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A collection of precious writing instruments from Conway Stewart


  • A Collection ofPrecious Writing Instruments

  • onway Stewart has been creating luxury writing instruments inthe United Kingdom for one hundred years. Perfectly balancedand a delight to hold, a Conway Stewart pen will enhance any

    handwriting style, while offering a supremely satisfying and pleasurablewriting experience.

    Combining the rare attractions of fine British craftsmanship allied toexquisite design plus an unswerving commitment to quality, aConway Stewart pen is the ultimate inspirational gift or self-indulgence.

    As precious and irreplaceable as fine jewellery, a Conway Stewart isa lifelong treasure, an heirloom of the future to be cherished nowand for generations to come. Visually captivating, Conway Stewartdraws its inspiration from the heyday of British fountain pen designof the 1920s and 30s, a period acknowledged for its sophisticationand style.

    With their distinctive profiles, Conway Stewart writing instrumentsare fashioned in a range of traditional and modern materials as well as hallmarked solid 18ct gold and sterling silver. Each pen is hand-crafted and polished, the final creation being a unique objectof beauty.

    The ranges include a number of highly prized limited editions andthe striking designs amply provide for every taste, from classicalunderstated elegance to contemporary chic.

    To suit all writing preferences and afford the widest possible choice,the Conway Stewart writing systems offer fountain pen, ballpoint,pencil and roller ball.

    All our writing instruments come with a 100 year guarantee theultimate proof of absolute confidence.


    Handcrafted for one hundred years

    Churchill Fountain Pen

    Centenary Fountain Pen

  • onway Stewart has a distinguished history dating back to theearly years of the last century. Over the decades, ConwayStewart has grown into a luxury brand synonymous with exquisite

    style and painstaking craftsmanship a brand inspired by the finest creativetraditions of the past.

    Conway Stewart took its first step tofame during a period of unparalleledoptimism and prosperity.

    In 1905, the new King, Edward VII,was a celebrated figure throughoutEurope, adding sparkle and verve tohis realm. The Boer War was a fadingmemory and the Great War had yet tothrow its dark shadow over a sunnypeaceful land.

    The golden Edwardian era was indeedthe perfect time in Great Britain fortwo industrious and ambitious youngmen, Frank Jarvis and Tommy Garner,to set up their own fountain pen business. Already experienced incommerce Frank had been a traveller in fountain pens for someyears for the eminent firm of HenryMead & Sons they foresaw a rosyfuture for this rapidly developing typeof writing instrument.

    With joint capital of 50, the pair established themselvesin a small room at Paternoster Row, in the heart of theCity of London, rented for five shillings a week.

    The origins of the Conway Stewart name are uncertain. Some penhistorians maintain that it was inspired by the names of two musichall comedians. Others that it represented the owners attachment to both Wales and Scotland. Whateverits provenance, Conway Stewart came in time to be recognised as synonymous with excellence a recognition as steadfast today as during the last century.

    In the early years of the business, thepair operated as wholesalers, buyingpens from America and elsewhere, andselling them to City of London firms.But ever open to new ideas, they soonsaw the benefits of manufacturing andassembling their own products.

    Inventive and innovative, the firmsfounders set about giving ConwayStewart that unique character which sets it apart from all other pens. New patentsflowed from the drawing boards of this

    industrious company.

    In 1910 came the Conwaypump-action pen. In1919they introduced the first all-British made lever-filler pen. These innovations were followed bythe first vibrantly coloured pen made of resin.Previously only black and a limited number ofplain colours had hitherto been available.Shortly after came two leaps forward in fillingmechanism design the button-filled pen andthen the Ink-Visible piston filler.

    The 20s were indisputably the heyday for fountain pen design, andthe distinctive elegance of that decade has been a perpetual sourceof inspiration to Conway Stewart ever since.

    It was during the 20s that many of Conway Stewartsmost famous styles were introduced, including theclassic and enduringly popular Duro, the beautifullyprofiled Dandy and the diminutive but perfectlyformed Dinkie.

    Adding further interest to Conway Stewarts pens wasthe imaginative use of attractive and interestingmaterials materials such as vulcanite, made fromvulcanised rubber and casein, astonishingly a product derived from milk that over many monthshardens to form a satisfyingly workable solid. Suchmaterials, although now largely superseded by resins,

    have never losttheir charm forConway Stewart,and their uniqueproperties canstill be enjoyedin many of theranges that areavailable today.

