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crafting and executing strategy


<ul><li><p>Chapter Ipage6: @ David PaulMorris/Bloombergvia Geffylmages; page 11: @ PRNEWSWIRE / AP</p><p>Chapter 2page 26: @ 2010,, Inc.; page 30: |oe Raedle/Getty Images; page 39: @ |asonReed/Reuters/Corbis; Jay Mallin/Bloomberg via Getty Images</p><p>Chapter 3page 73: @ Bloomberg via Getty Images; @ Bloomberg via Getty Images</p><p>Chapter 4page 100: @ KP Maclane/Brian Woodcock</p><p>Chapter 5page 127: @ Bloomberg via Getty Images; page 137l. @ Willie Davis/Aravind Eye Founda-tion; page 138: @ Martin</p><p>Chapter 6page 153: @ PRNewsFoto/Gilt Groupe/AP; page 157: @; page 161@ Bloomberg via Getty Images; page 166: @ American Apparel</p><p>ChapterTpage 192: @ Bloomberg via Getty Images; page 205: @ Julie Dermansky/fulie Dermansky/Corbis; page 208: @ Bloomberg via Getty Images</p><p>Chapter 8page 248: @ AP Photo/Mike Derer; page 250: @ Bloomberg via Getty Images</p><p>Chapter 9page 259 @ Bloomberg via Getty Images; page 267 @ PRNewsFoto/Novo Nordisk/AP;page 273: @ Bloomberg via Getty Images</p><p>Chapter l0page294: @ Proctor and Gamble; page298: @ Toyota; page 303 @ Apple Inc.</p><p>Chapter llpage 326: @ Paulo Fridman/Corbis; page 333: @ Bloomberg via Getty Images; page 336l.@ Bloomberg via Getty Images</p><p>Chapter 12page 345: @ PRNewsFotoiW L. Gore &amp; Associates/AP</p></li><li><p>4d</p><p>e. f. a.urr-t"1,, tO:A&amp;E Channel, 254, C-279A&amp;W All American,205, C-123ABC network, 254,C-95, C-133, C 134,</p><p>c-27 3, C 27 s, c-27 I, C-27 9 - C -280,c,280, c-282</p><p>Abercrombie &amp; Fitch, C-60, C-61, C-63Aber Diamonds, 162, C-85ABP Corporation, C-97Academy Sports and Outdoors, C-50Accenture, 103,208Acer, C-182, C-192</p><p>market share in PCs, C-191Adamson, Winery, C-393Adelphia, 354Adidas Group, C-43,C-52, C-56, C-59, C-71</p><p>business units, C-56 C-57celebrity endorsements, C-58event sponsorships, C-7 1financial data, C-57operations, C-57-C-58outsourced production, C-58research and development, C 58sponsorships, C-58</p><p>Adobe, C-182Advent International Corporation, C-60AerLingus,151Aerospatiale, 301Affiliated Computer Services, 2 1 8African Rhino Specialist Group, C-369Africa Sport Hunting Safaris, C-377-C-379AgFirst Farn-r Credit Bank, C 204AgroFair, C-150AIG.362Airbus, 187Air France-KLM, 276Alle gro Manufac t:ur ing, 226Allied Signal, 325Allstate Insurance, 164AIIy Financial, 264Altria Group, C-287, C-289,, 41, 98, 150, 153, 294, 303,</p><p>330,359, c'20,c 26, c-132, c-134,c 266, c-318</p><p>[ir.l-mor er adr antage. I 5iAmazon Instant Video, C-132, C-133Anrazon Kindle, C-29-C-30, C-32, C-193Amazon Prime Instant Video, C-135 C-136Amazon Video on Demand, C-168, C-182Ambassador Steel Corporation, C-20Ambi Pure Air Care,247AMC movie theaters, C-318America Movil, 3</p><p>American Apparel, 176vertical integration strategy, 1 66</p><p>American Buildings ComPanY, C-224American Express, 153, C-16, C-25American Lock,229American Red Cross, C-2.74, C-328-C-329American Youth Football, C-49Amgen,358</p><p>employee motivation, 333Anaheim Angels,254, C 275Anheuser-Busch, 61, 7 0, I23Animal Compassion Foundation, 278Animal Planet, 136Ann Taylor Stores, 