Course Catalog - Westfield State Catalog Summer 2018 JULY 9–AUGUST 3. ... various pen nibs and inking techniques. Students will complete a cartoon project from concept to final inking.

Download Course Catalog - Westfield State   Catalog Summer 2018 JULY 9–AUGUST 3. ... various pen nibs and inking techniques. Students will complete a cartoon project from concept to final inking.

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    Award Winning Program

    Course Catalog Summer 2018JULY 9AUGUST 3



    Mornings: 8:30 a.m. 12 p.m. CFK N119-001 Super Science Adventures Kelly Hawley $140 5-8CFK N035-001 Bead Making Crysta Ascolillo $150 5-8CFK N008-001 Wee Chefs Leah Cronin $150 6-9CFK N102-001 Sewing and Weaving Jamie Rochon $140 7-10CFK N005-001 Steampunk Lab Amy Carter $140 8-12CFK N155-001 In the Studio with Frida Kahlo Christie Hester-Moore $140 8-12CFK N025-001 Go Wild! Judy Lieb $135 8-12CFK N094-001 Digital Nature Photography Kevin Kopchynski $130 10-14CFK N145-001 American Airbrushing Garrett Westcott $150 10-16CFK N161-001 Wheel Throwing for Beginners! Danielle Stratton $150 11-16

    Afternoons: 1 4:30 p.m. CFK N009-001 Mud and Muck Judy Lieb $135 5-8CFK N008-002 Wee Chefs Leah Cronin $150 6-9CFK N124-001 Fairy House Architects Jamie Rochon $130 6-10CFK N024-001 3D Mania! Amy Carter $120 8-12CFK N106-001 Perfect Pasta Parties Robert Sternberg $200 9-13CFK N162-001 Expressive Arts Danielle Stratton $130 10-14CFK N163-001 Basic Web Page Design Kevin Kopchynski $120 10-16CFK N139-001 Myth Writing Jonas Cain $120 11-16

    Mornings: 8:30 a.m. 12 p.m. CFK N009-002 Mud and Muck Judy Lieb $135 5-8CFK N110-001 The Beginning Actor Rachel Cofsky $130 5-9CFK N008-003 Wee Chefs Leah Cronin $150 6-9CFK N156-001 Nature Inspired Amy Carter $130 8-12CFK N070-001 Forensic Fun Kelly Hawley $140 8-12CFK N129-001 Art Journaling for Kids Christie Hester-Moore $130 8-12CFK N035-002 Bead making Crysta Ascolillo $150 9-13CFK N164-001 Adventures in Drawing and Painting Lori Isler $140 10-15CFK N165-001 American Raku Pottery Garrett Westcott $150 10-16

    Afternoons: 1 4:30 p.m. CFK N166-001 Art Smorgasbord! Judy Lieb $140 5-7CFK N008-004 Wee Chefs Leah Cronin $150 6-9CFK N054-001 Recycled Art Amy Carter $120 8-12CFK N016-001 Magic Workshop Jonas Cain $125 8-13CFK N137-001 Sing Like A Star Rachel Cofsky $120 8-13CFK N149-001 European Desserts Robert Sternberg $200 9-13CFK N107-001 Playwriting and Performance JD Ayers $135 11-16

    Week 1 July 913

    Week 2 July 1620


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    Mornings: 8:30 a.m. 12 p.m. CFK N110-002 The Beginning Actor Rachel Cofsky $130 5-9CFK N038-001 Beginner Cartooning Bill Greaney $150 5-9CFK N167-001 Healthy Junk Food Crysta Ascolillo $150 7-13CFK N168-001 EcoArt in the Wild! Judy Lieb $140 8-12CFK N169-001 Jewelry Making Danielle Stratton $140 8-12CFK N157-001 Unique T-Shirts! Garrett Westcott $160 10-16CFK N042-001 Coolest Cake Boss Phyllisa Philips $200 12-16

    Afternoons: 1 4:30 p.m . CFK N170-001 Science Discovery for Curious Kids! Judy Lieb $140 5-8CFK N162-002 Expressive Arts Danielle Stratton $130 5-9CFK N171-001 Broadway Bound Rachel Cofsky $130 7-13CFK N041-001 Papier Mache JD Ayers $135 8-13CFK N038-002 Beginner Cartooning Bill Greaney $150 10-14CFK N139-002 Myth Writing Jonas Cain $120 11-16CFK N042-002 Coolest Cake Boss Phyllisa Philips $200 12-16

    Mornings: 8:30 a.m. 12 p.m. CFK N143-001 Clay Play Eileen Kaisla $140 5-8CFK N051-001 Advanced Cartooning Bill Greaney $150 5-9CFK N138-001 Monoprinting Fun Christie Hester-Moore $140 7-12CFK N025-002 Go Wild! Judy Lieb $135 8-12CFK N144-001 Wearable Art Antti Kaisla $140 8-12CFK N172-001 Programming Fun with Python Kevin Kopchynski $120 10-16CFK N173-001 Triptychs and Diptychs! Danielle Stratton $140 12-16

