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Corkscrew Elementary School Student-Parent Handbook 2020-2021 Corkscrew Elementary School 1065 County Road 858 Naples, FL 34120 Phone: (239) 377-6500 Fax: (239) 377-6501 School website: FOLLOW us @CESCorkyBear

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  • Corkscrew Elementary School Student-Parent Handbook


    Corkscrew Elementary School 1065 County Road 858

    Naples, FL 34120 Phone: (239) 377-6500

    Fax: (239) 377-6501 School website:

    FOLLOW us @CESCorkyBear

  • Corkscrew Elementary School Contact Information

    Staff Member Contact General

    Information Attendance Line

    Main Office 377-6500 Fax # 377-6501

    Administration Dr. Rebecca Merhar, Principal 377-6504 Mrs. Maryann Caseres, Assistant Principal 377-6502

    Office Manager Mrs. Debbie Reitz 377-6503 School Counselor Mr. Dan Lyberg, School Counselor 377-6506 Attendance/Student Records Mrs. Robin Dally, Data Entry 377-6505 ESE Program Mrs. Sue Fialko, Intervention Support Specialist 377-6511 Reading Coach Ms. Rebecca McCosh, Reading Coach 377-7055 Cafeteria/Nutrition Services Mrs. Cindy Edwards, Food Services Manager 377-6512 Youth Relations Deputy Corporal Matthew Reichard 377-2166 Discipline/Testing Mrs. Maryann Caseres, Assistant Principal 377-6502

    CES Web Page -

    Stay Connected…Stay Informed FOLLOW us @CESCorkyBear

    This handbook is provided to give each Corkscrew Elementary School family information regarding the policies and procedures that have been established in an effort to create a safe learning environment for our students. Please take a few minutes to read this handbook with your children to ensure they understand all school policies and procedures.

  • WELCOME TO CORKSCREW ELEMENTARY! Welcome to Corkscrew Elementary School! As the Proud Principal of an “A” rated school, here at CES, Excellence is Expected! Our school’s mission is to foster a learning community where students engage in experiences that develop self-confidence and a love of learning resulting in respectful and responsible citizens. CES students show each and every day they are digital learners, global citizens and forward thinkers!

    Last year, Corkscrew Elementary became a FranklinCovey Leader in Me school, focusing on learning and living the 7 Habits, in order to strengthen leadership skills. This year, we continue our Leader in Me journey, “Growing Leaders One Habit at a Time”! Students, staff and CES families continue to be foundation and core of CES and through the 7 Habits, students will thrive in the areas of academics, creating a positive culture and building their own leadership.

    Our dedicated and caring faculty and staff create an environment that is focused on student engagement, rigor in the classroom and innovative learning. I know the beginning of this year is quite different than the previous 21 openings of Corkscrew Elementary but with all of our stakeholders working collaboratively, this one will be the best one yet! We look forward to continuing to educate our CES Bears while supporting their social emotional learning. We can’t wait to see all of our little Bears return to Corkscrew Elementary August 31st! Sincerely,

    Dr. Rebecca Merhar


    To foster a learning community where students will engage in experiences that develop self-confidence and a love of learning resulting in respectful and responsible citizens.


    To create a collaborative learning community that inspires success through high quality data-driven instruction, purposeful learning, and amazingly positive experiences for all stakeholders.


    • Student achievement and development are the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of the school.

    • Students learn in different ways and will be provided with variety of instructional approaches to support their learning.

    • Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process. • Respect, cooperation, and communication are necessary among staff members, students, parents, and

    the community to create a positive learning environment. • High expectations lead to high achievement for all. • Success influences self-concept, self-concept influences learning and behavior. • Collaborative planning is essential in maximizing each teacher’s strengths.


    Arrival & Dismissal Procedures Transportation Changes

    Attendance Types of Absences Notification of Absences Attendance Communication Tardies Make-Up Work

    Bring Your Own Device Cell Phones

    Cafeteria Program Lunch with your Child

    Character Education Classroom Celebrations

    Birthdays Classroom Placement Communication Folders Conferences CREW/SACC - School Age Childcare Dress Code

    Dress Code Guidelines Good Things to Leave at Home Health Information

    Medication Head Lice Immunization & Health Certificate Use of Sunscreen at School

    Emergency Card CCPS Portal

    Homework Leader in Me Lost & Found Media Center Odyssey of the Mind Parent & Community Involvement

    Visitor Procedures Volunteers

    Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Pledge of Allegiance Program Attendance Progress Reports Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)

    PBIS Student Recognition Safety Patrol School Advisory Council (SAC) School Counselor Student Recognition Textbooks

    - Indicates an additional resource that is available by clicking the link provided

  • Arrival & Dismissal Procedures Arrival Details

    The campus is open to students at 7:45 A.M. Adult supervision is not available prior to this time. Students may arrive between 7:45 AM - 8:20 AM Upon arrival students should:

    • Have breakfast in the cafeteria • Go to their classroom

    The tardy bell rings at 8:25 A.M.

    Arrival Procedures Bus Riders Car Riders/Bikers/Walkers

    Bus riders should proceed to the cafeteria for breakfast, report to their morning activity, or classroom.

    In the morning, the gate leading to the Waterways Community will be open. Students can also enter on the sideways from the other communities. Only students will be permitted through the gate.

    The following safety protocols are expected to be followed on school buses:

    o Students will be required to wear a face covering. Safety glasses are optional. o Families should sit together, where feasible o School buses will be cleaned daily by drivers o Hand sanitizer will be used when entering the bus

    Hand sanitizer will be used after exiting the bus and prior to entering the school

    Dismissal Details • Students will be dismissed at 2:50 PM and led by teachers to their respective destinations: bus loop,

    car rider pick-up, or after school program (cafeteria). • Parents are not permitted to sign out students after 2:30 P.M. as this disrupts a safe and

    orderly dismissal process. • Transportation changes will be emailed to all staff and an announcement will be made when they

    are completed. All staff are required to check the transportation changes, every day.

    Dismissal Procedures For the safety and security of all students, students will be dismissed from 4 points:

    • Car riders — east side of building (in the middle school bus loop) • Walkers (students who walk from school to home) front of building through bike rack • Walkers (students who walk from school to home) back of building by playground/hardcourt • Bus riders - bus loop is at the front of school

  • Bus Riders • Any pupil missing his/her assigned bus shall report immediately to the adult supervising the area. The

    student will then be brought to the office and the parents will be called immediately for transportation arrangements.