29Ansteel, C-241AOL Time Warner, 37Aplen, C-50Applebeet, C 99</p><p>data on, C-100Apple iBooks, C-31Apple iBookstore, C-30Apple Inc., 3,7 </p><p>-8, 31, 65, 87, 90, 98, 130,).63,222,258, 301, 3s2, C-20, C-31,c 78, C-134, c-168, c-186, C-211,c 216, c-219</p><p>App Store, C-181failure to enforce supplier code of</p><p>conduct,259financial performance 2007 -20 I I,</p><p>C-1B1outsourced value chain activities, 303rivalry with Google L.rc., C 180-C-181</p><p>Apple Inc., caseApp Store, C-195challenges facing, C- 187competition in smartPhone</p><p>market, C-187competitive Position</p><p>personal computer industry, C-192personal media player industry, C-194smartphone market, C I s5</p><p>concerns about Google, C-197entry into tablet computer market,</p><p>c-792-c-r93financial performance 2007 20II'</p><p>c-189financial performance 2012, C-I97iTunes, C-194 C-195market capitalization in 2012, C-187market share in smartPhones, C-196in PC industrl', C-190-C 192post-Steve Jobs era, C-187revenue growth, C-187rivals in PC industrY</p><p>DellInc,C-193-C 194</p><p>Hewlett-Packard, C- 193sales, C-187sales by operating segment, C-i90smartphone market, C- 195-C- 197Steve Jobs era</p><p>launch ofiPhone, C-188-C 189launch ofiPod, C-188loss ofposition, C-188product releases, C-188rehired ir 1997, C-188resignation and death in 201 1, Cturnaround success, C 189</p><p>Apple iPad, C 30, C-32Apple iTextbooks, C-30Apple iTunes, C-132, C-133,</p><p>c-194-c 195,c-3r7Applied Productivity and Quality</p><p>Center, 10,1App Store, C-195Aramark Food and Services, C-314Araujo Estates Wine, C-397Aravind Eye Care System, 136</p><p>low-cost strategY, 137ArborOne, C-206, C'207ArcelorMittal, C-241', C 244ArcelorMittal USA, C-245</p><p>earnings and revenues, C 244ARCOM, C-206Arla Foods, C-3I6Armani, 199Army and Air Force Exchange</p><p>Service, C-50Artesa, C-397Ashworth,C 53,C 71Asia Pacific Group, C-61Asics,C15,C53ASU5, nrarket .hrre in PC.. C- lqlAtex, C-212Athleta, C-71Atlanta Bread Companl', C-99</p><p>clata on, C-100Atlantic Rural Exposition, C-203Atlee Landscaping, C-205AI&amp;T,216, c-132AT&amp;T Mobility, C 195AT&amp;T U-verse, C 134Au Bon Pain, C 97, C'99</p><p>data on, C- 100Auburn Steel Con'rPanY, C-228Audi, 141Aulani Disney Resort and SPa, C 280Avon Products, Inc.,31, 133</p><p>acqui:ition oiTiffanl' C-85business ethics, 73financial statements, I 13-1 16</p><p>189</p><p>I-1</p></li><li><p>l-2 Company Index</p><p>RL,J</p><p>BackRub, C-169Baidu, C-179Baja Fresh, C-123B&amp;Q,272Bank of America, 160, ).62, 220, 264Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, C-77Baosteel, C-241Barker Steel Company, C-20Barnes &amp; Noble, C-20, C-26, C-31Baseball Factory, C-49BASR 41, 124Bass Pro Shops, C-50Bath &amp;BodyWorks, 164Bayonne Packaging, Inc., case</p><p>company history, C,359-C-360equipment, C-364income statement, C-361management by walking around, C-359,</p><p>c-360-c-368operations, C-365-C-366order flow, C-364quality control problems, C-360revenue recognition, C-360sales management problems, C-362-C-365scheduling, C-366 C-368setup and run tim e, C,362value of shipments, C-363</p><p>BBC Worldwide, C 130Beaird-Poulan, 225Beam Inc.,229Beaulieu, C 397Bebe Stores, C 72Bell helicopters, 