together as a team3Different viewpoints encouragedTo inform/communicate6Professionalism3Close quality tickets2Be available/approachablePut clients firstDo what scheduled9Lunch coverage/meeting coverage3Results:expectationsDefinitions:In the queue: logged into the queue, auxed in the queue, not taking non-queue calls, not making a non-queue callAvailable time: time spent on a queue call or available for the next queue call. When calculated for a phones day, only hours that the phone lines are open (7:30am-4pm over breaks and summer) will be used. The formula used will be Total time logged in Total time auxed out + Time scheduled for meetings in Outlook = Total available timeLunch Expectations (Phones, Installs/Email):Will select an available lunch hour and put the time up on the lunch board by 10:30am.If selecting the 10:50-noon lunch, will be in the queue between 12pm-1:10pmIf selecting the noon-1:10pm lunch, will be in the queue between 10:50am-12pm.If selecting the 1-2:10pm or Other lunch, will be in the queue between 10:50am-1:10pm.Paid time off expectations (Phones, Installs/Email):If you need to take the day off after the initial schedule is distributed, find someone who is not otherwise scheduled to fill in for you before that day. Inform the team of these schedule changes by emailing you are sick, email scnotice or call 4-4000 and to inform the team. If someone else is available, they will fill in for you. You will take over one of their days in the future.If you need to leave early, email scnotice to inform the team. If you do not find a substitute you will still have the 6 hours of available time.

Results:expectationsWhat we do on each scheduled phone day:Will abide by the lunch expectations and paid time off expectations outlined above.Will be in the queue between 8am-9am for the early morning rush.Will have at least 6 hours available time.

What we do on each scheduled email day:Will abide by the lunch and paid time off expectations outlined above.Will handle all email tickets assigned by the end of the day.

What we do on a backup manager day:Create CEL and premessage in outage situationsCheck for tickets in Employee Technical Services that are not assigned to a personRemind people of tickets that have not been updated in over 1 business day.Be the go to person when there is a problem that cannot be solvedCould be a technical issueCould be an external/staffing issueRun the 8:15am phone team meeting

Results:expectationsWhat we do on each non-scheduled day:Pick up coverage for anyone out sick. Email scnotice if you are trading the day with someone.If you are not picking up sick coverage, you do not need to log in, you do not need to log in from 8am-9am, you do not need to log in for lunch coverage, you do not need to sign up for a lunch time.Work on any tickets that are assigned to you, keeping customers working is always the top priority.System administration work. TrainingCreating specific trainings assigned to youTraining others on a specialty you haveWatching training videos

Post Sticky notesAll the sticky notes were typed upSent documented notes to the groupSome information was documented in our KnowledgebaseIdea of what training was needed for toolsCreated a Quality Assurance formStarted one on one sessions with managementImplement the exercise into weekly staff meetings

We found that having on-going trainings helped to generate synergy amongst the team as well as improve the quality of troubleshooting when assisting customers all while having fun. From these trainings, weve created a quality assurance form based on troubleshooting steps the team discussed.

18Quality Assurance FormGreetingTroubleshooting Steps UsedFirst Call ResolutionCustomer Service SkillsAppropriate Tools UsedCall HandlingDocumentationAsset InformationITS Representation

The Results Are InPeople finally were working togetherIt took awhile, but over the following months you could see the bonding that was taking place

Willingness to help increasedPositive customer feedbackEmployees were building relationships



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