    Afternoons: 1 4:30 p.m. CFK N021-001 Nature Art Judy Lieb $135 5-7CFK N056-001 Skulpture with a K! Eileen & Antti Kaisla $140 7-11CFK N174-001 Exploring Nature's Designs with Computers Kevin Kopchynski $120 8-12CFK N173-002 Triptychs and Diptychs! Danielle Stratton $140 8-12CFK N027-001 The Art of Magic Jonas Cain $125 8-13CFK N051-002 Advanced Cartooning Bill Greaney $150 10-14CFK N107-002 Playwriting and Performance JD Ayers $135 11-16

    Week 3 July 2327

    Week 4 July 30August 3

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  • 3D Mania!In this class, students will explore art in three dimensional forms. Artists will make mobiles inspired by Alexander Calder, create trees from recycled paper, and make wild sculptures from model magic clay. For our masterpiece of the week, we will be creating sculptures of shoes! Each artist will paint a real shoe and design it looking at a famous work of arthave you ever walked in an artists shoes before? Dont miss it!

    Advanced Cartooning This course is geared for kids who already have some background in the fundamentals of cartooning and wish to further their knowledge. Kids will explore the various types of papers used in cartooning such as hot press, Bristol, and duoshade, as well as various pen nibs and inking techniques. Students will complete a cartoon project from concept to final inking. Markers and legal rights for cartoonists will also be discussed. (See Beginner Cartooning.)

    Adventures in Drawing and Painting!Explore various drawing and painting techniques through the use of watercolors, acrylics, oil pastels, charcoal, and more! An educational and fun studio-style course - Learn about the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design, and create fabulous artwork every day!

    American Airbrushing This summer, Country Girls Art Studio is presenting a new and dynamic group of airbrush lessons! Taught by Garrett and Kaolin Westcott, this class will cover surface preparation, airbrush maintenance, cutting stencils, control techniques, highlighting, shadowing, painting, flags, tears, ice, glass, and more. After quickly learning the basic control techniques, students will move on to textures, creating a finished airbrush painting ready for framing by the end of the week.

    American Raku PotteryAmerican Raku (inspired by Japanese Raku) is a process in which work is removed from the kiln at bright red heat and subjected to post- firing reduction. In the beginning of the week, students will learn how to make pottery using hand building techniques. These works will be bisque fired Wednesday night allowing students to glaze their pottery the following day. At the end of the week, the pottery will be heated up in a Raku kiln by the instructor and the instructor will remove and place the work into metal containers. Inspired by the dynamic process, students will then add combustible material of their choice such as newspaper, sawdust, pine needles, dried leaves, etc. It is the combustible material combined with glazes that create the unique Raku colors!

    Art Journaling for KidsIn this class, students will make and design their own one-of-a-kind art journals. An art journal is a record of self-expression using words and visual imagery. It is a place to doodle, paint, collage, experiment, write, or draw. Each art journal is as unique as the person who designs it. Did you know that many famous artists like Picasso and Vincent van Gogh kept art journals? Students will have fun expressing themselves and learning many design techniques as they create their own distinctive art journals.

    The Art of MagicFor the beginner or intermediate student, The Art of Magic is the perfect course to explore this amazing craft! Students will work in groups to create their own unique magic tricks, watch videos of amazing live magic shows, work in a computer lab to research world famous magicians, and at the end of the week students will host an open house for family and friends where theyll put on their very own magic show! Students will receive everything they need to learn the following magic tricks: Card & Die Transposition, Jumping Dice, Dice Addition Divination, The 6 & 9 Card Trick, Red & Black Separation, About Face, Heads or Tails, Stooge Coin Vanish, Heads-Up Coin Vanish, Torn & Restored Napkin, and even more surprises along the way!

    Art SmorgasbordIn this creative, fun-filled class, you will be introduced to a buffet of art materials and different ways to use them! Paper Sculpting, Polymer Clay Creations, Felting, Face Painting, Multi-media art and much more awaits you when you join Judy in this fun-filled week of art exploration! We will take time to get outdoors each day to help the creative juices flow! If time permits, we may venture to Stanley Park Wildlife Sanctuary to do some nature-inspired art. DRESS FOR MESS!

    Basic Web Page DesignGet your geek on as you learn to code simple web pages using HTML and CSS. All you need is a text editor and a web browser, found on any computer. Design a simple web page or an entire site and then bring it to life with some actions programmed with JavaScript!

    Bead Making Imagine, create, design, and construct your own beads out of polymer clay and paper! We will make a variety of beads with unique designs, colors, and patterns. The beads may be used to create bracelets, necklaces, or other creations. At the completion of the course, students typically take home a bag of homemade beads and a variety of bracelets.

