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CloudStack European User Group Meetup in London Jan 2014. Presentation by Sebastian Goasguen


  • 1. Contributing to Apache CloudStack Sebastien Goasguen, January 23rd @sebgoa

2. Outline How to Contribute to CloudStack ? Do I need to code ? How can I help ? 3. Apache Software Foundation MechanismsContributing to Apache CloudStack 4. Apache Software Foundation Community over code Everything happens on the mailing lists Focused with releasing software 5. Mailing Lists ML are the official channels, decisions are recorded and made there. Contributing to Apache CloudStack 6. Coding Clone the code repositoryWork on your patches Get feedback on dev@ Submit them to reviews.apache.orgUltimately gain write access to the code Contributing to Apache CloudStack 7. User Support Answer user questions on the mailing lists, especially users@ Share your knowledge about CloudStack, help others install, troubleshoot Become a committer: e.g Geoff, Shanker Contributing to Apache CloudStack 8. Marketing marketing@ mailing list Help promote CloudStack on social media Help organize events (meetups, workshops, conference) Talk about CloudStack at conferences Become a committer: e.g Giles Contributing to Apache CloudStack 9. IRC IRC is the old instant messaging system, still heavily used today by open source folks. Join #cloudstack #cloudstack-dev on freenodeEngage with fellow CloudStack folks, user support via IRC Become a committer: e.g Kelcey Contributing to Apache CloudStack 10. Testing / Vote Anyone can vote on a release. Voting is a key principle of ASF. Releases are voted on. If votes dont pass we keep workingUsers can test, upgrade, etc and participate on [VOTE] threads Contributing to Apache CloudStack 11. Bug filing Use CloudStack, find bugs File bug reports on JIRA Contributing to Apache CloudStack 12. Documentation Big push coming to change documentation format to make it easier to fix and contribute to.Contributing to CloudStack 13. Undirect ContributionsContributing to Apache CloudStack 14. TranslationContributing to Apache CloudStack 15. EcosystemContributing to Apache CloudStack 16. Event hosting Meetups , evening event #cloudbeers Build a Cloud Day, full day or half-day eventsNeed location and pizzas Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva, Berlin, London, Dublin, Bucarest, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussells Contributing to Apache CloudStack 17. Sponsoring Events CloudStack Collaboration Conference: Vegas, Santa-Clara, Amsterdam Denver April 9-11th.Contributing to Apache CloudStack 18. Case Studies WebMD TomTom ISWest PCExtreme Exoscale ASG We need more to Apache CloudStack 19. Get Involved with Apache CloudStack Web: Mailing Lists: IRC: 6667 #cloudstack #cloudstack-dev Twitter: @cloudstack LinkedIn: If it didnt happen on the mailing list, it didnt happen.