    • A recurrent problem that has caused disappointment for children is to learn that they cannot go home with a friend on the bus to play, for a birthday party, etc. Please explain this to your child. The buses are for the purpose of transporting children to and from school. They do not function as a public carrier. Students who refuse to follow bus safety rules will receive a “Bus Referral” which is given to an administrator. For the first referral (depending on the severity of the referral), the student will receive a warning and appropriate consequence. Parent contact will occur upon the second referral, and MAY RESULT IN SUSPENSION FROM THE BUS FOR 1-10 DAYS AT THE DISCRETION OF THEPRINCIPAL/ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL.

    Bicycle Riders and Walkers

    Students who walk or ride bicycles should come directly to school using designated bicycle paths and follow all traffic safety rules. It is required by state law that all children, under the age of 16, must wear helmets when riding bicycles. For security, bicycle riders must use locks for their bicycles while parked at school. Children are required to walk their bicycles while on school grounds. The privilege of riding a bicycle to school may be rescinded if safety rules are not followed.

    • Only students who walk/ride a bicycle from school to their home should dismiss in the walker dismissal areas. Parents who are walking with their students to their home may meet walkers at the bike rack. All others are asked to follow proper dismissal procedures.

    Car Riders • Parents who drive their children to school are reminded that the safety of all children is dependent upon

    all drivers being safe, cautious, and courteous. Please observe safe driving rules around the school. Please follow the directions of the school staff to follow proper traffic patterns for the safety of children and adults.

    • Children who ride home by car are dismissed only to the east driveway (formerly the bus loop). A double line of cars will be used to facilitate the dismissal process. Children may not approach their car until all traffic has stopped in front of the loading area. Please watch the staff members on duty for instructions. Please note that any car parked in the No Parking areas adjacent the campus can receive a citation.

    • Because of the amount of traffic, all parents should drive into the car dismissal line and stay with their car until school staff loads their child. We realize that some parents are volunteering in the school or attending end of the day activities and will need to cross with their children. For your child’s safety, we ask that you wait for assistance from school staff to cross. Children are not allowed to cross the street without adult supervision. Parents are not permitted to go to their child’s classroom to pick up their child before or at dismissal.

    • Students in the car line holding area will be dismissed only to those who are in their car, in the car line, following correct car line procedures.

    • Signs with student names will be provided for each vehicle during the first week of school. Signs are to be placed on the driver’s side of the dashboard or on the visor. If the sign is not displayed, the student must be picked up in the office where identification must be presented. The students will only be released if the person is on the authorized pick-up list (emergency card). If you do not receive a car sign, one can be picked up in the front office.

    • Please make sure the appropriate dismissal location is clearly marked on your child’s emergency card and please update this with the teacher and the office if it changes during the school year.

  • Early Dismissal Procedures

    Students are dismissed at 11:50 and led by teachers to their respective destinations: bus loop, car rider pick-up, or after school program (cafeteria). Follow all regular dismissal procedures.

    Rainy Day Procedures Follow regular procedures unless otherwise directed by administration. If there is a lightening delay, walkers will be held in the media center until the weather clears. Phone calls will be made to inform parents that we are holding students for their safety. Parents will be able to come to the front office or car line and pick up their child. Please be prepared to provide proper identification.

    Transportation Changes

    All transportation changes must be called in to the main office (239-377-6500) or be written by the parent or legal guardian and given to the front office. No changes in transportation will be made based on the student’s word. All transportation changes should be received by 2:00 PM on the day of the change to ensure there is time to communicate the change to the necessary staff.


    Parents/Guardians are responsible for their child’s attendance. Arriving to school every day, on time, and remaining all day is important for academic success. Regular attendance is essential to a child’s success in school. Most subjects are taught in sequence, requiring the understanding of each concept in the order of its presentation. Persistent absenteeism creates a genuine hardship for a child and is regarded as a very serious problem. Please be advised that excessive or unexplained absences will result in an inquiry by the Department of Pupil Services. Chapter 232.10, Florida Law, states, “Each parent of a child within the compulsory attendance age shall be responsible for such child’s school attendance as required under the provision of the Florida School Law. The absence of a child from the school shall be prima facie evident of a violation of the School Law”.

    CCPS Policy -

    School Hours – 8:25 AM – 2:50 PM

    Early Release Dismissal Time 11:50 AM

    Absences: If your child will be absent from school, we ask that parents call our school office (239-377-6500) before 8:45 AM, to notify us that he/she will not be in school. Parents should give the child’s name, teacher’s name, and reason for the absence. If a child is absent with no parent/guardian notification, the school will activate an automatic phone call informing the parent of the absence from school.

    Parents/Guardians are required to notify the school when their child is absent and inform the school of the reason for the absence within twenty-four (24) hours by a telephone call or written note/email order to qualify for an excused or validated absence. Below are the types of absences:

    • Excused Absence – Student is absent and a doctor’s note is provided • Validated Absence – Student is absent and parent/guardian contacts the front office to inform the

    school (this call should take place each day a child is out of school) • Unexcused Absence – Student is absent and the school is not notified of the absence

    Attendance Communication:

    If a student is absent with no parent notification, the school will activate an automatic phone call informing the parent of the absence from school. Parents will be contacted via telephone after five absences per semester. A letter will be sent home after both 7 and 10 days documenting absences.

  • Tardies: Student tardiness is a concern that must be addressed in order to provide the best education for all our students. Prompt arrival at school is expected of all children. Students should be in the classroom by 8:20 AM. Late arrival disrupts the class and causes loss of instructional time. Any child who arrives at school after 8:25 AM is considered tardy and must come to the office for a pass to enter class. This also applies to children coming in late from an appointment (doctor or dentist). The only exceptions are children arriving on late buses, those on safety patrol duty, and news crew participants. It is the parent’s responsibility to bring the tardy student to the front office for check-in.

    Habitual absences and/or tardiness have a negative impact on student achievement and development. Any situations of habitual absences and/or tardiness will be investigated requiring a parent conference to address attendance concerns. Please help your child develop responsible habits. Develop a morning routine that will get your child to school on time.

