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Jesus the Suffering Servant

Jesus, the Suffering Servant

Unit 2: Gospel of MarkMark OverviewDate: 65-70ADAudience: Gentile- Christians who were being persecuted.Portrait of Jesus: An unrecognized, suffering ServantA person of action (deeds rather than words).He is our model.Genealogy: None.

2Jesus is our Model of FaithHow do you define faith?

From last nightRead 188-197; 197Why are faith and religion inseparable?What are some of the religious practices through which we can express our faith?Explain how it is true that faith is both a gift from God and also rooted in human freedom.How can we nourish our faith?How can the generations of faithful men and women who have gone before us help us in our own faith?What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?What is evangelization?Read pages 188-197 and copy and answer the questions from 197 into your notes.

4True Discipleship

Disciple a learner; one who follows another.Apostle one who is sent.5The Call to Discipleship is the Call to Change.

Willingness to leave certain things behind.Willingness to live life as a pilgrim.Willingness to develop a listening ear to be taught.Willingness to be led learning to obey.Willingness to die, so that we might live.Evangelizing, Not ProselytizingPg 220-222Mark 16

Discipleship Failure

Messianic IdentityMessiah Hebrew word for anointed one. The equivalent Greek term is christos.Comes out of a belief system called Messianism that taught a descendant of David would be the ultimate messiah who would restore the 12 Tribes of Israel and save the Jews from foreign government.In Mark, Jesus tells people not to disclose his true identity. Why?

Jesus Christ Superstar

How does Simon describe the Messiah?What sect is Simon a part of?How does Jesus respond to the people? Why?Baptism and Transfiguration

Mark 1: 1-11Mark 9:2-13BaptismRecorded in all four gospels.Why did John baptize?Why was Jesus baptized?What role does Baptism serve for us today? (see pg. 163)

TransfigurationWhos present?Significance of Moses and Elijah?What happens to Jesus?What does this reveal about Jesus?

Agony in the GardenNot what I want, but what you want. (Mk 14:36c)Sin is responsible for the death of Jesus.God was behind everything that happened, but didnt intervene.This does not mean that God wants suffering.God did not directly will that Jesus be the victim of others violence.God did will Jesus to enter into solidarity with sinners.Jesus faithfulness to God led to his death.

Jesus Passion Narrative

Legally, what were the grounds for Jesus arrest?Why would the Romans view Jesus as a threat?Why would the Sadducees view Jesus as a threat?Ultimately, what was Jesus charged with?

Pontius Pilate


Anastasis (Gk) to be raised up in a court of law; to be declared not guilty.The TrialCrucifixion

Psalm 22

Philippians 2:6-8Jesus, the suffering servant.