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  • 1. Craft Kids

2. The Craft Kids are a type of sub-groupfrom the tribe Indie Scenesters.Knitting, embroidery and crochet have never been so cool Craft Kids have learnt their skills from grandparents and friends.Once a pastime assigned to pre-schoolers or geeks, craft is nowseen as fun and progressive. 3. Icons!Arcade FireVivienne Westwood Rita Hayworth Ed SheeranMartha Wainwright 4. These are the type of brands that applies tothis specific group. This is a chart of media consumption from our target audience, the craft kids. 5. Key quotes about the CraftKids* Your house could happily be in the 1950s * You prefer to wear clothes youve made yourself,or at least customised* Floral print dresses are de rigeur * Your iTunes is full of post-war crooners* Your idol is Rita Hayworth * Youd love to be studying * You own a vintageHistory of Art at Central St Singer sewing machineMartins 6. ValuesCharitable: Greenpeace NSPCC RSPCAThe unavoidable media furore surrounding cheap third world labourmeans that some people dont want to shop on the cheap and be leftwith a guilty conscience. Craft is also seen as an antidote to capitalism,which in the current economic climate is regarded as a dirty word.Craft Kids are proud and pleased to be part of the new greenmembers of society contributing by skilfully recycling old items andfashioning them into new ones. Members of this tribe are more likelyto be female though male crafters are certainly on the rise andgenerally come from middle class backgrounds.