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  • 1. Behind Closed Doors Sunraj Bolina

2. Mr Wicks remains in smart attire for the beginning of the short film. Then as his character progresses and his dark side comes out, he changes attire looking more relaxed and laid back at home in comparison to looking professional and serious in school.We want to show the different personalities the character posses. He is presented as a smart and respected teacher at school however when he gets home he becomes more relaxed. 3. We want Mr Wicks to look like a serious and respected teacher , therefore he remains in smart attire for the beginning of the short film when he is at school. Mr Wicks is a secondary school teacher so we want to portray him as an ordinary male teacher. Mr Wicks lives two separates lives, the costume changes show this as they bring out different personalities. The characters hair was kept neat and presentable to correspond with his whole image as a serious teacher. Mr Wicks is a fairly young character (in his 30s) therefore he will wear a fashionable yet formal grey blazer with blue elbow patches. Mr Wicks will wear a formal black suit shoes to go with the formal look. The character wears a red tie to symbolise that he has a evil side to him. This is embedded in his plain black jumper so that his dark personality is not fully shown at the beginning of the film. 4. When Mr Wicks is not at school, he will be shown to be a relaxed person adopting a careless manner. He will be presented as scruffy, therefore he will wear informal clothing to give off an effortless look.The initial idea of the costume change is to express Mr Wicks darker side. As director I decided to use a mix of formal and informal clothes to display Mr Wicks as a non-paternal, careless figure.Mr Wicks body language during this stage will also alter; he will act in a carless manner. This will work well with the choice of costume and setting.Mr Wicks will wear a white string vest, black trousers and socks. The darker colours will also correspond with the overall emotional aspect of the film and will work well with the characters mood at this stage of the film (after the rape scene). 5. Lucy is a 16 year old school girl, at the beginning of the short film she is shown walking home from school therefore she will wear school uniform.She is presented as an intelligent girl which is shown through both of her costume changes. We did not use a lot of make up because we wanted to make her look like an innocent young teenage girl. 6. Lucy has just come back from school, therefore at the beginning of the short film she will be wearing her school uniform.Mr Wicks is not a paternal figure therefore most of the house work is taken care of by Lucy. We want to make Lucy look exhausted and scruffy. So we have decided to use a creased shirt to give off the impression that appearance looking good/presentable is the last thing Lucy cares about.She will not be wearing make up to school, Lucys hair will be kept neat and simple. 7. The scene where the actress changes her costume is a different day, therefore she will be wearing different clothes. We decided to make her wear informal clothing as it is not a school day. We decided that Lucy should wear a plain black t-shirt as this will connote to the audience that something bad is going to happen, the colour black is associated with darkness and bad situations usually arise. This is the scene where she gets raped by her father therefore the colour black indicates that something bad happens and will have future consequences. She will also be wearing dark blue jogging bottoms, we chose the colour blue to add a bit of colour to her look as she is not a dark and evil character like Mr Wicks. The blue connotes to the audience that she has a nice personality as the blue jogging bottoms and hoody will stand out from Mr Wicks all black outfit. The simple clothing gives off the impression that Lucy is an innocent young girl who has not yet been through the stage where she starts to focus on her appearance due to other responsibilities. 8. Mark will be shown at school, in detention. He will be presented as a scruffy student as his top button will be undone and his shirt will not be tucked in. We want to present him as a messy, disobedient student. This image relates to why he is in detention.Mark will be wearing trainers more specifically Nike Air Forces. This yet again gives off the impression that he is a disobedient student as he does not conform to the school uniform rule which is to wear formal shoes. We want to give off the impression that Mark does not care about school, this will be done by making him look effortless and informal in the way he is dressed.