    Make-Up Work:

    If a student is absent from school, it is the student’s responsibility to make-up work missed during this time period. If a student misses more than two days for sickness, a parent may contact the school to collect information about assignments missed. Teachers must be given 24 hours to prepare make- up work and materials. At least one (1) day shall be allowed for each day of missed work. A student or teacher may agree on an alternate schedule of make-up work when the length of time for make-up work needs to be modified.

    Technology Collier Connect- One-to-One Devices for Students PRE-KINDERGARTEN AND KINDERGARTEN

    o Students will be assigned an iPad The iPad will be available for students to take home GRADES 1-5

    o Students will be assigned a laptop o The laptop will be available for students to take home o CCPS will use a common template in the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) for courses to ensure a

    consistent experience for students, parents, and educators o Canvas LMS will be used daily on campus in courses and will provide flexibility to pivot to remote learning as


    Advances in technology have fundamentally altered the ways in which information is accessed and communicated in our world. These changes have created new tools to enhance teaching and learning.. BYOD is an acronym for Bring Your Own Device. For BYOD, a “device” is a privately owned laptop, tablet computing device, netbook, e-Reader, iPod Touch, iPad, or cell/smart phone for this program. The term “device” also includes any similar product owned by CCPS and provided for student use. Our students are digital natives and live in a world where information creation and consumption is constantly occurring. We feel that access to the tools and resources is imperative in each student’s education. We envision a learning environment where technology is a part of us, not apart from us.

    CCPS Social Media Resources -

    Cell Phones School Board policy states that student possession of cellular phones and other electronic devices on school grounds and school buses is a privilege for communication with parents/guardians, law enforcement, or under the direction of the teacher as part of the BYOD initiative. In order to preserve the proper educational environment and prevent disturbances, cellular phones and electronic devices are to be turned off and concealed from view from the time the school day officially begins until dismissal.

  • Cafeteria Program Menus for breakfast and lunch are published in advance on the Collier County School’s website. It is recommended that meals be paid for in advance on Monday mornings. CCPS is excited to offer MySchoolBucks®! This online payment service provides a quick and easy way to add money to your student’s meal account using a credit/debit card or electronic check. Go to or download the mobile app and register for a free account.

    Breakfast – Is served daily from 7:45 AM to 8:15 AM. Students who need to eat breakfast must go to the cafeteria first upon their arrival at school. Students choosing to eat breakfast at school will not be charged. Lunch - Hot lunch will be served daily. Families may pay for lunches with cash, checks, or utilizing the online pay option. If paying by check please make checks payable to “School Food Services” and place the check in an envelope marked with your child’s name, student number, teacher, date, and amount. Bag Lunch - If students elect to bring lunches from home, they should try to include all necessary items (spoons, napkins, etc.). Milk and water may be purchased in the cafeteria. Glass containers are not allowed. “Snap top” cans are often difficult for youngsters to open and are dangerous. Therefore, please use plastic containers for drinks and or food. Please help us to help our students make healthy choices in their lunches and do not include soda or candy in their lunch boxes.

    Nutrition Services -

    Cafeteria Charges The cafeteria is required by law to balance its books daily. This means no charges for lunch will be permitted without prior approval from the principal. In the event of an account not having money to purchase lunch, students will be permitted to charge eight lunches. Parents will be contacted to inform them of lunch charges by phone, email and debit letters sent home a minimum of once a week in their child’s backpack. We recommend that the parent not reach their limit and to let us know if they are struggling with this and let us help them to apply or reapply for reduced or free meals. The Nutrition Department is implementing ““ for the parents to easily apply online.

    Lunch with your Child Parents are welcome to enjoy lunch with their child. Please follow our sign-in procedures by entering through the main office. For security reasons, parents may only eat with their child at the family table, in the café or outside in the picnic area. Food items are not permitted to be brought to share with other students.

    Social-Emotional and Mental Health Supports o Continuation of CCPS 5 Social Emotional Learning (SEL) priorities will include strategies and a toolkit for coping

    with loss, change, and challenges o Professional development for educators will be provided in trauma-induced care, self-care, and strengthening

    classroom communities (on campus and virtually) o CCPS will continue to work with the Collier County Mental Health Workgroup in order to meet the needs of

    students and families

    Character Education The District School Board of Collier County, in partnership with the home and community, has a critical role to play in helping our youth develop into responsible citizens. Character education prepares our youth to address life’s moral and ethical problems. Students develop character through interaction with family, peers, teachers, and community members. A person of character is a good person, someone to look up to and admire, knows

  • the difference between right and wrong and always tries to do what is right. It is our goal that all CES Bears internalize these traits and make them part of their daily lives.

    Monthly Character Traits:

    Month Character Trait August Forgiveness

    September Citizenship & Patriotism October Respect, Tolerance, & Cooperation

    November Responsibility December Perseverance

    January Self-Control February Kindness & Charity

    March Honesty April Fairness & Justice May Integrity June Caring July Courage

    CCPS Character Education -

    Classroom Celebrations Collier County School District’s Wellness Policy 8510 guides our four yearly classroom celebrations. Parents wishing to provide party food/drink are asked to coordinate with the classroom teacher and/or the classroom parent prior to the event. Refreshments provided to classrooms must be store bought. Classrooms that contain students with documented allergies may have additional restrictions regarding the types of foods permitted. The health and safety of all students is our top priority.

    Birthdays Birthday celebrations are special for all students, and each classroom teacher acknowledges a student’s birthday in various ways. In all cases, children are recognized at school on their special day. If you wish to send in an item for your child’s birthday, you may send in a B-fit food item for the class or non-food item that will be shared/passed out at the end of the school day. Please refer to the below link to the CCPS B-fit policy for healthy birthday snack that can be shared. Some non-food items include: a colorful pencil, eraser top, stickers, bookmarks, or a small novelty item. Distributing party invitations at school will only be permitted if there is an invitation for all students in the classroom, or all girls, or all boys. CCPS Bfit Policy -

    Classroom Placement Corkscrew Elementary administration and staff will carefully consider all aspects of academic data, social development, and students’ unique needs as placement criteria. Because we believe that parents are important partners in the education process and provide valuable input, those who desire to share additional information about their child, but not specific teacher name, may do so. Each spring, families will be notified of the parent input process and have a timeframe to submit their input for the upcoming school year.

    Communication Folders/Wednesday Folders Each Wednesday, Communication folders will be sent home with students. These folders will contain important Collier County Public School and CES school information. This is a great opportunity for families to discuss upcoming school and district events.

