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Increasing citizen engagement of the Roma minority in Malomesto Final Project - Digital Artifact

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Increasing citizen engagement of the Roma minority in Malomesto

Final Project - Digital Artifact

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Objective of the project

To form active citizens out of members of the Roma community, who will be able to:

• explain their point of view on the social problems of the Roma minority,

• how to use their power as the citizens to make the local bodies listen and ultimately allocate some funding into resolving their issues.

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Who takes part?

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Who takes part?

• Slovak NGO Kooperácia that has been cooperating with the Roma minority for several years now

• Ten members of the Roma community

• Selected public officials from:

• Town’s Council

• Police

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Malomesto - A small town in the west region of Slovakia with approximately 3000 inhabitants and about 15% of them are members of the Roma minority

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How long will the project take?

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How long will the project take?

• First three phases with the first ten participants will last for one year

• Phase four is estimated to last equally long, but this might be amended later on with after reviewing the first year's evaluation sheets.

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What is the project about?

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Initial phase

Selected participants will be educated by the NGO employees about two important topics:

- civil rights of the Slovak citizens and the lawful way of using them in public institutions on local, regional as well as national level

- importance participation on the elections and active citizenship

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Second phase

Building the computer skills necessary for effective communication with the Town’s Council

Participants will be train to get the basic knowledge of the use of:

• Microsoft Office tools

• Email clients

• Social networks

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Third phase

Workshops organized in cooperation with the town’s officials and the members of police force on:

• how to file a complaint on a police station • submit requests to town’s council etc.

Practical trainings will also be conducted on know how about how to tackle the possible racism or discrimination they might experience while enforcing their rights.

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Fourth phase

In a following year the 10 alumni of the project will each share their knowledge and train 3 other members of their community under the guidance of the tutors from the NGO.

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What are the desired outcomes?

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Desired outcomes

• At the end of the first year, the participants will have a basic understanding of their civil rights

• Participants will gain the skills needed for effective communication with the public institutions

• With the understanding about how the system can work with and for citizens, the level of participation of Roma minority in the election on the local, regional and national level will augment

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Thank you for your attention!

For more information regarding this project please read the project design.

Zuzana Urbanová


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The environment created in this project is a work of fiction.

The town Malomesto does not exist, nor does the NGO Kooperácia