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Cornetto Dive In Mobile App Digital Ideas

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Cornetto Dive In

Cornetto Dive In Mobile AppDigital Ideas

InsightMany teens feel embarrassed to ask someone to date, or just to know each other.Many teens stalk a person that they like.

How we gonna do that ? Using mobile app. This app will give an information about a person that you like, and get suggestion about how to make a date or just say hi to know each other. Or what should you do to express your love.

User journeysign in with your facebook id input your lovely person facebook id you will get the information like:- Hobby- Interest - Close friends- Mostly visitedyou should choose one of information after you choosed you will get an information and you will get suggestion about how to make a date, or just say hi to know each other after did that things, you can share your story in facebook fanpage about used this app.


THANKS !!!TERIMA KASIH !!!By Affan Ryandi