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    Cookie Dough Easter Eggs

    There would be no Easter without Easter eggs. At this time of the year they appear on

    menus and tables in many different forms: stuffed eggs, chocolate eggs or just eggs

    with mayonnaise. And to this selection, I would like to add a recipe for another type

    delicious and beautiful Cookie Dough Eggs that easily can be a centerpiece decoration of

    any Easter table.

    You will need very few ingredients to make them, just a bit of time to form and decorate

    them but in truth - this is just pure fun! When they are done, they have all the parts

    (though in different colours) that a regular egg has: a shell (chocolate), a white (edible

    cookie dough), and a yolk (dulce de leche). Although the cookie dough is prepared


    slightly differently - by whizzing together butter biscuits, walnuts and dulce de leche

    you end up with a yummy result and additionally, you dont have to worry about eating

    raw flour or eggs.

    INGREDIENTS (for 8-10 eggs):

    150g plain butter biscuits,

    25g ground walnuts,

    50g + 150g dulce de leche,

    100g white chocolate,

    colourful pearls for decoration.


    1. On a small plate covered with cling film put 10 portions of dulce de leche and place

    the plate in a freezer for at least 1 hour. The portions should equal to approx. half a

    teaspoon and you will use the 50g of dulce de leche to prepare them. The longer they

    are kept in the freezer, the easier it will be to shape the eggs later.

    2. Put the biscuits and ground walnuts to the food processor, whizz them until they

    resemble fine crumbs, add the 150g of dulce de leche and process till everything is


    3. Divide the dough into 10 equal portions and start shaping the eggs: take

    approximately half of the portion of the dough for one egg and with your fingers

    create a small disc. Put one portion of the frozen dulce de leche inside the disc, take

    the other half of the dough to close up the filling and roll it gently with palms of your

    hands to make an egg shape. Put on a plate (wider part down) and press gently to

    make sure the egg stands. Continue with other eggs. If you feel it is easier for you to

    make bigger eggs, then add more dough to each portion. This way you may end up

    with 8 eggs.

    4. When all the eggs are ready, put them to a fridge for the minimum 30 minutes.

    5. Melt the white chocolate over a pan of simmering water, pour it to a cup.

    6. Take one egg and pierce its bottom part with a sharp fork, making sure the egg stays

    firmly on the fork. Dip the egg in the white chocolate, let the excess flow down.

    Before the chocolate sets on the egg, decorate it with pearls and then gently place on

    a plate. You can take the egg of the fork without damaging the decoration with

    another fork that you put under the egg and gently lift it off the piercing

    fork.Continue with the remaining eggs. 7. The decorated eggs should be kept in the fridge.