229Ben &amp; |erry's, 279, C-377Benchmarking Exchange, 103Benchnet, 103Beringer Vineyards, C 397Beringer Wine Estates, C 399Berkshire Hathaway, 3, 23 IBernard L. Madol[ lnvestment</p><p>Securities, 264investment fraud, 265</p><p>Best Buy, 61, 145,325,334, C,20, C-23,c-t32, c-r82</p><p>Best Buy Cinema Now, C-132Best Practices, LLC, 103Bethlehem Steel Corporation, C 228Bic, 128Birmingham Steel Corporation, C 228BJ's Wholesale Club, C-20, C-317</p><p>description, C-23differentiating features, C-23-C-24financial data, C 24marketing and promotion, C-25membership, C-24-C-25operations, C-25product offerings, C-23</p><p>Black &amp; Decker, 225</p><p>Blockbuster, C-132, C-135Blockbuster Express, C- 132Blockbuster@Home, C- 135Blockbuster Online, C-133Bloomingdalet, C-74Bloomingfoods Coop, C- 150Blue Coral Seafood Spirits, 253Blue Nile, Inc., C-88</p><p>description, C-93BMW AG, 7 ,2s, 130, 14t, 146, t80,276Body Shop, 279Boeing Company,301Boeschen Vineyar ds, C-397Bogner, C-53Bombardier, 225Bonefish Gr1lI,252Bosch, 130Boston Beer Company, 7 0, 1 62Boston Consulting Group, 293Boston Marathon, C-58Bouchaine Vineyards, C-397Bowman Companies, C-202Brattleboro Food Co-op, C-150Briggs &amp; Stratton, 128Bright House Networks, 169Brinker International, C- 100Bristol-Myers Squibb, horizontal acquisition</p><p>strategy,161British Airways, 151, 328British Petroleum, 330, 362British Steel, C-228British Telecommunications, 216, 27 IBroadcom, 300-301Brother International, C-2 I 8Bruegger's, data on, C-100BTR,243 244Bugati, 133Buick,305Bulgari, C-86</p><p>description, C-92-C-93Burberry, 199, C-77Burger King, 301, C-97, C-318Burghy,220Burtt Bees,272</p><p>corporate social responsibility, 273Business for Innovative Climate and Energy</p><p>Policy coalition, C-328Business Roundtable, 270Butter Lane Bakery, C-33BYD,170</p><p>rCabela's, C-50Cadbury, 250, C-290, C, 292CADE Winery, C-397Cadillac, 141,305Cain Vineyard and Winery, C 397Cakebread Cellars, C-397</p><p>California Association of Wine Growers,c-396</p><p>Cahfornia Pizza Kitchen, C-99, C-290data on, C-100</p><p>California Sustainable WinegrowingAlliance, C-396, C-397, C-399</p><p>California Tortill a, C - 123Callaway Golf Company, 89Calphalon,230Calvin Klein, C-Iz, C-77Campbell Soup Company, 130, C-15Canada and North American Foodservice,</p><p>c-290, c-297, C-294Cannon Gun Safes, C-15Canon, 202, 297, C-15, C-273, C-218Capital One,325Caracol, C-130Carlson's Restaurants, C- 102Carrabbat Italian Grill, 252Carrefour, I07, C-260Carrier,253Cartier, i36, 799, C-77, C-86, C-93, C-94Carvel Ice Cream, C-124Casio, C-15Castrol, 193Caterpillar, 29CBC Steel Buildings, C-224CBS Television, C-130Cerberus Capital Management, 357Cessna,229CGA, Inc., 136Champion, C-53Chanel, 7, 71, C-78Charels Schwab, 130Charter, C-132, C-134Chateau Boswell Winery, C-397Chateau Montelena, C-397Chateau Ste. Michelle, C-399Chattaronga Safaris, C-379-C-380Cheeseburger in Paradise, 253Chery Automotive Company, Ltd., C-254Chevrolet, 305, C-253Chevron,30lCheq. Volt, 280Chick-Fil-A,278Chicot, 164Children's Hospital, C-19Chili's Bar and Grill, C-99</p><p>dataon,C 100Chipotle Mexican Grill, C-99</p><p>data on, C-100Chipotle Mexican Grill, case</p><p>acquired