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<ul><li><p>7/26/2019 Cost of Mobile App Development (iOS Apps, Android Apps)</p><p> 1/3</p><p>Cost of Mobile App Development (iOS &amp; Android)</p><p>Most of first timers in mobile apps business (individuals or startups) wonder about</p><p>the cost of an App development project to start with; it could be zero if you develop</p><p>yourself (if you know xcode or android), could be !" # for a simple App if you</p><p>outsource it to someone who char$es %"" per hour, or may be even &amp;""" if you</p><p>hire a lowest cost freelancer via upwork'</p><p>And there is a mid way when you hire an a$ency to develop your app (and pieces of</p><p>software associated like the web based backend, As, desi$ns etc), and while an</p><p>A$ency in a developed economy may not work on any app project below !" #;</p><p>there are mobile app development a$encies like ours(www'a$icent'com) in ndia</p><p>(with &amp; sales people in the *+A) who can $ive you the same level of uality andprofessionalism that you $et around your location at a lesser price (not as lesser as</p><p>an upwork freelancer thou$h) and you $et a deal havin$ best of all worlds'</p><p>And since it is always a custom app development the cost hi$hly -depends. upon the</p><p>features and complexity one wants to $et developed' /herefore, tried to divide the</p><p>whole Apps into some cate$ories and then put a cost idea in front of those and 0d</p><p>be $lad if this helps anyone in this forum' +o let0s start12</p><p>Summary of cost Lower $ 5 K | Average $ 15-20 K</p><p>| Higher side $ 50K!And now read on3Lower Side "$ # to 5 K/hese are the simplest Apps with no backend4 server side (and with no bi$ lo$ic),</p><p>havin$ !25 screens with limited functionality' 6xamples 7 +imple 8iet lanner App,</p><p>9arcode +canner App, 9ud$et lanner App, hoto :rame App, +imple ews :eed App</p><p>and likes' +uch Apps take &lt; to 5 weeks of time to delivery' 6xample of such aps</p><p>(from our portfolio) can be12 a simple dru$ search app for chemists</p><p>(https144play'$oo$le'com4store4apps4details=id&gt;com'dur$search'app), or an A+</p><p>pocket $uide (https144itunes'apple'com4in4app4approved2inspector2</p><p>services4id!!"?5@</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cost of Mobile App Development (iOS Apps, Android Apps)</p><p> 2/3</p><p>owner (like auto notifications, deep behaviour report, inte$ration with a DEM etc') F</p><p>6xample of such apps from our portfolio could be12 Grap*p ews App and backend</p><p>2 https144$oo'$l485%H6pF Iasfit :itness App</p><p>7 https144$oo'$l4j@Jl"(ihone), https144$oo'$l495Hl%5(Android) F Aiko K 6$or 7</p><p>https144itunes'apple'com4us4app4aiko2e$or2animation2</p><p>mt&gt;BF Ge+nap (hoto editin$ and social network)2 https144$oo'$l4#ILyaF :ood</p><p>orderin$ Apps 2 https144$oo'$l4lbB/f$, https144$oo'$l4G/zy&amp;F Nimosine (Dab)</p><p>9ookin$ App 2 https144$oo'$l4ii&amp;sF Now carb menu planner</p><p>7 https144$oo'$l4hx%s</p><p>it is always recommended to $o for a fixed price a$reement for the first version and</p><p>then hire a development team (because it is always multiple technolo$ies you need</p><p>to $et support for) for a monthly fee for re$ular feature enhancement4 product</p><p>up$rades if you $ain $ood traction'</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cost of Mobile App Development (iOS Apps, Android Apps)</p><p> 3/3</p><p>n case of our services, we always offer months free bu$ fixin$ support anyways</p><p>so that our customer don0t worry for maintenance costs by the time they work hard</p><p>to $ain more users' Most of $ood service companies offer similar warranty'</p><p>0d be $lad to see your thou$hts on the same, and would be happy to add any info if</p><p> missed' And just in case you are lookin$ to cost an app or web project, then feel</p><p>free to M me'</p></li></ul>