  • Conferences All meetings will be conducted using virtual format for at least Semester 1 of the 2020-2021 SY. We encourage communication between home and school. If you have any questions, concerns or wish to discuss your child’s progress, please email or call the voicemail of your child’s teacher. For your convenience, be sure to schedule meetings in advance to ensure the availability of your child’s teacher. Teachers’ work hours are from 7:40 AM to 3:10 PM. Student arrival and dismissal times require our teachers’ full attention. They are unable to adequately meet with you at these times.

    Audio Enhancement Microphone

    o Every District classroom is equipped with an Audio Enhancement microphone and sound system o Provides enhanced volume, clarity, and projection of a teacher's voice and computer sound o With students/teachers wearing masks, a microphone/sound system is especially important to ensure students

    can clearly hear their teacher o Provides equity of projection of a teacher's voice to all students throughout the classroom.

    Daily Schedule Corkscrew Elementary Daily Schedule

    7:30 Office opens 7:40 Teachers arrive 7:45 Students may begin to arrive and proceed to holding 7:50 Breakfast program begins/Student Arrival 8:15 First bell rings, students admitted to class 8:25 Tardy Bell rings

    10:35 - 1:05 Lunch 2:50 Dismissal 3:10 End of teacher day 3:30 Office closes

    CREW/SACC - School Age Childcare CREW/SACC is Corkscrew Elementary Schools’ before and after school childcare program. CREW is located on our campus. We offer services before school from 6:30 AM- 7:45 AM and after school from 2:45 PM – 6:30 PM. Students spend the afternoon with our experienced counselors as well as our CES teachers. CREW information is located on CES’s webpage under the parents’ tab.

    Dress Code – CCPS Student Dress Code

    Corkscrew Elementary follows the dress code as outlined in the CCPS Code of Student Conduct manual. SOCIAL DISTANCING AND FACE COVERINGS Social Distancing Students and staff are expected to maintain social distancing to the greatest extent possible o Physical classroom space - desks will be distanced and all students will face the same direction o No student locker use (band, hallway, or PE) o Water fountains will be turned off o Personal water bottles and use of water bottle filling stations will be permitted

    Face Coverings All students and staff will be expected to wear a face covering on school campus. Face coverings prevent the spread of coronavirus.

    Safety Glasses (Optional) Safety glasses provide wraparound protection and create an additional barrier between an individual and the virus. The glasses are made of clear plastic and are designed to be worn over prescription glasses.

  • The following will be provided:

    o Students - two (2) washable face coverings o Staff - three (3) washable face coverings

    The following will be provided: o Students - one (1) pair of safety glasses o Staff - one (1) pair of safety glasses

    The policy printed in its entirety is as follows: Policy Changes School Board policies 5511 (Student Dress and Grooming) and 3216 (Staff Dress and Grooming) have been revised to include criteria for wearing protective gear such as face coverings and safety glasses during health emergencies, including situations involving pandemic and infectious diseases. The Code of Student Conduct is applicable regarding student accountability. 5511 - STUDENT DRESS AND GROOMING The School Board recognizes that each student's mode of dress and grooming is a manifestation of personal style and individual preference. The Board will not interfere with the right of students and their parents to make decisions regarding their appearance, except when their choices interfere with the educational program of the schools. The Board authorizes the Superintendent to establish a dress code in order to promote a safe and healthy school setting and enhance the educational environment. Where the District is confronted with a health emergency, including pandemic and infectious disease situations, which might require or warrant the wearing of protective masks, shields, glasses or other coverings pursuant to guidelines and/or directives issued by the Federal Centers for Disease Control and /or the State of Florida Department of Health ("FDH"), including those issued by the FDH of Collier County, shall be considered. While the protective items may have varying colors, patterns, designs, and/or District, school, or college/university logos on them, students shall not put on them markings, writings, depictions of any sort or kind. The purpose of the referenced protective items is for medical and health reasons only and may not serve as a forum or billboard for student expression. With the foregoing limitations in mind, and in accordance with the free expression and related provisions set forth in the Code of Student Conduct, it is recognized that students have a right to express their views on political, social, economic, religious, and aesthetic issues provided, they are not disruptive to the school and learning environment. This includes expressing one's views on a t-shirt, for example. The discussion of controversial issues should be encouraged during classroom instruction as appropriate and in conformity with Board Policy 2240 which is incorporated by reference herein. The provisions of this dress code policy are incorporated into the Code of Student Conduct and made a part thereof. Revised 8/11/20

    RULE 11. DRESS AND GROOMING CODE Students and parents need to be aware of the importance of good grooming and its effect upon the learning environment. Good taste is knowing where and when to wear the appropriate clothing and accessories. Since the home provides the funds, guidance, and upkeep of the student's clothing worn in school, it is the responsibility of the parent to see that grooming reflects the modesty and good taste expected in school. The following dress and grooming requirements are to be followed by all students as may be reasonably determined by the Principal (designee). Other requirements may be made to avoid disruption of the

  • educational process. 1. Safe footwear shall be worn at all times. No rubber flip-flops or bedroom slippers shall be worn. 2. Halter-tops, tube tops, short shorts, muscle shirts, midriff or backless shirts and blouses shall not be

    worn. Shoulder coverings must be at least two inches in width. Tops must be three inches below the waistband or remain tucked in so that the midriff area is not exposed. No bare skin should be exposed at the waist or abdomen area. Clothing must cover the chest area to ensure that cleavage is not exposed (See examples).

    3. Hair shall be clean and neatly groomed. Hair color and style shall not interfere with the educational process in the reasonable discretion of the Principal or designee.

    4. Intentionally altered clothing or unbuttoned and ill-fitted garments are not acceptable. Ill-fitted garments include, but are not limited to, garments that are too small so as to reflect immodesty or too large so as to appear to be falling off the body. Transparent, mesh, or see-through clothing may not be worn without other appropriate clothing underneath.

    5. Clothing shall be free of inflammatory, suggestive, or other inappropriate writing, advertisement, or artwork.

    6. The wearing or display of flags on our campuses has historically and currently caused dissension, along with a potentially unsafe and hostile learning environment for our students. In an effort to provide safe schools and prevent potential disruption, the following flags are the only ones that may be displayed and/or worn on Collier County Public Schools campuses and at off campus school-related activities: (1) the United States and POW/MIA flags; (2) the State of Florida flag; and (3) official school flags. In addition, any related symbols may not be displayed or worn on campus and at off campus school-related activities. Exceptions to this rule may be made for national flags on special occasions or in designated areas consistent with the learning objectives of the district and at the discretion of the Principal.

