coupon bootcamp

Coupon Bootcamp

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This webinar is another step toward gaining financial freedom trough the effective use of coupons.


Page 1: Coupon Bootcamp

Coupon Bootcamp

Page 2: Coupon Bootcamp

What Do You Need?

• Coupons• Ad Match-ups• Spreadsheets• Coupon Policies• Calculator• Pen• Scissors

Page 3: Coupon Bootcamp

How Many Coupons Do I need?

• The Power of the Paper• Insert Services• Coupon Clipping Sites• Building your Coupon

Stockpile• Opportunity Cost• Spending Money to Save


Page 4: Coupon Bootcamp

To File or To Bind?

• Filing Saves Time• Filing Allows for quick

reference for things you may not use

• Filing reduces impulse buys• Binders allow you to see

your coupons • Binders allow you to carry

your coupons with you at all times.

Page 5: Coupon Bootcamp

What is an Ad Match-up?

• Contains the sales ad matched with the pertinent coupons

• Best of the best• Makes spreadsheet entry easy• Prices vary by region• Does my store allow stacking?

Page 6: Coupon Bootcamp

How Do I Use the Ad Match-Up?

• Print it out• Highlight what you are

buying• Clip the coupons• Enter the items into

your spreadsheet (if you have one)

• Carry in your Coupon Caddy as you shop.

Page 7: Coupon Bootcamp

How Do I Monitor My Results?

• Compare your receipt to your projected total.

• Track your savings per store and then overall

• Track your spending vs. Your Budget

Page 8: Coupon Bootcamp

What Should I expect To Save

• How do you budget?• Difference between the impact

of cash savings vs. % savings• When can I expect to see a cash

reduction?• Grocery savings should be at

least 65%• Drug store savings should be

85-95%(after 10-12 weeks of applying a

couponing system)

Page 9: Coupon Bootcamp

Final Points

• Don’t get discouraged• Don’t let the thrill of the

deal overcome you• Be patient• Be calculated• Develop relationships• Share your success

Page 10: Coupon Bootcamp