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  • Countdown to A Transition Newsletter

    Edition 2: 11 May 2020

    Hello Year 6! My name is Ms Corrigan and I am the Transition Coordinator here at Cranbourne. It has been a privilege to chat with all of your teachers this week and to find out more about all of you.

    During the coming fortnight, I shall be contacting you all at home to get to know you better. I shall be asking you and your parents about what your favourite subjects are and about areas in which you might feel you need extra help. I shall also ask you about your hobbies and interests, about which language you would like to study with us at Cranbourne, about which House you would like to be placed in and about any friends you would like to be with.

    These could be friends you have in your current primary school or friends that you know from outside of school. Some of you are coming from primary schools without any of your friends from Year 6. My message to you is this: don’t worry! We will be especially careful to place you with other people who have similar interests to you.

    I am looking forward to talking with all of you and working together with you and your families to welcome you to our Cranbourne family.

    Very best wishes, Ms Corrigan

    UPDATE: The Upcoming Transition Process

    In this edition... Introducing: Cranbourne’s House System

    Meet the Heads of Houses Top Tips for Starting Secondary School

    Cranbourne PTA

  • Cranbourne’s Website: Visit:

    Where to find more Information about Starting at Cranbourne...

    Transition Co-ordinator: Pam Corrigan

    PA to the Head teacher: Susan Sayers 01256 868605

    SENCO: Holly Smith

    Cranbourne+ : Adele Hinksman

    Contact a member of the Transition Team:

    Established in September 2018, Cranbourne’s House System inspires students to follow their passions.

    Students are members of one of our four Houses. Each House has House Captains and Sports Captains to encourage and support every student. The Houses have a Head of House and a Cranbourne Parent Partner (CPP) overseeing each student’s progress and pastoral care. Cranbourne’s four Houses are dedicated to local people, who have achieved amazing things by following their passions and interests. They are true role models for Cranbourne students.

    House and Sports Captains run many competitions and events. Participation is always rewarded – no need to be a master or a genius!

    Examples of recent competitions are: Photography Illusion Competition, The Chopstick Challenge,The Numeracy Challenge, Cranbourne Has Talent, Short Story Competition and The Skipping Competition.

    Andrew Lloyd Webber House: This House is dedicated to Performing and Expressive Arts and Andrew Lloyd Webber, internationally acclaimed composer.

    Austen House: This House is dedicated to Language and Literature. The House is named after Jane Austen, one of our most famous and most loved British novelists.

    Thomson House: This House is dedicated to Humanities and The Thomson Family, all three boys attended Cranbourne and went on to lead successful careers. All three are alumni to be proud of and good role models for our students.

    White House: This House is dedicated to science, maths, logic and Gilbert White, an eighteenth century naturalist.

    Which House Suits You? Love performing? Are you creative and enjoy exploring ways to express yourself? If yes, you would belong to Andrew Lloyd Webber House!

    Do you enjoy Maths and Science, do you see the world through logic? If that sounds like you, White House is the place to be!

    Watch the News? Have an interest in what is going on in the wider world? Do you want to be a journalist when you grow up? If so, Thomson House is the place for you!

    Love reading? Do you speak a second language or would you like to? Whether you love English or enjoy learning new languages like French, Austen House will be the perfect fit for you!

    Cranbourne’s House SystemINTRODUCING:

  • Top Tips for Starting Secondary School We asked Staff at Cranbourne what helpful advice they could give our new Students and Parents Here are some of their tips for you...

    Mrs Dixon – Teacher of Learning Support Don’t worry that the school seems so big. “We are the incredible shrinking school – at first the school seems massive and you feel that you won’t be able to find your way around the site but people are helpful and slowly the school shrinks… and you will find that, very quickly, you will know your way around.”

    Mr Long – Lead Practitioner for Humanities “If you’re feeling anxious, shy, overwhelmed or like a fish out of water… everyone else probably feels the same. Give it time and you will find your feet.”

    Mrs Simpson – Head of Andrew Lloyd Webber House and Teacher of Hair and Beauty and Health and Social Care “Find your own feet don’t follow someone else’s.”

    Mrs Houldsworth – Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages “Have a checklist and pack your bag the night before, so you know you’ll have everything you need!”

    Mr Roberts – Head of PE “Mr Roberts enjoys fruit gums and other sweets – please provide him with them…. My real tip would be to give everything a try, even if you don’t think you’d be very good at it! Go to extra- curricular clubs for all subjects.”

    Ms Corrigan – Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages and Year 6 Transition Lead “You don’t have to be THE best but you should always try to be YOUR best.”

    Mrs Holmes - Head of Thomson House and Teacher of PE “Ask your teachers questions…There is no such thing as a silly question and it will help to build your knowledge.”

    Friends of Cranbourne Friends of Cranbourne is our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) which is a registered charity, fundraising to help enhance and support all the activities we have in school. We are keen to encourage parents to play whatever role they feel they are able. We are particularly keen to hear from parents who have work-related expertise they can add to our careers education programme, or those who are keen to help with events, help with set building for shows, or anything else you think you might like to offer.

    If you would like to get involved or just learn more, please contact Helen Ward (Chair):

  • Heads of Houses INTRODUCING:

    Each House is led by one of our fantastic Heads of Houses. We asked our Heads to introduce themselves by giving some facts about themselves, similar to the ones you have

    been asked to share in your “This is Me” Porject.

    What is your favourite quote? “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Henry David Thoreau

    What are your favourite hobbies? Doing anything active, playing football, eating food and socialising with friends and family.

    Who is your favourite food? Shepherd’s pie is my favourite dinner, can’t go wrong with mince and potato.

    Dairy milk in any form is my go to treat or white chocolate cookies.

    What do I love most about working at Cranbourne? I am going to be new to Cranbourne alongside the year 7s and the thing I am looking forward to most is taking on Thomson house and creating a family feel where success is cool. How would you describe yourself? An active, outgoing, friendly person who is passionate about educating the next generation.



    What do you teach? • Hair and Beauty • Health and Social Care

    What are your hobbies? Gym, running and socializing with friends and family. I also like watching Arsenal play football and attending plays and musicals!

    How would you describe yourself? I am a very creative, friendly person with a passion for teaching.

    Do you have any pets? Yes, one dog called Willow!

    What are you looking forward to when the new Y7 come to Cranbourne? I look forward to meeting all the new year 7s joining our journey along with the rest of Andrew Lloyd Webber House.

    What do you like to do at the weekends? At weekends I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking nice food and going on long dog walks.

  • Now you know a little more about us, it’s your turn to introduce yourself! We are asking our Year 6 students to complete an “This is Me” Project which introduces themselves to their new teachers. We have uploaded the This is Me Tasksheet to our website. You can be as creative as you like for this project for example, you can make a leaflet, poster, PowerPoint or even a video!

    Email your completed projects to Ms Corrigan: Visit:


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