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  • Cooperative Learning

    Students work together in small groups and learn through interaction with each other while the teacher coaches the process.

  • 5 Major PhasesTeacher clarifies goals, provides a hook and introductory informationOrganize student teams with clearly defined rolesFacilitate team activities, including academic learning, social skills & cooperative behaviorAssess student knowledge throughout the process and/or by team presentationsRecognize both group & individual efforts such as active participation and taking responsibility for learning

  • Phase 1: Goals, Hook & IntroductionThe 3 instructional goals of cooperative learning are: Academic achievement, Tolerance and acceptance of diversity, andDevelopment of social skillsConsider how you will communicate these goals in your introduction

  • Phase 2: Teams and RolesOrganize materials, learning experiences and small group activities by paying attention to 4 key features:Form heterogeneous teamsHow students will work together in small groups (Student Teams, Jigsaw, Group Investigation, Think-Pair-Share)How behavior and results will be recognized or rewardedRealistic time estimate

  • Jigsaw-Teams

  • Think-Pair-Share

  • Four- and Six-Cluster Seating Arrangements

  • The Swing Seating Arrangement

  • Cooperative Learning Roles May Include Group recorderMaterials collectorReporterFinal copy scribeIllustratorTimekeeperCheerleader/ FacilitatorMonitorMessenger

  • Phase 3: Facilitate learning, social skills & cooperative learningHelp with TransitionsTeach CooperationTask InterdependenceSocial SkillsSharing SkillsParticipation SkillsCommunication SkillsGroup SkillsTeam BuildingTeaching Social and Group Skills

  • Phase 4: Assess Throughout and/or with PresentationsTest Academic LearningAssess CooperationGrade Cooperative LearningRecognize Cooperative Effort

  • Scoring Procedures for Jigsaw

  • Quiz Score Sheet for Jigsaw

  • Rubric for Cooperation and Collaboration

  • Phase 5: Recognize Group & Individual EffortsFind ways to highlight group presentations by displaying results prominently in room.Maybe invite guests to hear final reports.Consider summarizing results through newsletters or other forums.Each individual makes some kind of unique contribution highlight those.

  • During todays activities Look for ways the learning experiences could be adapted for your students into cooperative learning activitiesChoose 1 representative to record ideas for each of the 5 phasesBe prepared to share these ideas with the rest of us

  • Web Links to Cooperative Learning A guide to Cooperative LearningOverview of Cooperative Learning StrategiesJigsawGroup InvestigationThe Collaborative Classroom