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<ul><li><p>So Lo MoHow to Engage with a Social, Local, Mobile Membership#solomoBarb Osier BreeserDigital Mobile Marketing StrategistFebruary 2015</p></li><li><p>Our Silver Anniversary Established July 15, 1989 </p><p>Stability Still owned by two original partners VP Engineering with ATS since 1995 </p><p>International Philadelphia, 1989London, 1992Toronto, 1993Prague, 1997Taipei, 1998</p><p>Celebrating 25 Years in Business</p></li><li><p>Our Services</p><p>SMS &amp; MMS TextingDIY Texting Platform 84444.comMobile AdvertisingMobile WebsitesGeo TargetingMobile ad buysRich MediaSocial Media AdvertisingResponsive DesignCelebrating 25 Years in Business</p></li><li><p>SOCIAL</p></li><li><p>TIMES CHANGE.</p></li><li><p>Business communication has evolved, too.</p></li><li><p>FACEBOOK: Like a Company Picnic or Local Pub</p></li><li><p>Use Facebook to promote your club events before, during and after the events. Remind members why they want to come, and show them what they missed! Make it easy to share info with their friends.</p></li><li><p>Advertise on Facebook. The ability to target by location, interests and behaviors gives you access like never before. $100-200/mo can make a big difference. </p></li><li><p>TWITTER: Like a Trade Show or Networking Event</p></li><li><p>LINKEDIN: Like the Chamber of Commerce</p></li><li><p>PINTEREST: Like Your Bulletin Board or Refrigerator Entire weddings are planned on Pinterest!</p></li><li><p>INSTAGRAM: Like your Slide Show or Photo Brag Book</p></li><li><p>GOOGLE+: Like. GOOGLE</p></li><li><p>A great break down of 6 of the most popular social media sites.</p><p>from Media BistroSocial Media is Conversations. ONLINE.</p></li><li><p>Dont promote without providing value.Social media is about ENGAGING your members its not a broadcast medium!</p></li><li><p>The goal is turn your members into FANS and your FANS into raving fans, brand promoters and volunteer marketers.</p><p>Gain insight about your members behaviors.</p><p>Use these tools to change the way you do your business rather than seeing them as additional channels to blast your message.</p><p>GIVE VALUE FIRST</p></li><li><p>When it comes to potential members, retargeting can be a great way to keep your club top of mind and encourage new members to come visit / take a tour / JOINFrom a technical standpoint, you place a special retargeting pixel (the single line of code needed to track site visitors) on your careers page and serve recruiting-focused ads to those pages visitors. </p></li><li><p>Googles latest algorithm for local search Search Engine Journal has named it the PIGEON update.LOCAL</p></li><li><p>TIMES CHANGE.</p></li><li><p>FACT: For local businesses, Google now gives added weight to a presence on directories such as Yahoo!, Yelp, Merchant Circle and LinkedIn.</p></li><li><p>84% search on tablets andcomputers.4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information.</p><p>88% search on smartphones.</p></li><li><p>What are they searching for?54% search for business hours.53% search for directions to a local business.50% search for local store address.</p></li><li><p>Local Searches result in purchases.</p></li><li><p>MOBILE</p></li><li><p>Some of you will have the mobile phone number # you have today for the rest of your life! </p><p>Your mobile phone is your DNA and digital fingerprint!</p></li><li><p>Why Mobile?Engaging YOUR members with their browser of choice! Starts a very intimate relationship, (many people bring MOBILE devices even to the bathroom!)Establishes a MOBILE DATABASE of OPT in members &amp; prospects that establishes loyalty, and keep your brand and business top of mind. Mobile Search is growing at an astronomical rate, Delivering a mobile optimized experience will be the difference between winning and losing a potential consumer! Creating Fun, innovative, engaging and memorable interaction is truly a brand to hand extension of your business. </p></li><li><p> 2012 Consumers keep mobile with them 24/7.IDC 2013</p></li><li><p>Mobile Activities By Device</p></li><li><p>MOBILE isreaching people in their pockets or anywhere they are not at their desktop. In other words, reach them at the right time, in the right place, on the right device.