    7. Body adornment (i.e., adornments which pierce flesh) in any visible body part other than the ears shall not be displayed if such display presents a health or safety issue or if such adornment interferes with the educational process in the reasonable discretion of the Principal or designee.

    8. The length of skirts/dresses and shorts shall reflect modesty and good taste and be monitored by regulations enforced at each school. If a student’s fingertips touch skin when the arms are held straight at the sides, then the clothing item is too short and may not be worn.

    9. Costumes, sleepwear, or other clothing/adornment that creates a distraction is not permitted. 10. Shorts/pants must be fitted or cinched so as not to slip. 11. Gang clothing, symbols, or other items associated with gangs may not be worn, displayed, or carried.

    CCPS 2020-21 Student Dress Code link:

    At Corkscrew Elementary School we encourage student to “dress for success”. Our goal is to provide a safe and successful learning experience for all students. If appropriateness of attire is questioned, the child will be referred to the office. The support of parents in following the established CCPS Dress Code Policy is greatly appreciated.

  • Dress Code Guidelines:

    Corkscrew Elementary School Uniform Bottoms

    *dress code length (bottom hem must be at or below your child’s


    Black, Navy or Khaki Dockers-style pants or capris Black, Navy or Khaki Shorts, Jumpers, or Skorts (*dress code length) Cold Weather allowances: Black, Navy or Khaki/tan SOLID color leggings/tights may be worn under the above mentioned approved bottom options.

    Tops Collared Polo-style shirts (any solid color) Any emblem visible will be no larger than a quarter Embroidered shirts with school name are optional Cold Weather allowances: any SOLID color long sleeve shirt may be worn UNDER the above-mentioned approved top options.

    Friday Spirit Day/Early Release Day

    Any Corkscrew T-shirt in any color allowed (this includes field day shirts, Honor Roll shirts, CES spirit shirts, classroom shirts and embroidered or printed Corkscrew T-shirts)

    Jackets and Sweaters School appropriate and modestly sized jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters may be worn to school on cold weather days. (may have CES logo)

    Shoes Ankle height sneakers/gym shoes with socks. NO knee length shoes, shoes with heels or boots, or open toed shoes.

    Socks Matching ankle or crew length

    If the Corkscrew Elementary Dress Code Policy is not followed: First offense -verbal warning Second offense - warning with dress code policy reminder for parents and students to sign and

    return (the specific dress code violation will be highlighted on the policy sent home for signatures) Third Offense –result in an infraction and a consequence/loss of privilege

    *If inappropriate clothing is worn to school, parents/guardians may be notified by telephone and more appropriate clothing will have to be brought to school before the student will be allowed back in class. Good Things to Leave at Home Toys, games, radios, skateboards, rollerblades, balls, bats, cards and sharp objects are not allowed at school. Items of value such as jewelry, heirlooms and money should also remain at home. Permission from the administration is required before an animal may be brought on campus. Loss or theft of personal items at school or on the bus is not the responsibility of the school or district.

    Health Information Parents are requested to notify the school of any child’s absence by calling the school on the day of the absence at 377-6500 before 9:00 AM. Facilities for emergency care in school are very limited. Arrangements for taking your child home should be made promptly. Regarding communicable disease, only a physician or a nurse from the Collier County Health Department can certify that a child is free of a communicable disease. We can only call the parent and request that the child be kept home until an official clearance in writing has been obtained. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

  • WHEN SHOULD STUDENTS STAY HOME (click here for the COVID-19 Student Health Screener) Student Sickness - if your child has any of the following symptoms

    o fever o cough o shortness of breath or difficulty breathing o chills or repeated shaking with chills o muscle pain o headache o sore throat o unidentified rash o congestion or runny nose o nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea o new loss of taste or smell

    Children who have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher should be monitored at home for other signs or symptoms of illness until fever free for 24 hours. A child’s ability to perform in school is diminished if he or she does not feel well. If your child has repeated episodes of diarrhea or vomiting, a rash or general weakness, please consult with your health care provider and keep your child at home until the illness passes or your doctor recommends the child return to school. If a serious illness or injury occurs, the parent will be notified immediately, and the Principal may call Emergency Medical Services or take the student to an emergency care facility. Medical treatment will require parental permission. In a case where the legal guardian cannot be reached, the Principal may make any emergency medical decisions if the injury is life threatening.

    Health services are an important part of a student’s total school program. School health staff promotes academic success by helping to ensure that students are healthy and ready to learn. School nurses and school health assistants help students manage chronic health conditions, identify and follow-up on suspected health problems, manage illnesses and injuries, monitor immunization and physical examination documentation, and serve as a resource for health and wellness information. To help protect the health of all students, parents are asked to follow the guidelines below.

    CCPS Health Resources - PREVENTATIVE MEASURES Handwashing and Hand Sanitizing Handwashing and hand sanitizing time will be built into the schedule during transitions

    o Entry to school (from car/bus) o Elementary transition between class/recess and recess/class/lunch o After use of restroom o Before leaving the classroom for the day/dismissal

    Hand sanitizing stations will be placed in high traffic areas (building entrances, cafeterias, media centers) Preventative supplies (hand soap, sanitizer, and general-purpose cleaner) will be provided in each classroom, educational space, and common areas

  • Social Distancing Reminders Signage will be placed throughout each campus as a reminder to practice social distancing. Signs will be placed in the following areas:

    o Video doorbells: school entrance, receiving, childcare entrance

    o Front office/main lobby o Hallway bathrooms o Guidance office o Food lines o Bus lineup areas o Car line areas o Media Center check out area o Areas that do not have assigned seating areas such as

    music rooms, gyms or PE pavilions, multipurpose rooms, or auditoriums without seating

    Medication Whenever possible, medications should be given at home. However, if it is necessary for your child to receive a medication at school, the parent must bring the medication to school in the original container, complete, and sign a Medication Authorization Form. If a prescription medication is required at school, the prescribing doctor must also complete and sign the Authorization. This form is located on the District website or can be obtained from our school nurse. Medications are kept in the school clinic. Students may not carry medications at school except in very specific situations which require the written approval of the physician, parent, and school nurse. If your child has a health condition that requires medication or treatment, please contact the school nurse. Parents are also required to pick up unused medication. At the end of the year, any unused medication that has not been picked up by a parent will be disposed.

