convince your boss: the roi of power up power up 2020 is the event to attend if you want to develop,

Download Convince your Boss: The ROI of Power Up Power Up 2020 is THE event to attend if you want to develop,

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  • March 6, 2020 |Celebrating International Women’s Day |

    Convince your Boss: The ROI of Power Up: Anyone who’s been to Power Up will tell you it’s an incredible, inspiring experience. But if you’re

    going to ask your employer to sponsor your ticket, you have to make a bold case for attending.

    Here’s a bit of tactical advice on getting your manager to send you to Power Up 2020: It’s not

    about you. It’s about how your team—in fact, your entire company—will benefit from the information and insights you’ll gain.

  • For more information please contact: or 305.348.5495 |

    2. You’ll build a case on how you’ll become a bigger asset to the company. You’ll learn how to think strategically, gain new insights and learn directly from successful professional women. Interactive sessions will focus on key topics such as leadership, mentoring, strategic planning, networking, communication, and change management.

    3. You’ll bring back best practices and practical takeaways. The presenters at Power Up share real-world experiences from a broad spectrum of successful companies and organizations. You’ll learn how these companies navigate change, engage the next generation of leaders, and create new leadership models—and how your organization can do the same.

    4. It sends a powerful message of support. By sending you to the conference, it elevates your entire team, and shows that your company cares about diversity, inclusion and the professional development of women.

    5. You’ll meet important new contacts. Plenty of structured and informal networking sessions mean tons of opportunities to forge new contacts and talk with professional women at all stages of their careers.

    6. Everyone else on your team will benefit, too. In every session and in every conversation, you’ll be collecting new ideas for working smarter—ideas you’ll bring back to the office the very next day.

    1. First, you’ll need to explain the value of Power Up. Here’s your elevator pitch. POWER UP is South Florida’s premier women’s leadership event. Created by women for women, this one-day event features workshops, mentoring, and networking opportunities—all geared toward energizing, lifting up and advancing women in business.

    Here’s how to position the return on investment for your company: Bolder ideas. Smarter solutions. New professional contacts. Managing change. Commitment to diversity and inclusion.

    Power Up 2020 is THE event to attend if you want to develop, connect, and advance in your career. Once you’ve made your case for attending, your chances of convincing your boss

    should be much higher. Plus, this is great timing because registration for Power Up 2020 is open!

    Secure your ticket while they’re still available.

    6 Simple Steps to Convince your Boss: