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    All IndIA Pre-MedIcAl TesT (AIPMT)

    CraCk aipmt 2015 exam with toppers tips

  • A Career is a Life


    ContentsIntroduction 3

    AIPMT 2014 AIR 1 Tejaswin Jha Interview 4

    AIIMS MBBS 2014 AIR 1 Pattisapu Srividya Interview 6

    AIPMT 2014 AIR 2 Lovedeep Singh Dhingra Interview 7

    AIPMT 2014 AIR 4 Shreyasi Manish Shah Interview 9

    AIIMS MBBS 2014 AIR 4 Aravind Subramanian Interview 11

    AIPMT 2014 AIR 7 Akshay Ganesh Interview 13

    AIPMT 2014 AIR 9 Rohit Nathani Interview 15

    KEAM Medical 2014 Rank 2 Arun Ashokan Interview 16

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  • A Career is a Life



    In our quest to help you in preparing for the most coveted medical entrance exam, AIPMT, we conducted inter-views of AIPMT toppers. The E-Book, which you have downloaded not only unveils the success mantras of the top-pers but will also inspire you to perform exceptionally as they too were AIPMT aspirants like you.

    AIPMT Toppers in this E-Book have narrated their

    challenges and shred how they coped out them, during their preparation stage. The toppers have also guided you the way to crack AIPMT with a planned strategy.

    You may find this E-Book helpful in cracking All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) and who knows, next year you may be the one featuring in this E-Book.

  • A Career is a Life


    Tejaswin Jha topped AIPMT 2014, outsmarting 523701 candidates who had appeared for the national level medical entrance exam. When we asked him what he was focusing on during the AIPMT exam, Tejaswin candidly replied, I wanted to rush home and meet my fam-ily. Such candour and simplicity marks the personality of AIPMT 2014 Topper, Tejaswin Jha, who scored an amazing 682 marks out of 720 to achieve this remarkable success.

    Careers360 spoke to Tejaswin on his AIPMT prepara-tion journey, his preparation schedules and challenges he faced during preparation. In this exclusive interview with Urvashi Dalal of Careers360, Tejaswin reveals his secret of becoming an AIPMT Topper. Fulfilling his Mamajis dream of becoming a Doctor, he discusses about his preparations techniques, his success mantra in AIPMT and tips for future AIPMT aspirants.

    A believer of recreational activities, Tejaswin says he devot-ed his time equally in studies as well as other social activities. He believes in the Mantra of getting the concepts clear and start from the basics, which helped him top AIPMT.

    Careers360: Congratulations! It is a proud moment for you. How are you celebrating this achievement?

    Tejaswin: Thank you. Coming home is my celebration. I studied and my hard work has paid off in my result. People are visiting our house and congratulating me, and everyone is happy and celebrating by sweets. My mama is very proud of me.

    Careers360: Why especially mama ji? Did he inspire you a lot?

    Tejaswin: He is the reason why I am a doctor. He wanted me to become a doctor and do something that would make my family proud. He always wanted to be a doctor but could not due to circumstances. So, basically he wanted me to pursue his dream. I am thankful to God that I have made my mama proud. I will continue putting efforts into my educa-tion further.

    Careers360: How was your CBSE result?

    Tejaswin: My XII board percentile was 96.8 and my total score in AIPMT was 682 bagging All India Rank 1. In Phys-ics, I scored 175 out of 180, Chemistry- 170 in 180 and 337 out of 360 in Biology.

    Careers360: That is a great score! What was the most difficult and easiest subject in the exam for you?

    Tejaswin: The easiest section for me was Physics and the toughest was Biology as few questions in this section were tricky. I had to think hard to answer them. Actually, Biology

    How Tejaswin jHa Topped aipMT 2014?

    AIPMT 2014

    Tejaswin jha All India Rank 1

    Tejaswin Jha believes in the Mantra of getting the concepts clear and start from the basics, which helped him top AIPMT.

    Toppers ManTras on cracking aipMT

  • 5

    AIPMT 2014 TeJAswIn JhA

    has been my favourite subject since IX standard, and I have focused on this subject a lot. However, it all went well.

    Careers360: What strategy did you plan for AIPMT? Share some guidelines you followed.

    Tejaswin: Well there was no strategy as such. Besides school hours, I used to study for 6-7 additional hours and that was enough to cover my topics.

    Moreover, I had an easy way of AIPMT preparation. If you follow it, then half of the preparation is already done.

    Careers360: Really! What is your success mantra?