    Head Lice

    Instances of head lice and nits (eggs) are not uncommon in the elementary school. Parents are called to take home those children who have infestations. These children cannot return to the classroom until the parents have successfully treated the problem. Verification of treatment must be provided to the office, and your child’s hair and scalp will be examined for nits before he/she may reenter the classroom. Re-infestation may occur if only one viable nit remains on the hair shaft. Head lice, often spread by direct head to head contact outside of school, are most commonly found in young children. Head lice and nits (eggs) do not transmit disease and are not a significant health hazard. The Collier County Public Schools’ procedure regarding management of head lice is based on recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Association of School Nurses and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

    Immunization & Health Certificate

    Florida law requires all students enrolled in school to have on file evidence of a physical examination conducted within the twelve-(12) month period immediately preceding enrollment and an immunization certificate. The updated immunization certificate should be provided prior to the start of school each year. The Collier County HRS Public Health Unit will give free immunizations to all children. Please check with our office staff to find the nearest location that can assist you in this area.

    Use of Sunscreen in Elementary Schools:

    • Students should apply sunscreen, if desired, before and after school • If a parent wishes his/her child to apply sunscreen during the school day or during school

    sponsored events, the parent must provide the sunscreen which must be:

  • • approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for over-the counter use to limit ultraviolet light-induced skin damage.

    • in a lotion, cream or wipe preparation - use of aerosol or spray preparations are not permitted

    • labeled with the student’s name, ID number, grade and teacher • It is the parent’s responsibility to instruct the child in the proper use and application of

    sunscreen • Classroom teacher may maintain individually labeled sunscreens in a basket or other

    receptacle • Individual plans will be developed for students that are unable to safely and properly apply

    sunscreen independently. Emergency Cards We will send home an emergency card requesting that you provide information important to your child. This card will remain on file should it be necessary to contact you. It is imperative that you inform the office of any changes in address, phone numbers, or emergency contact throughout the school year. Should an accident or illness occur, we must have accurate information in order to contact you promptly. EMS (Emergency Medical Services) will be contacted for serious emergencies. Custody concerns must be clearly indicated and legal documentation provided. At the top of the emergency card, there are three choices for dismissal. Please clearly mark how your child will get home.

    CCPS Portal Make sure your contact information is up to date! By visiting the CCPS Portal, parents can update their contact information, choose their communication preferences, choose to receive text messages from their school and the District, and verify important information.

    Click here to visit the CCPS Portal

    Homework Homework demands will vary according to grade level. For specific information, please contact your child’s teacher. You should also contact the teacher if your child seems to spend an inordinate amount of time on homework. In order to assure that grades clearly reflect the student's performance and mastery of standards, homework is not to be a factor in any of the academic area grades in grades K-5.

    It is the policy of the School Board that homework is an integral part of a successful educational experience. Not only does homework reinforce learning through the practice, application, integration, and/or extension of knowledge and skills, but it also serves to develop the study skills and sense of responsibility that will enable students to become independent learners.

    • Corkscrew Elementary maintains a consistent homework policy where a variety of opportunities exist for children to independently, or with parental assistance, complete homework. Regular homework assignments will begin in Kindergarten and will continue to increase in length and complexity through the fifth grade. These assignments are intended to reinforce academic skills that were taught during the day, to provide an additional drill in areas that are weak, and to develop a sense of responsibility in the child.

    • Homework assignments will be reasonable, purposeful, and meaningful for the student. Because of varying teacher expectations and an awareness that each child works at a different pace, there is no predetermined amount of time to be spent on homework at each grade level. However, if a child frequently spends more time on homework than the parent deems reasonable, a conference with the teacher is recommended to determine if part of the homework is unfinished class work and/or if study skills and work habits need to be improved.

  • Leader in Me We believe that every student at CES should be provided with the opportunity to shine in a “Leadership Role” within their classroom and throughout the school environment. Our school’s vision of “Growing Leaders One Habit at a Time” is the heart of our school’s mission of ensuring high levels of performance for all students. It is our job as the developers of leaders to find what each child at CES is passionate about and to help them showcase that passion in the form of leadership. This commitment is not just for those students that perform well academically, complete their homework or behave in school, it is intended for every student in our school. We believe that children do not earn the right to a leadership role, but rather they are entitled to it simply because they are a student in our school. Please open the links below for additional information on “Leader in Me”.

    The Leader in Me Appendix - The Leader in Me Publisher Document

    Lost & Found Please label your child’s lunch box, jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts with their name. Many such articles are lost and unclaimed. There is an area in the cafeteria for lost and found items. At the end of each grading period, all unclaimed items will be donated to a charitable organization.

    Media Center Media Center Mission – Exciting students to be life-long learners by: ensuring that students and their families, as well as the staff and community feel welcome; encouraging a love of recreational reading; and inspiring effective use of information by providing equal access to valuable multimedia resources. Circulation – Students may check out books for a one-week period. They are welcome to bring books in and renew them, if they need more time. Kindergarteners may check out one book. First graders may check out two books. Second through fifth graders may check out three books. Any overdue books need to be returned, before new ones are checked out. Teacher materials may be checked out for an unlimited time period with the understanding that they may be asked to return the materials/books so that another teacher may use them. Media Center Hours:

    Student Hours – 8:00 AM – 2:40 PM Teacher Hours – 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM

    News Show – The news show will be on every morning at approximately 8:20 AM. Students involved in the news show need to report to the newsroom by 8:00 AM. Volunteers – Adults wishing to volunteer are welcome to do so in the Media Center. Every effort will be made to match volunteer interests with Media Center needs. The Media Specialist will train all Media Center volunteers. Odyssey of the Mind Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college. Team members apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. They then bring their solutions to competition on the local, state, and World level. Thousands of teams from throughout the U.S. and from about 25 other countries participate in the program. We are always looking for parents to volunteer for our Odyssey of the Mind program. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Maryann Caseres, 239-377-6502.

