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Are you an author trying to get first book published? Here's some tips to help you get started on writing an awesome cover blurb for your book.


  • 1. Cover Your Back: Writing the Blurb By Dave Bricker

2. Book Covers in Traditional Bookstores Book covers attract readers They inspire the reader to read on and eventually buy the book 3. Book Covers in e-Bookstores The majority of todays books arent in the bookstore In e-bookstores, tiny book covers appear in the corner of the screen The book description has become even more critical than the cover itself 4. Cover Blurbs Purpose 5. The cover blurb lets the reader know what to expect It determines whether the reader should spend his/her money on the book or move on 6. What Makes Your Book So Great? 7. This is the golden question that authors should focus on when writing the cover blurb Identify the reasons for writing the book Be clear about the value proposition, what do you want readers to gain from the book? 8. Who, What, When, Where, Why? 9. Authors should also consider these questions when writing a cover blurb Dig deeper into these questions by indicating 10. Who is the reader? Who is the writer? Why is your book better than/different from others? What is your genre? Who are similar authors? When does the story occur? Where do the events occur? 11. Additional Tips & Tricks The more interesting the blurb is, the more likely it is to be read Keep it short and sweet Do an online search for important genre codes on Book Industry Group Check for spelling and grammar errors Identify your target audience Make a short list of words and phrases that describe your book 12. Want More Tips? Visit: