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Page 1: COSC Introduction
Page 2: COSC Introduction

Developing Khmer Film Industry

Fundraising Events

Oscar Submission

Page 3: COSC Introduction

“Lost Loves” by Chhay Bora was the 1st film in 18 years to be

submitted for the Oscar as the 2013 submission from Cambodia.

“The Missing Picture” by Rithy Panh in 2014, was the first submission

to receive a nomination from Cambodia.

(AMPAS = Academy of Motion Pictures & Sciences)

Page 4: COSC Introduction

COSC would like to invite acclaimed film industry professionals from

around the world to offer their advice, training and most important,

inspiration to the emerging Khmer filmmakers.

COSC is starting the Khmer Film Fund to offer grants to Khmer


Page 5: COSC Introduction

The Hollywood Awards Live: guests watch the Oscars broadcast live

from Hollywood and have fun playing games and winning prizes.

Fashion Show Competition: “in the style of” red carpet or movie

scene designs.

Music Concert: Black-tie with orchestra and band playing songs

from movies.

Art Auction: local artists creating film-themed works of art.

Movie Madness Masquerade Ball: guests dress up like their favorite

movie star or film character.

Page 6: COSC Introduction

Delicious home-made cookies and treats priced for everyone to enjoy.

Wholesale and events.

Working Art Space: Our retail outlet is available free for artists and

students to practice their art or presentations and get valuable feedback

from our guests to help the creative process.

Script Readings

Acting Monologues

Scene Rehearsals

Theatre Sports/Improv

Music Rehearsals


Book Readings

Powerpoint Presentations


NERD Nights


Any art or project!

Page 7: COSC Introduction