    CCPS Odyssey of the Mind/Academic Competition

    Odyssey of the Mind website -

  • Parent & Community Involvement VISITORS TO CAMPUS Limiting Visitor Access (click here for the COVID-19 Visitor Health Screener)

    o Parents should remain in their vehicles for student drop-off and pickup For early checkout, parents will use video doorbell and student(s) will report to the front entrance for

    pickup o Non-essential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving other groups are not allowed during the school day (e.g.

    mentors, vendors, family visits, lunch with students) Specialized programs requiring student interaction with a mentor/champion/coach will conduct activities virtually.

    Corkscrew Elementary School encourages and welcomes visitors to our school. As safety is a priority, we kindly remind ALL visitors, you are required to bring photo identification with you every time you visit our campus.

    Visitor Procedures

    All Collier County Public Schools will be locked this school year. Our CES main entrance (front office) is now locked and has a doorbell. Guests arriving on campus will need to ring the doorbell next to the door to request entry. When the front office staff answers, you will be asked your name and your reason for visiting, which may include your child’s name. Please present your photo ID to the camera directly above the doorbell. Once approved and access is granted, please do not allow other individuals to enter behind you. As you enter the lobby, you will follow our visitor’s sign in procedure utilizing the Raptor System to scan your ID and receive a visitor’s pass. Guests should plan to arrive at our schools a few minutes earlier to expedite their visit. All visitors must also check out in the front office using this Raptor System.

    CCPS new entrance tutorial

    We require all parents and community members to observe the smoke free campus expectation while at CES as all Collier County Public School facilities are “Smoke and Tobacco Free Environments.”


    Corkscrew appreciates volunteers and all that they do for our students, teachers, and school Community. In order to volunteer, one must complete the online volunteer application on the district website below. Parents and community members are encouraged to share their many talents by helping students and teachers in a variety of ways. Volunteers can perform a wide variety of services such as helping in the classroom, the media center, or in the cafeteria. Parents who wish to volunteer in the classroom or chaperone on any field trip must complete the online application. Parents and community volunteers may be asked to work in a variety of classroom settings to better serve the needs of our students and teachers. You will be graciously rewarded with many smiles and much appreciation. All volunteers must follow the visitor procedures outlined above.

    Collier County Public School’s Volunteer Process & Application -

    Parent Teacher Organization (PTA) Corkscrew Elementary School’s Parent/Teacher Association (PTA) is an organization of communication and fundraising for the parents, students, teachers, and administration. Membership is open to all families and membership cards can be obtained for a $5.00 membership fee. We extend an invitation for all to be active in our PTA, as your involvement will make the year a rewarding and meaningful experience for you and your children. This is something you won’t want to miss! Monthly PTA meeting dates and times will be announced and are available on the CES website.

    Pledge of Allegiance In accordance with law, students shall recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each school day. However, a student has the right not to participate in reciting the Pledge and must be excused from it upon written request from his or her parent(s). This shall include not requiring the student to stand and place the

  • right hand over his or her heart. Students who have not been excused are expected to show full respect to the flag by standing at attention with the right hand over the heart and recite the Pledge.

    Program Attendance Throughout the school year, students may perform in a grade level musical presentations or other extra activities. Selected classes may be invited to attend each of the dress rehearsals or performances if during school hours. Siblings of performing students are not to be released from class to attend a program to which the entire class has not been invited. The only exception to this policy is when the parent chooses to sign the student out of school and accompany him/her to the performance. Please plan to arrive early to allow adequate time to check in with the Front Office. Extended wait times may occur due to our increased safety procedures. Progress Reports Progress reports will be given out following the closing of each grading period. Please review your child’s progress report carefully noting all printed codes, notes, and explanations.

    Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBiS) We are proud of the excellent behavior exhibited by the students at Corkscrew Elementary School. A school-wide behavior support program exists for all students to blossom and grow. Rules and expectations are taught, modeled, and coached by the entire faculty. These rules are consistently and ethically Model Positive Behavior Support (PBIS) School.

    School-Wide Expectations:

    • Be Responsible! • Exceed the

    expectations! • Always do your best! • Respect!

    Excellence is Expected!

    Classroom Expectations: • Come to class on time • Complete all tasks • Share ideas with others • Listen and respect others’ ideas • Raise your hand to speak • Allow the teacher to teach • Keep hands, feet, and objects to


    Playground Expectations: • Use polite language • Use kind hands • Use equipment properly • Think safety first • Walk quietly in designated areas • Use cooperation and friendship • Use patience and care when waiting

    your turn • Walk quickly and quietly to line up

    PBIS Student Recognition • Homeroom classes earn paw print points towards a class reward chosen by the students. • Each week, a student in each classroom is chosen as the “Star Leader” he/she will receive a sticker

    and choose a prize and be celebrated by his/her classroom peers. • Corkscrew also teaches monthly character traits as part of our Positive Behavior Intervention

    Support program. One teacher from each grade level will choose their “Excellence Award” winner. • All of our Excellence Award winners will participate in a group picture, receive prizes, and their

    names will be shown on the morning news.

    How Can Parents Help with PBIS? • Be a good role model • Talk to your child about his/her day. • Keep communication between you and your child’s teacher active throughout the school year. • Focus on the POSITIVE!

    Safety Patrol Responsible fourth and fifth grade students are able to apply to serve on the School Safety Patrol. Fifth grade will lead the patrol positions and include fourth grade leaders after 2nd quarter. All students are expected to follow the directions of the patrol members while moving through the corridors, along the

  • ramps, and other areas on or near the campus. Morning Patrols should try to arrive to school at 7:45 AM and afternoon carline patrol will be on duty until 3:05 PM.

    School Advisory Council (SAC) CES’s School Advisory Council is formed according to state and county guidelines in the Accountability Legislation of 1991. The members of the SAC work with parents, community members, students, and staff to implement our School Improvement Plan (SIP). If you are interested in becoming a SAC member are requested to contact the Principal for more information. Meetings are typically held the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM. Please see the Weekly Message Sunday email for meeting dates, times, and specific locations. School Counselor Corkscrew Elementary is staffed with a professional school counselor. The focus is to support academic achievement. Our counselor is available to work with all students through classroom guidance units. In addition, individual counseling and small group activities are available. Any questions or concerns regarding your child’s individual program should be directed to the counselor.

    Student Recognition Students are recognized in variety of ways for their accomplishments. In addition to classroom recognition, there are School-wide recognitions.

