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Simple ways that you can reduce your carbin footprint

Simple ways that you can reduce your car carbon footprintAnd have fun doing it.

CarsCars are an easy way of getting around but each of them produces carbon that gets in the air. Look out the window next time your mom or dad is driving you somewhere and see how many other cars there are.Can you count that high?Why do you think having that many cars is a problem?


Even if each car makes only a little carbon each, there are so many cars on the road that a lot of carbon gets in the air. It can also get frustrating for your parents because the more cars that are on the road the slower your parents have to drive. This can cause a traffic jam and make you late.So what can you do?

CarsTry reducing the number of cars on the road. You cant make the other cars disappear but you can affect what you or your parents do.If everyone tries to minimize the use of their car then there will be a lot less cars on the road. Remember, a lot of a little thing is still a lot.


So what can you do?Dont take the car if you dont have to.Walk to your friends house if you live close enoughThat way you wont have to rely on your parents to pick you up and you may be able to stay longer.


Bike places that are too far to walk.Like school, no more waiting on the bus or the parent pick up line.My bike has saddle bags on it so I can take it to the store and buy things.

AlternativesIf school is too far to walk or bike to, invite your friends to ride with you in your parents car. That way, you can spend more time with them and as a bonus their parents dont use their cars to drive to the exact same place you are going. Its called carpooling.

What else?

Is there anything else you can do?What other sources of car carbon might there be?Pizza delivery people?Trucks?Package delivery services?

What else?Every time you get something new it needs to be delivered to the store you bought it from or to you directly.Thats more cars on the road and also, more carbon in the air.


Try planting a gardan.Its fun and means less trips to the store, for you, your parents, and the delivery people.

AlternativesTry finding new uses for old things. This will also result in less store trips. Plastic, like old credit cards, can be cut into a shape that will let you break into your siblings room.Old cloths can be re-worked into fun costumes.And old candle stubs can be melted down into new rainbow ones with the help of an old toilet paper tube.

The End

So what can you come up with?Just remember to be safe and have fun.