    Beginner Cartooning Create your own comics during this jam-packed cartoon drawing class. Learn the techniques that the pros use. Well look into the history of cartooning and comics, learning about some of the greats- both past and present. Various pens, papers, and brushes will be supplied. Lets make some toons! (See Advanced Cartooning.)

    The Beginning ActorDo you love to act out scenes for your friends and family, and let your imagination run wild? Have you ever dreamed of being on the stage? Sign up for this course and have a blast playing fun/funny theater games, learn about the stage, and create a play that you will perform for your friends and family at the end of the week!

    Broadway BoundDo you love to sing? Do you love to dance? Were you born to be an actor? Come sing, play, and perform on stage while learning songs and dances to start you on your way to Broadway!

    Clay PlayWorking with clay is fun, rewarding, and a great way to develop your creativity. In this class, we will learn lots of clay sculpting techniques as we create pinch pots, coil pots, jewelry and sculptures. We'll even try our hand at sculpting animals and people. By using air dry clay and paints, participants will be able to take and/or wear all of their creations home by the last class.

    Coolest Cake BossThis class will focus on how to decorate a basic layer cake. Students will develop skills needed to create basic flowers, leaves, borders, and decorative icings. This class will also teach how to bake a perfect cake from scratch, measure ingredients accurately, and understand basic mixing methods. Each student will receive a decorating tool kit and a booklet full of wonderful ideas. Students will also take home their fully finished, fully assembled and decorated cake to share with their family!

    Digital Nature PhotographyLearn how to take great pictures of the outdoors! We will start with learning about your camera and how it works. Learn what your automatic settings are doing for you and the basics of using manual exposure. Learn how to get pictures in focus and well-exposed every time! Then we will learn more advanced techniques such as composition and lighting. We will explore the wilder places of campus and learn how to find interesting nature subjects. Every day we will also learn about editing your pictures using computer software. There will be plenty of time each day to work on your own pictures with help and advice from the instructor. Students should have a digital camera for the class and the cord needed to connect it to a computer. Any kind of camera is acceptable, although some cameras may not have all of the features we will cover.

    Course Descriptions


  • EcoArt in the Wild!In this course, you will create art in the Stanley Park Wildlife Sanctuary, focusing our activities on enhancing environmental awareness. Along with some of the ageless activities like nature face paint and rock sculptures, we will create grapevine wreaths and experiment with paint-making using natural materials. And, as with all of Judys nature courses, emphasis will be on the art of playing in the woods-creating memories and digging into nature!! Kids should bring snacks and especially drinks! DRESS FOR MESS! Sensible footwear required (no flip-flops or Crocks).

    Optional: child-safe bug spray & sunscreen!

    European DessertsIn this course, students will learn how to make classic European desserts including yeast dough pastries, crepes, and flourless chocolate/nut tortes. The recipes will include Polish nalesniki (stuffed crepes with cheese and fruit), Hungarian palashinken (stuffed crepes with walnuts and chocolate), Hungarian dobostorte (a flourless cake made with chocolate and almonds or walnuts), and Eastern European stuffed yeast dough pastries (stuffed with chocolate, nut and poppy seed fillings.)

    Exploring Nature's Designs with ComputersNature abounds with geometric patterns and designs. They can be seen in the way plants grow, in snowflakes, and the spirals in animal horns. Have fun and learn about computers as you explore these patterns using the LOGO computer language. Learn how to create your own beautiful designs!

    Expressive ArtsExpress yourself in this hands on Expressive Arts class! We will be investigating all different art forms from visual arts to poetry, movement, and drama! Students will be able to create an eclectic portfolio of writings and visual arts. Students will leave class with a broadened perspective on art making beyond the visual scope.

    Fairy House ArchitectsLet your imagination soar as you collect curious garden objects on nature hunts and construct a place for magical fairies and gnomes to live. We will use craft supplies and natural objects to design and build houses for miniature magical creatures to live in!

    Forensic FunOh no! A crime has been committed at College for Kids, and its up to YOU to figure out whodunit! Using real forensic science skills in our lab, we will search for fingerprints, extract and analyze DNA, hunt for clues around the campus, and take part in many other experiments to solve the crime!

    Go Wild!Some of you may have heard about playing in the woods and some may have parents who actually played out in the wild! When you Go WILD you will have an opportunity to stay cool as you explore nature up close at the Stanley Park Wildlife Sanctuary! Well wade in streams and tromp through muddy marshes in search of wild edible plants and animal signs while we work together to build a dam, search for frogs, salamanders, minnows, crayfish, aquatic insects and other critters. Discover swinging vines and learn to call in the birds. And, as with all of Judys nature courses, emphasis will be on the...