    Tejaswin: The mantra is to study NCERT books rather than studying those heavy weight and expensive materials. NCERT is the best way to clear your base and concepts in all the three subjects-physics, chemistry and biology. Once your base is clear, scoring in AIPMT is easier for anyone.

    Careers360: Didnt you feel bore of studying all the time? What else did you do besides studies?

    Tejaswin: I did all the recreational activities including, playing cricket, surfing Facebook and watching movies. It is important to indulge yourselves in all these activities besides studies as they help you to relax and get more active towards studies.

    It was not such as all work and no play. I devoted time equally and this was how I got my success.

    Careers360: Tell us about your favorite movies. Maga-zines or novels you like to read.

    Tejaswin: I do not read novels, but I do read magazines and the latest was one related to a biology topic online. I like reading study material online.

    I love Marvel Pictures like Iron Man, Avengers. I am a huge fan. Adventurous movies are my favourite.

    Careers360: I agree with you on that. So now that you have topped the AIPMT 2014, what are your plans for college?

    Tejaswin: I always wanted to join AIIMS. I am waiting for the AIIMS result and hopefully, will get admission there. Along with that, I am planning for Maulana Azad Medical College under AIPMT colleges, as my seniors and teachers have recommended it to me.

    Careers360: Share some insights for the future AIPMT aspirants.

    Tejaswin: I have shared my strategy and it is important that aspirants make sure that they study NCERT and clear all their basic concepts first. Once the concepts are clear questions becomes easy to tackle. I would also guide them to focus on Biology, as the terms might get difficult.

  • A Career is a Life


    Though she has already achieved high ranks in other medical entrance exams including AIR 9 in JIPMER entrance test, 7th rank in EAMCET, AIR 8 in Mani-pal Medical Entrance Exam, and AIR 59 in AIPMT, AIR 1 in AIIMS makes leaves no doubt to her dream of entering into Indias top medical college.

    Incidentally, Careers360 informed her about her AIIMS results on June 25. Immediately after AIIMS results were announced, Careers360 spoke to her on her outstanding performance, preparation strategy and hobbies. Read below this topper interview.

    Careers360: Congratulations Pattisapu Srividya for Rank 1 in AIIMS 2014 Entrance Exam!

    Pattisapu Srividya: Thank you so much sir. I am very happy and I cant believe that I am rank 1 holder of the AIIMS Entrance Exam 2014. I did never imagine that I would top the AIIMS entrance. This came as a pleasant surprise for me.

    Careers360: Please tell us about your family back-ground.

    Pattisapu Srividya: My father P.V.S. Prasad works with State Bank of India and my mother J. Rajyalakshmi works

    with Canara Bank. Careers360: How did you prepare for AIIMS 2014? How much time did you devote for AIIMS?

    Pattisapu Srividya: Actually, I havent particularly pre-pared for the AIIMS because I was not confident that I could make through it. But I was studying regularly for the other medical exam like JIPMER, EAMCET and AIPMT. I attribute my success to my love towards my studies. I really enjoy my studies but along with that I never compromise on my eight hours of sleep.

    Careers360: What was your rank in other medical exams?

    Pattisapu Srividya: I secured 9th rank in JIPMER, 7th in EAMCET, AIR 8th in Manipal Medical Entrance exam and 59th AIR in AIPMT.

    Careers360: Which subjects did you find easiest and toughest during preparation?

    Pattisapu Srividya: For me, easiest was the Chemistry and I didnt find much difficulty in any other subject in the entrance exam.

    Careers360: Besides studies, what do you do? What are your hobbies?

    Pattisapu Srividya: I love painting. It allows me to enhance my creative thought process. I also love to read J.K. Rowlings novels and love the Harry Potter character.

    paTTisapu srividya, air 1, aiiMs MBBs 2014 sHares

    Her success sTory

    AIIMS MBBS 2014

    PaTTisaPu srividya, All India Rank 1,

    Pattisapu srividya never imagine that she would top the AIIMs entrance. This came as a pleasant surprise for her.

  • A Career is a Life


    AIPMT 2014 Topper Lovedeep Singh Dhingra secured 680 out of total 720 marks in AIPMT 2014 Exam. The Jalandhar boy scored perfect 180 marks in Physics and fetched an overall score of 680 to be ranked second in AIPMT 2014.

    In this interview with Careers360, Lovedeep says his focus was on getting a good rank in AIPMT 2014, but bagging the second rank was beyond his expectation. Despite being a student with extraordinary intelligence, he has a passion for doing magic tricks with family and friends. His parents, both of whom ar