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30 minute seminar delivered at the Convene 2014 Show in Auckland to hosted buyers from the meetings and incentive market. Top 10 tips for successful event planning in hotels.


  • 1. IHG Welcome 08 April 2014 Private and confidential 1
  • 2. IHG Maximise your hotel based conference planning Franck Hesse, Area Director of Sales & Marketing New Zealand 08 April 2014 08 April 2014 Private and confidential 2
  • 3. IHG IHG - InterContinental Hotels Group Private and confidential 308 April 2014
  • 4. IHG 10 Tips for Planning a successful Hotel Conference Private and confidential 408 April 2014
  • 5. IHG #1 Be flexible Dont lock yourself into specific dates. Be willing to move arrival and departures to lower occupancy days or periods to benefit from more competitive rates Consider traditional Hotel occupancy patterns Private and confidential 5 50.0 55.0 60.0 65.0 70.0 75.0 80.0 85.0 90.0 95.0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Destination Hotel Occupancies Auckland Queenstown Rotorua Wellington 08 April 2014
  • 6. IHG #2 Do Your Research Private and confidential 6 Large City Event 08 April 2014
  • 7. IHG #3 Think Ahead Private and confidential 7 Large Multi Day Conferences 08 April 2014
  • 8. IHG #4 Or Live In The Moment Private and confidential 8 Small Meeting 08 April 2014
  • 9. IHG Understand Hotel Pricing decisions Which Groups would a hotel price far more expensive? Which Groups are priced more attractive? The difference can be substantial! Private and confidential 9 Hotel Room Occupancies Hotel Occupancy Current On The Book 08 April 2014
  • 10. IHG Understand Residential vs non-Residential Hotels core business Guaranteed Blocks Courtesy Blocks Private and confidential 1008 April 2014
  • 11. IHG #5 Sharing is caring Be clear about your value and what you want in return Provide a detailed RFP Acommodations Meeting Space Plenary, Breakout, Gala dinner Price range What is the meeting all about? Provide details about your company Who are your attendees and where are they coming from? Why are you worth the effort, tell me about previous years conferences What is important to you? Private and confidential 1108 April 2014
  • 12. IHG #6 Leveraging multiple meetings at the same location Get Rewarded for loyalty Hotels are likely to show more flexibility to a client who they know will return Private and confidential 1208 April 2014
  • 13. IHG #7 Seek concessions Private and confidential 13 Attrition Complimentary Upgrades Reduced Resort Fees Free gym WIFI Complimentary Receptions Reduced Parking Fees 08 April 2014
  • 14. IHG #8 Feel valued and rewarded International Hotel Groups offering large scale programs Benefits can be enjoyed individually or for your Company Staff Incentives Competitions Using Credits for future events Private and confidential 1408 April 2014
  • 15. IHG Redeem Points Private and confidential 1508 April 2014
  • 16. IHG Private and confidential 16 Wireless Video projection Technology # 9 Let Technology help you 08 April 2014
  • 17. IHG Private and confidential 17 Tools To Make Your Life Easier Event Planners can track live event data and analysis and reports online, reduce attrition, maximise pick up and enjoy peace of mind Event Web & Mobile Booking Collecting Event Enrollment Info Social Event Network Creations 08 April 2014
  • 18. IHG #10 Trust international brands When you plan a meeting or group event at an IHG hotel, you can trust that: We will confirm acknowledgement of your group or meeting request within 24 hours (during standard business hours). You'll be greeted upon arrival, have a mid-day touch point and an end-of- day review. Your group room block will be available at your specified time and any special requests will be accommodated (subject to hotel facilities). Everything you and your group were promised or you don't pay for that portion of your meeting experience. Guaranteed. Private and confidential 1808 April 2014
  • 19. IHG Thank you - Visit us on Stands 38-40 Date if required Private and confidential 19