    School-wide student recognition - Each quarter students are eligible to be recognized for their accomplishments defined in terms of growth and development in the areas of academic, social/emotional, and behavior. Students receiving a recognition awards will be celebrated as a part of the CES morning news and on the front office television presentation.

    Textbooks The State of Florida furnishes textbooks to students. At the beginning of the school year, letters documenting books student are responsible for will be sent home. Students will be charged for lost books that have been issued to them and for books damaged through negligence. This rule also applies to books that have been checked out in the Media Center. Online versions of textbooks are also available. Please see your teacher regarding login information.

  • Appendix & Resources

    Attendance Campaign B-fit Policy

    School Hours


    Leader in Me - 7 Habits Tree

    2016-17 Corkscrew Elementary School Financial Report


    CCPS Mobile App Information

    Parent Organization Station Information

    CCPS Mobile App Information

    Social Emotional Learning Resources

  • Corkscrew Elementary School Hours 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM Office Hours 7:40 AM – 3:10 PM Teacher Hours

    7:45 - 8:25 AM Student Arrival 8:25 Tardy Bell Rings

    10:40 AM - 1:05 PM Student Lunch Check with your child’s teacher for the specific lunchtime for each class.

    2:50 PM Student Dismissal (11:50 AM - Early Release Days)

    6:30-7:45 AM 2:50-6:30 PM

    Leaders’ League/SACC

  • Appendix - B-Fit Information Collier County Public Schools & Corkscrew Elementary Classroom Celebrations Per Federal and State requirements, Collier County Schools has created the B-Fit Nutrition Program. This Wellness Policy is Board approved and reviewed annually. In the best interest of ourstudents, Corkscrew Elementary School will be embracing this Policy and working toward healthy school celebrations.

    Focusing on students rather than the food… Celebrating birthdays and other special occasions in the classroom is fun and provides a great way to teach students about healthy eating. While a child’s birthday comes only once a year, multiply that by the 20+ students in a class, then add parties for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and other holidays year round and you have a routine flow of celebrations which could involve potentially unhealthy food choices. The occasional treat is okay, but we want to work together as a school district and with parents to ensure students participate in healthy celebrations at school, reducing the exposure to high-fat, high- sugar, low nutrient treats.

    Healthy alternatives for celebrations There are many non-food alternatives for celebrations that our students enjoy just as much as cupcakes and cookies, but if you choose to send food please refer to the list to the right as a healthy start to options and ideas. Teachers also appreciate if you let them know in advance that you will be sending in a treat. Below are additional ideas that are fun for students and won’t distract from our healthy learning environment.

    • Stickers • Pencils • Erasers • Bookmarks • Donate your child’s favorite book to the

    classroom library to be shared with the class. Consistent Messages - Providing healthy classroom celebrations demonstrates a school commitment to promoting healthy eating habits. It supports the classroom lessons students are learning about health, instead of contradicting them. Healthy celebrations promote positive lifestyle choices to reduce student health risks and improve learning. Thank you for your continued support! Please check the district website for healthier habits

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    re l

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    ee e) d (w e r cr

    ee e or ree cre

    e w w ed l


    cr ker r

    lk) e ( w Fr

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    00% r Fr

    Fre r wed e /

    d ee e k

    r ed r

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    or w r or Cra er (w

    ee e

    ) re ar ( Break

    w ar ar Bread

    (w -wheat) Bread

    led w er (

    d or

    cr ker

    ed tor ll w

    ed w r )

    00% e (

    el ke ( or


    Federal $ 1,146,056 15.39 $ 64,390,080 12.75 $ 3,531,298,510 13.38

    State/Local (excludes Lottery) 6,292,234 84.48 439,894,837 87.09 22,820,063,633 86.49

    Educational Enhancement (Lottery) Trust Fund 4,743 0.06 172,454 0.03 9,711,526 0.04

    Private 5,000 0.07 651,049 0.13 23,411,811 0.09

    Total $ 7,448,033 100.00 $ 505,108,420 100.00 $ 26,384,485,480 100.00

    * School revenues based on costs. [1] Total school revenues should agree with the total school costs in the subsequent section.

    K-12 OPERATING COSTS ** Per Full-Time Equivalent Student


    Teachers/Teachers Aides (Salaries/Benefits) $ 6,719 $ 5,519 $ 4,895 $ 4,191,163

    Substitute Teachers (Salaries/Benefits) Footnote [2] Not Available from State Data Base

    Other Instructional Personnel **** 1,119 1,166 1,064 697,918

    Contracted Instructional Services 208 251 235 130,044

    School Administration 729 730 599 454,478

    Materials/Supplies/Operating Capital Outlay 566 583 240 353,004

    Food Service 901 533 548 562,044

    Operation and Maintenance of Plant 1,255 1,159 971 782,599

    Other School-Level Support Services 444 421 236 276,783

    TOTAL SCHOOL COSTS ** $ 11,941 $ 10,362 $ 8,788 $ 7,448,033

    ** Capital expenditures for new schools are not included. *** Amounts reported for District and State reflect costs for all levels of students, not costs by school type. **** Includes some non-personnel costs, such as teacher training materials. District Costs: The amounts above represent only school-level costs. No district-level costs have been included. District costs, such as transportation and administration for CCPS totaled: $37,676,711 or $849 per FTE

    [2] Costs of substitute teachers included in "Other School-Level Support Services" are: $91,101 K-12 ADDITIONAL DETAILED INFORMATION Per Full-Time Equivalent Student

    TOTAL COSTS Teachers/Teachers Aides (Salaries/Benefits): Footnote [3]


    Basic Programs $ 5,295 $ 4,683 $ 4,109 $ 2,351,645

    ESOL 7,328 6,223 5,016 281,839

    Exceptional Programs 11,033 8,025 7,544 1,557,679

    Career Education Programs - 3,452 4,139 -

    Adult Programs Footnote [4] - - - - Materials, Supplies, Operating Capital Outlay: Footnote [5]

    Textbooks $ 61,777

    Computer Hardware & Software 196,206

    Other Instructional Materials 49,774

    Other Materials and Supplies 45,247

    Library Media Materials $ 3,437

    [3] The total of "Teachers/Teachers Aides" by program should agree to "Teachers/Teachers Aides" reported in the previous section. [4] Not FEFP-Funded

    [5] The total of "Materials, Supplies, Operating Capital Outlay" should agree to "Materials, Supplies, Operating Capital Outlay" reported in the previous section.

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