    By the late 20s, the Conway Stewart name was known throughout the Empire. Wherever the British flag flew, there was sure to be aConway Stewart agent, ready to espouse the virtues of this mostBritish of brands.

    The fame of the company grew each year demanding a burgeoningarmy of craftsmen and commercial travellers, and moves into ever-moreimposing factories in the centre of London.

    King Edward VII


    Conway Stewart showroom1928

    Ink-Visible piston filler patent

    Tommy Garner

    Frank Jarvis

    Writing History for one hundred years

  • The pace of change at the company rarely slackened. New patentskept Conway Stewart up to the minute with the latest writing instrument technology. Expertise with fountain pens smoothly spreadto other products, such asthe propelling pencil, themost exciting developmentin the field for many years.

    New designs issued forthfrom the skilled team, eachmore eagerly received thanthe last. Not even theSecond World War couldstem the tide of creativityand the post War periodsaw a blossoming of newstyles, including the classic 58.

    That Conway Stewartemerged from the strugglefor freedom in such excellent shape is a tributeto the brands strength.Nothing could stop its onward march not the Blitz, which almostdestroyed the London factory, northe shortage of materials and skilledworkers. Like Winston Churchill, who reputedly used a Conway Stewartpen throughout the war years andafter whom one of the current rangesis named, the brand refused to surrender its place as Britains leading pen brand.

    The 50s were excitingyears for ConwayStewart. With years ofrationing and restrictionsover, people once againbegan to celebrate thefiner things that moneycan buy. A new NeverHad It So Good era,with a new Queen onthe throne and a resurgence of optimismgave an added impetus to the brand. ConwayStewart celebrated its half century in style withrecord sales and a huge influx of capital.

    But as with all business, having scaled greatheights, Conway Stewart entered a period ofretrenchment. The old commitment to qualityand innovation was unwavering, as shown by its introduction of the retractable ballpoint pen,

    then a revolutionarydevelopment.

    Yet for many years the success whichhad made Conway Stewart a world-class company was absent. Inflation,competition from cheaper imports, andthe publics drift away from using fountain pens all had a detrimentaleffect on the business. Conway Stewartstill enjoyed the staunch loyalty ofmany customers, but sadly not enoughto ignite interest among a new generationof pen buyers.

    In recent times the ownership of Conway Stewart has changed andmoved to new locations in a bid to re-establish its position. Yet it wasnever a question of if this would happen, but when. With a brandof such strength and heritage, the setback to its fortunes was nevergoing to be more than temporary.

    And, indeed, in the mid 1990s Conway Stewart was revived, recapturing its traditional reputation for excellence, craftsmanshipand style. Drawing on its vast design library, including many of the

    most beautiful pens ever created,Conway Stewart relaunched itself as thebrand we know today superbly crafted,stunningly designed modern writinginstruments inspired by the classic profiles and materials of the past.

    Relocated to its present home outsidePlymouth, on the edge of the DartmoorNational Park in Devon, ConwayStewart is finding a new generation ofdiscerning and loyal users includingheads of state, Prime Ministers and US presidents.

    Interest in the brand has grown exponentially, as luxury and specialistretailers have become aware of the tremendous opportunity thatConway Stewart represents.

    From the exquisitely precious Harlequin or Floral Rose each limitedto 50 pieces to the strikingly original pens made from colourfulresins, Conway Stewart appeals to all who appreciate giving or receivingsomething of real and lasting value.

    Winston Churchill

    Conway Stewart factory post BlitzThe company strides towards the next hundredyears with great confidence in the future.

    Stunningly designed modern writing instruments

    Conway Stewart Head Office, Plymouth

  • o pen connoisseurs and those who seek rarity,beauty and uniqueness in their possessions, ourlimited edition 18ct solid gold range is the ultimate

    writing instrument. Hand sculpted from solid gold,adorned with meticulous care in four superb finishes andfitted with an 18ct gold nib, the range represents ConwayStewarts crowning achievement. Each limited to 50pieces, they are enjoyed and cherished as any preciouswork of art.

    The Harlequin and the Centenary are hand adorned withthe finest enamel inlays painstakingly built up in layersand then fired and pol