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2. AIM OF EDUCATION !The Same for ALL Children Live as a Valued and Respected Member Be a Life-Long Learner Have Meaningful Relationship Have a Satisfying CareerPROF.KALPANA CHAVAN LRE for LIFE Project 8/97 3. BASIC CONCEPT OF CONSTRUCTVISMPROF.KALPANA CHAVAN 4. ACTIVITY 1 In Our Life some things learnt by our Friends/brother/sister INSTEAD OFOur Parents/Teacher/other older one ?Write Reasons Behind ThisPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 5. ?WHAT IS COOPERATIVE LEARNINGPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 6. ACTIVITY 2 COMPARE THIS TWO SITUATIONS AND TELL WHAT ?IS COOPERATIVE LEARNINGPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 7. COOPERATIVE LEARNINGCO+OPERATIVE= COOPERATIVE Working in Team to Accomplish a Common GoalIN THAT Positive Interdependence 1 Individual and Group Accountability 2 Share Knowledge & Experiences in Peer 3 Group/ In GroupPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 8. COOPERATIVE LEARNINGPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 9. ,Cooperative Learning means Relations in Group Positive Interdependence: Sink or Swim Together 1 Individual Accountability: Equal Participation & 2 Learning Interpersonal Relations: Communication, Trust, 3 Leadership, Decision Making, Conflict Management Face to Face Interactions: Premote Each Others 4 .Success PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 10. RELATED RESEARCHLast 90 Years So many Experimental and Co .relational Studies have been ConductedPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 11. OUTCOMES OF COOPERATIVE LEARNING Learn More 1 Better Understand 2 Easier to Remember 3 Better to Feel about themselves & about 4 Class ,ClassmatesPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 12. OTHER OUTCOMES .Positive Relationships, and Psychological Health 1 Higher Achievement and Greater Productivity 2 More Caring, Supportive, and Committed 3 Relationships Greater Psychological Health,Social Competence, and 4 Self-esteemPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 13. ELEMENTS OF COOPERATIVE LEARNING Positive Interdependence-1 Face-to-Face Promotive Interaction.2 Individual and Group Accountability.3 Interdependence and Small Group Skills-4 Group Processing.5PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 14. ELEMENTS OF COOPERATIVE LEARNINGPositive Interdependence-1PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 15. ELEMENTS OF COOPERATIVE LEARNING Face-to-Face Promotive Interaction.2PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 16. ELEMENTS OF COOPERATIVE LEARNINGIndividual and Group Accountability.3PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 17. ELEMENTS OF COOPERATIVE LEARNING Interdependence and Small Group Skills-4PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 18. ELEMENTS OF COOPERATIVE LEARNING Group Processing.5PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 19. ACADEMIC SKILLS AND SOCIAL SKILLS ACADEMIC SKILLS SOCIAL SKILLS 1Understanding 1 Obtaining Attention 2Demonstrates 2 Shares & Participate with others 3Attentive Listening Skills 3 Asks Permission Reading for Meaning 4 Assist Others 4 Note Taking 5 Cares for Physical 5 Appearance Paragraph Writing 6 Conversation skills 6 Memorization 7 Identifies & Expresses 7 Emotions in Self & Others PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 20. GROUP Group Patterns: Heterogeneous or Homogenous Formal or Informal Group Same Learning Speed Group 1 Same Achievement Group 2 Creative Group 3 Cooperative Group 4 Collaborative Group 5 Equal Knowledge/Attitude/Skills Group 6 PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 21. ACTIVITY 3 Using Informal Group Cooperative Learning Useful Techniques Think-pair-shareThink-write-pair-share Write-pair-switch partner-share Pair-check and coachTimed talking-summarizingPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 22. EXAMPLES OF COOPERATIVE LEARNING Peer tutoring Conversation cards Think-pair-share Role-plays Jigsaw Open-ended free conversations Information-gap activities , Problem solving Storytelling Cooperative projects ,Paired interviews Sharing opinions, debating, narrating, describing explainingPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 23. Roles are Assigned in a Cooperative Group LEADER RECORDER CHECKER TIMER OBSERVER PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 24. ACTIVITY 4 ROLE OF CHECKER?PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 25. ACTIVITY 5 ? ROLE OF LEADERPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 26. ACTIVITY 6 ? ROLE OF RECORDERPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 27. ACTIVITY 7 ? ROLE OF OBSERVERPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 28. ACTIVITY 8 ? ROLE OF TIMERPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 29. PLANNING FOR COOPERATIVE LEARNING Decide Objectives of Cooperative Learning 1 Decide Interactions 2 Seating Arrangement 3 Decide about Formal/Informal Group 4 Planning about Cooperative Learning: Beginning? 5 Middle? End of Lesson Time Management 6 Expected Work 7PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 30. & GROUP PRESENTATION EVALUATION Feedback about Learning from Student to Teacher Test Quizz Worksheet Project Skill Test Capacity Test Practical Exam PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 31. ASSESSMENT Feedback from Teacher to Student about Learning Review of journal Entries Written ork Presentation Research Papers Essays Story Writing PROF.CHAVAN KALPANA 32. THANKS FOR COOPERATIONE mail id:kschavan333@yahoo.comPROF.CHAVAN KALPANA