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Page 1: CPD EVENTS - 149th Annual NIMH Conference


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CPD EVENTS - 149th Annual NIMH Conference

31st October – 3rd November 2013,

Crewe Hall Cheshire

Natural ConnectionsBeneath the surface of the body and of the earth is an interconnected network of threads and fi laments working in orchestra to maintain health. Following the threads that create health, delving into our patient’s life patterns, searching for dysregulation, and looking in the earth for answers that maintain or restore harmony to the orchestra: is the herbalist practising herbal medicine.

The 2013 NIMH conference has a raft of brilliant speak-ers expanding on herbal medicine from the ground up. Key-note speakers; Sean Boylan, Anne McIntyre and Christopher Hedley will need no introduction to many herbalists; they are famed for their elegant concepts and the entertaining deliv-ery of their knowledge.

Key Note Lectures:

Sean Boylan is a 5th generation Irish herbalist who learnt herbal medicine from his father. He will share his experience of work-ing as a herbalist for over 40 years. Sean last spoke at the NIMH conference in 1997, when he told us he works with just 16 herbs. We are delighted to welcome him back. Not to be missed.

Christopher Hedley has been practising and teaching herbal medicine for over 30 years. He is well known for his inspi-rational and innovative approach to the subject. Christopher will talk to us about connecting with herbs.

Anne McIntyre FNIMH, MAPA has been practising as a herbal-ist for over 30 years and lectures widely on herbal medicine and Ayurveda in the UK, America and Europe. Anne specializes

in treating women and children as well as teaching gynecology, obstetrics and paediatrics and about Ayurvedic medicine. She is the author of several books on herbal medicine, has been featured regularly in the media and on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. Anne’s herb gardens have been featured several times on BBC’s Gardener’s World and frequently on local television series.

With workshops on self-suffi ciency in herbal medicine, medicinal mushrooms, the human terrain, functional infertil-ity, the therapeutic relationship and the sense of reporting ad-verse reactions and much more, this is the annual CPD event not to be missed.


1. The Self-suffi cient herbalist

Christine Steward FNIMH has been in practise for twenty fi ve years. She works in Worcestershire and Herefordshire in private practice and at the Hereford Breast Cancer Haven. She makes almost all the medicines that she uses from plants she grows herself.

2. Professional Practice: The NIMH Yellow Card system for reporting adverse events by you the practitioner

The NIMH Yellow Card system was initiated in 1994 as a way for practitioners to report adverse events directly from clini-cal experience and to monitor such events for potential safety concerns with individually prescribed herbal medicines to in-form practice. The main current clinical research data in the literature on adverse events is from clinical studies involving intervention with single herb manufactured products, without a previous herbal practitioner consultation, and from case re-ports involving over the counter self-prescribed manufactured herbal products.

This workshop highlights current issues regarding evi-dence based medicine and legislation concerns on quality and safety, and provides the opportunity for practitioners to dis-cuss clinical views and experience of adverse events, and to provide guidance on when it is appropriate to submit a report.

Ally Broughton BSc(Hons), Dip Phyt, MSc, MNIMH has been in herbal practice since 1995. She has been actively involved with the NIMH Research Group for many years critically evaluating current research information in the literature and disseminating relevant data to practitioners and other professional bodies. She has been running the Yellow Card System for the past 12 years.

3. Hericium erinaceus: Nature’s Nutrient for the Neurons

Traditionally used to treat gastritis and stomach ulcers, recent research has confi rmed the ability of Hericium erinaceus to

“Echinacea purpurea (by kind permission of Laura Stannard)”

Page 2: CPD EVENTS - 149th Annual NIMH Conference

j o u r n a l o f h e r b a l m e d i c i n e 3 ( 2 0 1 3 ) 7 6 – 7 7 77

stimulate the generation of nerve growth factor (NGF), with implications for use in cases of dementia, nerve damage and neuropathy. In addition to its use in these areas, Martin will discuss his use of H. erinaceus in the treatment of menopausal syndrome.

Martin Powell is a Chinese herbalist and author of Medicinal Mushrooms: A Clinical Guide. He became interested in the therapeutic potential of medicinal mushrooms and for the last 15 years has specialised in this fi eld. As well as practising in Newhaven, E. Sussex, he is a visiting lecturer at the Univer-sity of Westminster and lectures internationally on medicinal mushrooms and their clinical application.

4. The terrain in herbal medicine

Colin Nicholls MCPP has 20 years’ experience as a practicing herbalist and is Course Leader on the Herbal Medicine BSc programme at Middlesex University.

Colin has studied clinical phytotherapy with the French phytotherapist Dr Jean-Claude Lapraz in Paris since 1998, and is responsible for bringing Dr Lapraz to London for the benefi t of UK herbalists. The therapeutic approach developed by Drs Lapraz and Duraffourd is based on a global view of the human organism, particularly regarding the infl uence of the hormon-al and autonomic nervous systems on a wide range of health conditions. This ‘endobiogenic’ approach has had a profound effect on Colin’s teaching and practice, which he will share in this workshop.

5. Herbal Medicine in the Treatment of Female Functional Infertility

15% to 20% of couples have diffi culty conceiving, and in up to 30% of these cases the cause of infertility remains unex-plained. However, by incorporating traditional, ‘holistic’ or ‘energetic’ approaches to diagnosis (such as those used in Tra-ditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda) with scientifi c in-sights, one may fi nd possible causal factors for the infertility where orthodox medicine has failed to do so. This workshop highlights various problems which may contribute to func-tional infertility in women, and treatment strategies that may be used to improve their chances of conception.

ÁineMarie Reilly MSc(Hons), MIIMH, MNIMH, DipCoun. quali-fi ed from the College of Phytotherapy in 2003. She has studied

endobiogenic medicine with Dr Jean-Claude Lapraz, and has a MSc in Herbal Medicine from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, having conducted her research dissertation on the treatment of female functional infertility with herbal medicine. ÁineMarie has taught on both the BSc Herbal Sci-ences course at CIT and the postgraduate diploma in clinical herbal medicine at the Irish College of Phytotherapy. She has provided numerous CPD seminars for practitioners of herbal medicine, and runs a busy herbal medicine practice in Co. Waterford, Ireland.

6. Questioning in the therapeutic consultation

Michele Taylor is a Trainer Coach and Facilitator with an inter-national reputation for well-balanced training delivered with humour and intelligence. Michele will introduce delegates to questioning methods that help avoid bringing practitioner preconceptions into the consultation.

Poster Presentations

A variety of academic and research posters on topics of interest to the profession will be displayed throughout the conference.

Exhibition: The exhibition is an integral part of conference and is dedicated to supporting the herbal profession. You can meet suppliers and compare an array of products and services:

• Enhance your technical knowledge• Gather the latest information on new products and services• Advise leading suppliers on your specifi c requirements to support and improve your practice.

Venue: Crewe Hall, Crewe, Cheshire

31st October – 3rd November 2013


[email protected] or Tel: 01392 426022

Detailed information about lectures, workshops and speakers can be found on www.nimh-conference.com

Crewe Hall