by McDonald's, C-l l5advertising, C-120-C-12Ibrand awareness, C-121branding, C-l2Icompanyhistory, C-l14 C l15compensation, C-120competition for</p><p>Moe's Southwest Grlll, C-124</p></li><li><p>Qdoba Mexican Grll, C-124-C-125Taco Bell, C-123-C-124</p><p>corporate culture, C-120customer loyalty program, C- 121divested by McDonald's, C- I 15financial performance, C- I 1 5-C- 1 l6growth since 1993, C-ll4hiring practices, C-120initial public offering, C- I l4management, c- I 19-C- 120marketing, C - 120 </p><p>- C - l2L</p><p>operations, C-l l6-C-1 i9outlet development and construction</p><p>costs, C-122-C-123promotion, C-121quality assurance, C-l 19revenue growth 2007-201I, C-l15revenues, C-114ShopHouse Southeast Asia Kitchen</p><p>concept, c-II4,c-123site selection, C-l2l-C-122stock price performance, C-1 14strategy elements, C-l 14</p><p>Chocklett Press, C-205Chrome, C-182Chrysler Group LLC, I 16, 187, 357</p><p>culture change, 358Chunghwa Telecom, C-266Ciba Vision, 325-326Cinemax, C-133, C-135Cinnabon, C-15,C-I24Circuit City, C-20Cisco Systems, 160, 168, 173,294-295,</p><p>c-332Citigroup, 243,264Citizen Holdings Company, 223Classic Sports Network, 254Clear Channel Communications, 169-170Clearwide, 169Clorox Company, 273Clos Du Vaal, C-397Clos Pegasse, C-397CNN, I33Coach China, C-82Coach Inc., 167, C-12Coach Inc., case</p><p>acquisition by Sara Lee, C-74aggressive competition for, C-73balance sheet, C-7 5-C-7 6company history, C-74differentiation st r ate gy, C -7 9 </p><p>- C - 80</p><p>financial data by channels ofdistribution,c-81</p><p>flexible outsourcing, C-79general and administrative expenses, C-82income statement, C-75industry position, C-79in luxury goods industry, C-7 </p><p>-C-78marketing research, C-7 4net revenue, C-73</p><p>number ofretail stores, C-73outsourced manufacturing, C-73outsourcing agreements, C-74pricing strategy, C-74product line, C-79retail distribution</p><p>in China, C-82factory outlets, C-81full-price stores, C-80-C-81by geographic region, C-81in )apan, C-81-C82</p><p>sales growth, C-73sales growth and earnings 2012, C-74stock price performance, C-74, C-76strategic options in 2012, C-82-C-83strategic priorities</p><p>build market share, C-73e-commerce, C-73raise brand awareness, C-73target men as customers, C-73</p><p>strategy against rivals, c-73turnaround plan, C-74wholesale locations, C-82</p><p>Coach |apan, C-81-C-82Cobra Go1f, 89Coca-Cola Company,3,25, 87, l3l, 132,</p><p>t60,272,280, c-rsstrategic vision, 23</p><p>Colgate-Palmolive, 167, C-15College Food Services, C-302, C-303Columbia, C-43, C 52, C-53Comcast,169,C-132, C 133, C-134Community Coffee, 136Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, C-234Compaq Computer, C-189, C-191, C-193,</p><p>c-346Conair Corporation, 226Concha y Toro, 21 1Concorde Motors (India) Ltd., C </p><p>-248Conference Board, C- 153Connecticut Steel Corporation, C-20Conservation International's Center for</p><p>Environmental Leadership, C-323CONSTANT, C-397Continental Airlines, 336Converse, C-53Coors,61Corner Bakery Cafe, C-99</p><p>data on, C-100Corning,223Corporate Knights,260Corus Steel, C-228Costco Companies inc., C 7Costco Wholesale, 138, 145, C-3f 7, C-3f 8</p><p>diamond