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Conventions of Music Video

Conventions of Music VideoMy Chemical Romance - Teenagers

Goodwins theoryLinks between lyrics and visual imagesLinks between music and visual imagesGenre characteristicsNotions of lookingVoyeuristic imageryDemand of record labelPerformance, concept or narrative based performance

Links between lyrics and visualsThey could care less as long as someonell bleed The lead singer, Gerard Way is speaking for the adults and explores what the stereotypical view of teenagers is. This line connotes that teenagers are ruthless and violent. The visuals support this as it shows the crowd the band is performing infront of going into a frenzy as the song reaches its climax.

Links between music and visualsThe guitar riffs are impactful and intense which lends the song a violent and frantic feel. This is supported by the visuals as we see the band being attacked by the crowd towards the end of the video.

Genre characteristicsThe genre of this song is alternative rock.This is presented through the band playing on stage with rock equipment (guitar, drum kit, microphone)A characteristic of the rock genre is that many of the videos take place in a high school as does this one

Notions of lookingInstead of looking directly at the camera to the audience at home, Gerard Way is looking out to the crowd as he is performing live in front of them.

Voyeuristic imageryThe only voyeuristic aspect of this video are the cheerleaders dancing behind the band on stage

Performance This video is clearly a performance as the band is performing for a crowd live for the entirety of the video.