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Not an opinionated document; this presentation only contains facts about economical corruption in the Arab World.


  • 1. Corruption in the ArabWorld

2. Corruption Forms Corruption Perception Index Bribe Payers Index The Effects of Corruption on the Economy 3. CPI(Corruption Perception Index) CPI is a measurement tool used by experts inthe fields of corruption. Its a scale between 0 and 10; 10 being theleast corrupt value. The Average of the corruption scale in theArab World is 3.47 4. CPI of Arab StatesWorld CountryScale World Country ScaleRankingRanking19Qatar7.7 105 Algeria 2.928UAE6.3 127 Lebanon 2.541Oman 5.3 127 Syria 2.548Bahrain4.9 143 Mauritania2.350Jordan 4.7 146 Libya 2.250Saudi Arabia 4.7 146 Yemen 2.254Kuwait 4.5 154 Comoros 2.159Tunisia4.3 172 Sudan 1.685Morocco3.4 175 Iraq1.591Djibouti 3.2 178 Somalia 1.198Egypt3.1 Average Scale3.47 5. CPI of Arab States 6. BPI (Bribe Payers Index) Its an index measured by a survey of the people of acertain region. The surveyed people are asked to rate their countrysperformance in fighting bribery. Like CPI, it is scaled from 0-10, 10 being the best score.However, no country in the World receives higher thana 9, which means all countries are viewed as exportersof corruption to some extent. The Middle East is overall the second worst after LatinAmerica in fighting bribery, according to the BPI. 7. Knowledge of Anti-Bribery Convention 68% of the people in the Middle East andNorth Africa do not know that this conventionexists. 15% know it exists, but know very little ifanything about it. 7% know moderately about it. 6% know substantial information about it. Only 3% know nearly everything and are veryaware of the Anti-Bribery Convention. 8. Are Governments DoingEnough? 39% say that Government is Very Ineffectivein fighting bribery. 28% say that it is slightly ineffective. 8% believe that it is neither effective norineffective. 19% think that Government is effective. 4% believe that Government plays a verystrong role in fighting bribery, 9. Who is the Most Corrupt? The Total Sample is theperceived average level ofcorruption. The Values in the MiddleEast are the perceiveddeviation from the Average. The Highlighted Values areperceived to be the mostcorrupt bodies in thegovernment. In the ME, Police are viewedas the most corrupt. 10. Effects of CorruptionThere are many forms of corruption in the Arab World; and just like allaround the world, they have nearly the same effects on the economy. Slaking off on infrastructure:- Jeddah floods.(Billions of Saudi Riyals were invested tore-construct Jeddahs poor infrastructure after the initialfloods in 2009, but Jeddah experienced two floods in2010 and 2011.Loss of talent due to Wasta when employers hire friends or family even if they are not qualified for the job.Leads to corrupt monopolies.-Ahmed Ezz monopolizing steel industry. Owning around 80% of the market share, he is free to raise or lower prices as he pleases, without looking after the best interest of the people or the economy.Discourages foreign investment. 11. Works cited The Report: Egypt 2007. Oxford Business Group.January 2007. ISBN 1-9023-3957-6