</p></li><li><p>SMS / Text MarketingMobile AppsMobile AdvertisingGeo-Fencing &amp; Geo-TargetingMobile Websites / Responsive Design</p><p>MOBILE MARKETING includes</p></li><li><p>Where is the best place to initiate an engagement with the mobile consumer?In Lines, While we wait For our food or to be seated at the restaurant In the check out of a LONG grocery line Retail Line (Target, Walmart) Public Transit At our seat at entertainment or sports venueOn packaging POS </p><p>Anywhere we can open a door to your business &amp; brand and establish a relationship for LIFE!</p></li><li><p>Why Text Marketing?</p><p>An easy Do-It-Yourself option: with plans startingat just $25 a month. SMS Text Message Marketingvia a short code is the workhorse of mobile marketing. It blends seamlessly with your email marketing and will likely be far more productive.If you can only afford to do one thing in marketing to customers via mobile, it should be text message marketing.</p></li><li><p>97 percent of ALL text messages are opened 15 minutes upon their receipt.(Nielsen Mobile, 2012)</p><p>50 percent of people who made a purchase from a retailer did so because of a text message from the company.(Mobile Marketer, 2013)Within an hour, 84 percent of all people will respond to a text message.(Nielsen Mobile, 2013)Why Text Marketing?</p></li><li><p>New Product/Service offeringsPro shop specialsCatering Increase club traffic on slow daysUpcoming eventsAdd to your existing email databaseSafety notifications &amp; alertsReminders for social eventsPolls &amp; QuizzesReminders for important deadlinesRemember: 97% of all text messages are read within 15 minutes of receipt.How can I use it for my club?</p></li><li><p>Promote it Everywhereand more.Promotion</p></li><li><p>Mobile Apps Does your Country Club need an app?FACT: Average smartphone has 26 apps loaded on itRestaurantsHotelsGolf CoursesRetailDestinations anything else that would allow you to interact with your customer on a regular basis</p><p>THE Questions to ask: What will it do? Will it add value to my members experience?</p></li><li><p>Mobile Advertising: Geo Targeting &amp; Geo FencingReach prospective members where they live, shop or vacation</p><p>Reach people in your store</p><p>Reach people within a mile of your club</p></li><li><p>Mobile Responsive/Adaptive Design 75% of adults believe that a mobile site must be as good, if not better than, a desktop site.61% of internet users will go to a competitors site if they visit a site that is not mobile friendly. </p></li><li><p>What people want in a mobile site:</p></li><li><p>In Summary:</p><p>SOCIAL</p><p>Get your clubs on the right social media channels - the ones that make sense for your members. </p><p>Remember the 80/20 rule: 80% value, 20% promotion</p><p>If you dont know where your members are online just ask them</p><p>Budget for some Facebook ads to connect with your target audience</p></li><li><p>In summary: </p><p>LOCAL</p><p>Develop a plan for your local listings &amp; a schedule for implementing it.</p><p>Create your descriptions (short and longer)</p><p>Consider a lead generation service to command search results in a competitive market place for events, golf, country club, etc. </p></li><li><p>In Summary : </p><p>MOBILE</p><p>Consider investing in text marketing to grow your business</p><p>Decide if your club is ready to reach your target demographic by taking advantage of mobile advertising</p><p>Determine if your member base would benefit from a mobile app</p><p>Budget &amp; Plan for a mobile website or Responsive/Adaptive Design</p></li><li><p>Lets connect!</p><p>Barb Osier BreeseratsMobile / Purple GatorDigital Mobile Marketing Strategist</p><p>TWITTER: @barbosier EMAIL: BarbB@atsMobile.comFACEBOOK: (515) 850-1162</p><p>Thanks for attending!</p><p>**Before Pigeon, there was a strong chance that searching for pizza restaurants in Boise will return listings for major brands such as Dominos and Pizza Hut towards the top of the SERP. In the post-Pigeon era, search results that are authoritatively local will be more prominently featured on the SERP, and they will be enhanced with relevant content. Pizza restaurants in Boise that have a verified presence on Googles own social network, Google Plus (G+), will benefit from having their menus, reviews, and photographs shown on the SERP. To this end, local business owners will definitely want to ensure that they are doing their share of content marketing and social media engagement on G+.</p><p>******Want soccer moms who shop at Macys and Starbucks? You can reach them Want businessmen who read Forbes and drive high end sports cars? You can reach them too.***</p></li></ul>