sales, C-94, C-95jewelry products, C-94sales in 201 1, C-94</p><p>Costco Wholesale, caseadvertising, C-13-C-14annual sales, C-6-C-7</p><p>Company Index</p><p>balance sheet 2006-201 1, C-8business model, C-9code ofethics</p><p>compliance with laws, C-18-C-19respect suppliers, C- l9reward shareholders, C- 19take care ofemployees, C-19take care of members, C-19</p><p>company history, C-7competition</p><p>bases of, C-20Blt Wholesale Club, C-23-C-25Sam's C1ub, C-20-C-23</p><p>core values, C-18-C-19distribution, C-15employee compensation, C- l6-C- l7environmental sustainabiliry C-20executive compensation, C- I 8geographic operating data, C-14income statemenr 2006-20Il, C-8-C-9low-cost leadership strategy</p><p>for growth, C-12-C-I3pricing strategy, C-9-C- 10product selection, C-10-C-1 1treasure-hunt merchandising,</p><p>c,r1-c-12management by walking around, C-6management change 2012, C-7marketing by, C-13-C-14market position, C-6membership base and demographics,</p><p>c-1s-c-16mission statement, C-9number of warehouses worldwide, C-6recruitment and hiring, C-18sales by product category, C- I Isize of membership, C-6store layout and size, C-12suppliers, C-15supply chain management, C-15warehouse n'ranagement, C- 16warehouses and contents, C- I 1website sales, C-14-C- l5workforce practices, C- l7</p><p>Countr)"wide Financial, 354Courtyard by Marriott, 139Courvoisier,229Cox, C-132Cracker Barrel, C-99</p><p>data on, C-100Craftsman, C-15Cray,297C-Spire, C-195Ctrip, defenses against rivals, 208Culinary Institute of America, C-114Culver's, data on, C-101Cummins Engine Company, C'247Cutter &amp; Buck, C-53Cuvaison Estate Wines, C-397CVS Pharmacies, 136, C-318</p><p>I-3</p></li><li><p>I-4 Company Index</p><p>tlIJDaewoo Commercial Vehicle Company,</p><p>Ltd., C-247Daimler AG, 29, 1.68, 170,26tDaimler Benz AG,C-247DaimlerChrysler, I 68, C-247David l. foseph Company, C-235David Yurman, C-88Davis Food Co-op, C-150Deans Beans, C-163De Beers Group, 162,220Deepwater Horizon,362Deer Park Refinery, 168DEFEXPO -India,C-247Dell Inc., 42, 106, 125, 132,205-206,209,</p><p>224-225, 293_294, 301, C_ 15,c-187, c-r92</p><p>market share in PCs, C-191rivalry with Apple in PCs, C-193-C 19,1</p><p>Descente, C-53Deutsche Bank, C-203, C-204Devilt Den, case, C-302-C-304</p><p>employee problems, C-302 C-303management problems, C-303unethicai behavior, C-302-C-30,1</p><p>DHL Worldwide, 329Dickt Sporting Goods, C-43, C-50Diebold, Inc,265-266Digital Equipment, C-346DineEquity, C 100DIRECTV C.132Discover card, C-25DISH Network, C-132, C-134, C-135,</p><p>c-168, C-182Disney Brothers Studio, C 274Disney California Adventure Park, C-275,</p><p>c-278, C-281Disney Channel,254, C-275, C-278, C-280Disney Cruise Line, 253, C-273, C-275,</p><p>c-280, C-281Disney Interactive, C-27 5Disneyland, C-281Disneyland Paris, 196, C-275, C 2BIDisneyland Resort, California, C-280Disney-MGM Studios, C-275Disney Publishin g, C-275Disney Radio, 254Disneyt Castaway Cay, C-281Disney Store, 254Disney Studios, C 274Disney Vacation Club, C-280, C-281Dll Mill and Industrial Services, C-235DJJ Rail Services, C-235DKNY, C-77Dolce &amp; Gabbana,...</p></li></ul>


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